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Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich

( General director of transport company `` `Autotrans, President of the Regional Union Avtotransportnik St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.)

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Biography Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich
photo Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich
Born in 1941. After graduating from college he worked in the rail of the October railway on duty at the station, the station. Completing training at the road department of the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute, joined the management Lenstroytrans. While working his way up the post of director of motor company. Later he was at the party work - elected Secretary of Petrodvorets District Party Committee. In 1978 he graduated from the Academy of Social Sciences under the CPSU Central Committee and was sent to work in the transport department of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU, . where he was one of the initiators and developers of an interconnected system of work on a continuous schedule plan different types of transport - rail, . Maritime, . river and road transportation hub in Leningrad.,
. In 1985, Mr. Yakovlev, head of Main Leningrad Department of Motor Vehicles
. Glavlenavtotrans in those years united the entire cargo and passenger transport and general use of Leningrad region. This 112 enterprises with the number of employees more than 120 thousand people.
In 1993, in accordance with the Decree of the President, the General Directorate was reorganized into joint-stock company "Saint-Petersburg Transportation Company Autotrans". Currently, the number of shareholders of the company "Autotrans" 87 motor transport enterprises of the city and region, several private companies, individual entrepreneurs and individuals.
Since November 1995 g.Yakovlev VM. elected leader of the Authority certification services for road transport ( "CES Autotrans"). TsESom much work is done to improve the quality of service for maintenance of vehicles and passengers with the issuance of state certificate of conformity.
. With the direct participation Yakovlev VM
. the company has permanent seminars on education in the field of road safety, health and safety at motor enterprise, security work at the facilities Gosgortechnadzor and gas management. Here trained directors, chief engineers, technical service trucking companies.
. Immediately Directorate of JSC "Autotrans" produced technical policy, provides freight forwarding services, is implementing computer technology in enterprises.
. The company sells spare parts for automobiles, automobile rubber, batteries and other related products, is working on state and municipal orders for the carriage of goods
. At enterprises belonging to the company "Autotrans, entrusted with the defense order for the formation of truck convoys.
Likes to visit museums and theaters. With joy and pleasure introduces the St. Petersburg cultural life of many guests from other cities.
A lot of time giving the public the work. He is the creator of the Regional Union Avtotransportnik St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region and its president.
. Chosen as a member of the Board Rossiyskogo Road Transport Union, vice-president of the Association of Transport Enterprises "Baltrans", combining all modes of transport in the region.
. For success, many years work in road transport Yakovlev VM
. awarded the medal "Veteran of Labor" is the title of "Honored Worker of Transport of Russia", awarded the Honorary Avtotransportnik "and is the winner of awards the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR.

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Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich, photo, biography Yakovlev, Valentin Mikhailovich  General director of transport company `` `Autotrans, President of the Regional Union Avtotransportnik St. Petersburg and Leningrad region., photo, biography
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