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Antsev Georgy

( General Director - Chief Designer 'OJSC Scientific Production Enterprise `Radar MMS')

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Biography Antsev Georgy
photo Antsev Georgy
General Director - Chief Designer of OJSC "Scientific-Production Enterprise" Radar MMS ", . Head of Department of Systems and complexes of extreme medicine, the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Technologies, St. Petersburg State Technical University named after Peter the Great,
. Graduated in 1985. Faculty of Electrical Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation. In 1996. his first degree at the American Institute for Research and Business Development at California State University
. Member of the International Academy of Transport, . Chairman of the North-West Branch of the Russia Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, . Dr Transport, . PhD, . Honorable radioman RF, . member of the American Institute of Electrical and Radio Engineers (IEEE), . author of more than 80 scientific papers in the field of complex electronic information systems for military and civil, . conversion of military industry, . medical logistics, . member of the Interagency Council on military radar systems and complexes,
Born January 29, 1961, Mr.. Leningrad. Since 1990. is Director General of Research and Production Enterprise "Radar MMS", . previously worked as a director he established the branch scientific-technical center "Ray." Currently, the company OJSC "Radar MMS" is a leading company in Russia to create a high intellectual electronic guidance systems for precision-guided weapons,
. The company employs over 1200 people, . including a subsidiary in Moscow, . it provides high-paying jobs for skilled Electronics, . Informatics, . Radiophysics, . including those living in the dormitory of St. Petersburg, . adjacent to the company: Shuvalovo-Ozerki, . areas of the lake and long Commandant airfield, . Kolomyagy,
. OJSC "Radar MMS" is an independent research and production company, develops and manufactures intelligent electronic systems for various purposes, including to military and civil aviation. Provides full life cycle of a high-tech electronic systems from research and development to production, testing, marketing and sales. Designed and manufactured by the enterprise products, as having no analogues in the world, actively supplied to the export
. In recent years, in line with the Director-General of the scientific and technical policy of the company has launched its own full-scale production with the use of new technologies, . are developed and debugged in the constituent companies based microelectronics,
. The existing test facilities (aviation equipment, ground systems, shop for climatic and mechanical tests) fully ensure the needs of the enterprise, in both the design and production of products for defense and civilian subject. Complex treatment plants ensures environmental safety works performed.
The enterprise operates a number of influential school of scientists and developers who continue the traditions established by their founders - the Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of State Prize, Doctor of Engineering. V.L. Koblova, twice winner of the State Prize, Doctor of Engineering. VM. Glushkov, Ph.D., Professor VA. Potekhin, A.B. Poznansky. Director-General is doing its utmost to keep staff developers and producers, as well as creatively develop laid the founders of scientific schools of tradition. The company was the founder of the International Academy of Transport and Russia, Russia Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences. The initiative of GV. Antsev, given the urgent need for qualified personnel in OJSC "Radar MMS" set up three branches of profiling the leading universities of the city departments to ensure the training of engineers. Most are trained to work in the enterprise. Close creative connection OJSC "Radar MMS" has established with the Academy of Civil Aviation, where it opened its research lab. At the initiative of Georgi Antsev enterprise OJSC "Radar MMS" has established the prizes and diplomas in personal honor founders of scientific schools of three degrees to graduates and staff of the Faculty of arms Naval Academy, . whose students take annual practice of "Radar MMS", . as well as scholarships to be granted for the best graduates of the Institute of Intelligent Systems and Technologies, St. Petersburg State Technical University,
. Every year, developers and scientists companies publish monographs, some of which were translated into foreign languages, dozens of articles, participate in international conferences, exhibitions and salons. GV. Antsev as science editor, has prepared and published five collections of scientific works of Russian scientists and engineers involved in the creation of sophisticated electronic equipment.
Under the leadership of GV. Antsev formed the concept of control systems for the fifth generation of precision weapons. Within this framework, a number of multi-parametric small control systems, . saturated with computing facilities, . allow to adapt without changing the structure of the complex and its configuration logic operation to transport carriers solved problems, . including in jamming, . equipment used in cruise missiles, . WIG, . ships in the air cavity, . drones,
. Ground effect "The Guardian", opened up new opportunities to rescue persons in distress at sea, was awarded a diploma and a silver medal at the World Exhibition of Inventions and Discoveries in Brussels in 1993
. Secondary digital processing of radar data in conjunction with the navigation (including information received from the satellite system) and other additional information provides accurate geo-referenced radar image, . technology use electronic maps and precise software routing piloting in the performance of different types of radar imagery over large areas,
. This complex is equipped in the possession of the company aircraft laboratory. In the course of its operation were carried out practical work for Border Sea Fleet and the Ministry of Emergency Situations. Sure, we observed sub-surface objects and monitored the ice, water and surface. In particular, with the help of the aircraft radar system has been estimated size of the ecological disaster in the accident at Usa oilfield in the Komi Republic in November 1994,
. The enterprise made a large series of radio-physical studies and, based on building an airborne radar system - "Visibility" with electronic scanning and high resolution for the control of aircraft landing in the absence of visibility of the runway,
. This system is designed to work in any category of ICAO, and provides an indication of the windshield, as well as control of the landing trajectory for the refusal ground of instrumental landing system. Within the input is in the concept of civil aviation CNS / ATM system "Visibility" can form a four-tunnel navigation parameters for the most critical areas of flight - landing approach and landing, . where for any categorical,
. This system provides the pilot with no land in sight being formed for him a virtual space, . delineated to ensure a safe landing at the schedule and avoid dangerous situations, . and, . necessary, . bulleted beacons,
Serious attention is paid to work on the conversion, which focused on long-term self-interest and serious scientific and technological results accumulated in the course of work on defense subjects. A special place in the implementation of these plans is the creation of multimedia, . for which the company generated computer graphics studio, . modern equipment with the latest advances in computer systems, . video recording equipment, etc.,
. This allowed to market a number of information products: "The Russian Museum" (Golden Diploma at the International Computer Exhibition. St. Petersburg, 1991), "Art Museums of Russia" (diploma of the International Salon of new media "Milia-95", Cannes, France), "Walk in St. Petersburg", "Ornaments of all time" and dp.
In 1990 OJSC "Radar MMS" unit has been established to design and build specialized systems of medical equipment, specialized medical equipment for emergency medical care. Completed development of a complex on-board air ambulance and medical equipment was manufactured, installed and tested on board the helicopter MI-8MT. By developing and manufacturing medical equipment, in particular, devices and equipment for neonatal medicine, providing them with the warranty and service. Developed products of medical technology, as well as the existence of mobile production and support structures have allowed the company to proceed to the equipment of maternity homes "turnkey". The company is actively involved in charity.
He is married and has three children, enjoys downhill skiing
. General Director of OJSC "Radar MMS" says, . that the greatness and prosperity of Russia in today's, . After a frank demonstration of NATO countries, their muscles and the collapse of our Army, . is not just for our country, the world can be achieved only through its defensive power, . of a military-industrial complex.,

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  • Galich88 for Antsev Georgy
  • Dear Georgy! How do you feel about the idea to meet with fellow students? You are kindly requested to inform about the idea Podolsky Yura and Berezina-il. With deep respect and curtsey Galich (Sadykova) Elena and Abdulina (Fakhrutdinova) Alice.,
  • Ekaterina for Antsev Georgy
  • Dear Georgy, I have carefully studied your CV and work PNP device, and now have some idea of what people introduced to me today, I am not sure that you receive this message, but then ... So, how do you react to the fact that if a young manager model airplane laboratory St. Petersburg GDTYU somehow will drive up to you to the company and explain that today is in aviamodelizma?? Sincerely, Catherine
  • Ekaterina for Antsev Georgy
  • Sorry, typo - NPP Radar MMS! :)
  • Olga for Antsev Georgy
  • Hello, Dear Georgy! And what is your attitude to development of joint projects with scientific and industrial enterprises in Russia, for example, in the Nizhny Novgorod region?
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    Antsev Georgy, photo, biography
    Antsev Georgy, photo, biography Antsev Georgy  General Director - Chief Designer 'OJSC Scientific Production Enterprise `Radar MMS', photo, biography
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