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Bodrunov Sergey

( Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, Industrial Policy and Trade)

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Biography Bodrunov Sergey
photo Bodrunov Sergey
Born August 25, 1958 in the city of Gomel in Belarus. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics of the Gomel State University. F. Skaryna (by specialty - a mathematician, an expert in the field of information technology). Then the school management in Brussels and a doctorate at the New Economic Academy. G. V. Plekhanov.

Until 1992 he worked in Gomel Gomel director of scientific and technical information center and the Director General of the Scientific and Technical Information Agency of the Republic of Belarus. Since 1992 he worked at JSC "Pyrometer" chief of external economic activity. Since 1994, became president of JSC "Pyrometer".

The company was founded in 1992 as a result of privatization on the basis of the St. Petersburg plant "Pyrometer", founded in 1929. Before the war the plant produced mainly termoelektropribory. In the postwar years began production of increasingly sophisticated products for the needs of aviation and space, and over time - and for the Air Defense.

Products "Pyrometers" were equipped with 60% of military and civilian aircraft and many spaceships. After a period of decline and overcome all the difficulties of adjustment time, since 1995 AD "Pyrometer" the beginning of the path of its revival. Reform Program, . Adopted by the Board of Directors in June 1995, . contained more than twenty chapters, . which included: changing the structure of enterprise management, . allocation of production in independent units, . staff development and other,
. The measures taken will greatly change the situation. The profitability of production has increased threefold over the last year.

In 1996, "Pyrometer" was released on the U.S. market with its thruster. The first plant in Russia launched a line of assembly copiers firm HEROH ".

In October 1996, with the active participation "Pyrometers", established the National Association aviapriborostroiteley, comprising 52 enterprises in Russia and CIS. The task of getting a large industrial enterprise in the challenging conditions of transition to market economy, . complete lack of orders could only be solved by a team headed by the talented best director, . able to clearly focus the problems, . who can competently develop a strategy for development of the company,
. This is the one headed by the plant in 1994, and it radically changed the situation.

Over the shoulders of Sergei Dmitrievich Bodrunova not one "lift of the knees" enterprise. In his view, modern leaders need a fundamental knowledge of the economy, without which it can not do in the management. As a doctor of economic sciences, and having sufficient training in this field, he, nevertheless, a lot of time giving more familiarity with literature.

The tremendous shortage of time causes a very tight schedule, leaving occasionally for rest and sleep no more than 3-5 hours a day. Visit any activities, receptions, parties, Mr. Bodrunov believed possible, if they serve the interests of business. This way of life only by a person with great willpower, which is the main "helper", not giving relax.

The company Sergey - cheerful and witty conversationalist. He has a musical education and loves to sing, especially karaoke with her family. Play prefers pop music. Frequents theaters. From the writers allocates Pushkin, Lermontov, Bunin, Nabokov.

The key to real restructuring of relations in society, the movement in the direction of increasing human welfare, Mr. Bodrunov considers issues of industrial policy. Culture and education are also extremely important because they provide the development of human personality.

Person must first real job, confidence in the future of children, material stability. Be a shift to a completely different forms of relations between enterprises, creating new jobs. According to Sergei Dmitrievich, much in this direction have already been done, and most importantly, these issues are recognized experts with experience, who understand the modern problems that can quickly orient themselves in new surroundings. It is important that the authorities encourage such an effort and do not create artificial barriers, then the real results will be possible.

. Despite all these positive characteristics in April 2009 Sergey became implicated in the scandal, which he himself had provoked
. Being invited to the program "Petersburg hour" (fifth channel) Bodrunov was dissatisfied with questions that he asked the leading. All program, . dedicated to urban bailout plan, . Head of the Economic Development Committee, . Industrial Policy and Trade Sergey Bodrunov persuading and leading viewers in, . what, . say, . no crisis in St. Petersburg there, . proper, . as unemployment,
. Instead, they say, incomes grow and, in general, all is well. However, callers were Petersburgians with this, to put it mildly, do not agree.

As stated Bodrunov the end of the ether, the actual program works for the opposition, TV presenters Alexey Sukhanov, and Tatyana Aleksandrova - laypersons, and the audience - elementary lowbrow ". "Who knows who's calling?" For some cattle! "Just think, 25 thousand unemployed? This - nothing, a drop in the sea. Do not die! And let your key ready to go to the exchange. While there they do not satisfy. They are now nowhere to get a job. As, however, both you and your colleagues peredachke. "- Quoted by the official Lenizdat.Ru.

Leaving the television center, Sergei Bodrunov said for all to hear: "You can not imagine what my connection, I can buy this channel. What can and will do in the near future. And here you never will! "

Lenizdat.Ru in this regard, reports that, according to promulgated on April 15 members of the Government of St. Petersburg data, Sergei Bodrunova revenues for 2008 totaled 5.25 million rubles. He also owns an apartment in Moscow (57.1 sq.m), and eight as much - in St. Petersburg (65.5 m, 35.4 m, 135.6 m, 65.5 sq. m, 132,4 m, 135,1 m, 157,4 m, 195,5 m). He also has two suburban houses in the Moscow region (an area of 515.5 sq.m. and 518.70 sq.m.) and plot of land in the Moscow region, an area of 3600 sq. m.. Machines have Bodrunova not, but the accounts in banks - 81.44 million rubles.

. Positions

. General Director of JSC "Corporation" Aerospace Equipment ", the President of the National Association aviapriborostroiteley (NAAP), Russia
. Member of the Conference in support of avionics AMC (U.S.) from Russia, . member of the Public Council on the reform of enterprises under the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, . member of the Council on National Security of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly,
. Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, member of the presidium of the Scientific and Technical Council of Rossiyskogo Aviation and Space Agency, a member of the Scientific and Technical Council of Rosoboronexport.

. Permanent Co-Chair of the Roundtable on the development of the domestic military-industrial complex of the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, . member of the World Friends' Club, . Chairman of the Non-state pension fund enterprises of the military-industrial complex of Russia, . member non-profit partnership "St. Petersburg - London 2003",
. As a professor teaching at the Department of Management Science and Education of Saint-Petersburg University of Aerospace Instrumentation.

. Author of more than 75 scientific works including 6 monographs and educational materials for undergraduate and graduate students in the field of control theory, computer science, marketing, restructuring aviapriborostroitelnogo complex in Russia
. Editor encyclopedic edition "Avionics Russia.

. Awards

. Has state and public awards and titles: Medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "II degree, . Medal "300 years Rossiyskomu Fleet", . sign "Honorary aircraft manufacturers" Rossiyskogo Aviation and Space Agency, . Letter of the RF Government for his services in the field of complex control systems for the domestic aviation and missile technology ", . Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Economy of Russia, . "Badge of Honor" of the National Association aviapriborostroiteley Russia.,

. Life

. Wife: Lyudmila, mathematician
Children: Svetlana, a student at the Faculty of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University, Alina, schoolgirl.

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  • Vasso for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Oh, you, Sergey D. ... You rare creature after that uchudil at 5-m channel ... Do you know of any official in the west to the next day flew down from his post. And daughter journalism student ... How low you have fallen again this afford? What do you nit after all this!
  • Vlad for Bodrunov Sergey
  • This schmuck can not be called a man. 'll See him spit in his face. Do not believe me? read ... A senior official described the people of St. Petersburg 'cattle' 16.04.09 12:24 A senior official described the people of St. Petersburg 'cattle' head of the city Committee for Economic Development, . Industrial Policy and Trade Sergey Bodrunov arranged scandal after filming the program on your channel 5 'Petersburg hour', . reports Komsomolskaya Pravda. "According Lenizdat.ru, . as soon as the broadcast, . Sergei Bodrunov lash out to the leading Channel Five, . entire press corps of the channel and viewers, . for communicating with whom he came to the Telecentre,
    . According to the head KERPPiT, . transfer 'Petersburg hour' working for the opposition, . TV presenters Alexey Sukhanov, and Tatyana Aleksandrova - amateurs, . and the audience - 'elementary cattle'. 'Who knows who's calling? For some cattle! Big deal, . 25 thousand unemployed? This is - nothing, . drop in the ocean,
    . Do not die! And let your key ready to go to the exchange. While there they do not satisfy. They are now nowhere to get a job. As, however, and you and your colleagues peredachke '- quoted Lenizdat. High-ranking dignitary walked and journalists who have allowed themselves to doubt the professionalism of Sergei Bodrunova. 'Your transmission - it is' full unformat'. You are acting in the interests of the opposition government. Your leading - this is non-professionals in the highest degree! What right have you to ask such questions and doubt my professionalism? Who are you a false idea? You - poor journalists! What understands this lapwing (Director of the Directorate of Urban Broadcasting Channel Five, . leading "Petersburg hour" Tatyana Alexandrova)? I was not allowed to say a single word, . - Quoted Lenizdat,
    . - I'll go to shareholders and meet with Director General of the channel. All of you and your program will not be here soon! You do not understand! I'm not just head of the Committee! I have other levers of influence. "Wrath official struck and spokesman KERPPiT Alexander Sazhin: Chief made it clear, . that he was dismissed,
    . Sergei Bodrunov long time did not stop and leave the TV center, said: "You can not imagine what my connection, I can buy this channel. What can and will do in the near future. And here you will never be:
  • revenge for Bodrunov Sergey
  • condom to dick about myself think. truth chya have never seen so that people flew all the ground we walk so that no special razduhoryaysya
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  • DREDD for Bodrunov Sergey
  • 5 million of income for the year 2008, 8 apartments .. (and this is only according to official figures) and 25 well tych unemployed - do not die, but if you die - so anyway g "lowbrow," committee head not sorry for them.
  • soul for Bodrunov Sergey
  • The central office of the Corporation Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, ul. Kropotkin, 1 Tel.: (812) 332-2504 Fax: (812) 332-2526 E-mail: corporation@aequipment.ru ___________________________ Well, you know why - we express the national love!
  • Rome for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Asshole
  • Rome for Bodrunov Sergey
  • My God What happen with our society such as trusties Bodrunov. (Navel swamp slime). Well idiot! I'm ashamed that this narrow-minded boor - my countryman, and, indeed, something else led. You're a "cattle"! OCHKONAVT PI * DULIZUYKIN bespectacled! It makes you want to break these m * Dacians apart! Not only are U.S. lying in drawers, so still and you * are live ... no words! ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! No way! Shit! Did he get away with it ..? Bodrunova the labor exchange. YES NO NEED UDIVLYATSYA.MNOGIE NOW INDICATING How many died in the Gulag, and surprising or VOZMUSCHAYUTSYA said Paul COUNTRY WHEN A SEX sat countries to protect. What cynicism towards the country and his party shall NARODU.KTO FACTORIES AND THEN FEED all these seats and screws. NO ONE TO NOT clog my head. NOW CREATE Lawlessness. AND IF "KRUTOI CHINGOVNIK" His people called him cattle WHAT WE UDIVULYAEMSYA. After all, he ANYTHING NEBUDET. All are in relation to its PEOPLE INCLUDING Matienko It is not only cattle but also still DIRTY SVINMI. I SMCHITAYU that this CHITNOVNIKA METLA Trash should be driven from office and a ban on working ON GOSLUZHBE. Think he steal outputting not only FOR THEMSELVES BUT ALSO FOR ITS PRRAVNUKOV. An official of that rank has no right to behave this way, tk. agreeing to participate in the transfer must understand the psychology of leading - they do not transfer to the spectators and, moreover, not invited expert. They are doing it for self-affirmation and promotion, and often - just to order. They're all such. Fatness in people's property and swollen from the permissiveness. There were shot in Stalin. In general, so he calls the people and cattle that he feeds and such silent. Just think - they do not create and do not produce ... live at the expense of other people's money. And proud of it ... and degenerates degenerates ... One burst. And the others? Nits bureaucratic! Cattle, zazhralsya Lord, we - cattle! How you? and they all think so, and only this hell made this publicly. Interestingly, and as such infa leaked to the media? Not be an official of such rank behave. Yes, if you thought so, at least not publicly expressed nothing. Come home - at least break it all the dishes out of anger. Is that quite afraid of nothing, our "elected"? I would like to know that A lot of our thinking on this issue ... Goat horns and worth it! Goat "done for", with a bunch of complexes, moral urod.Uveren struck him, cry, such is immersed in the zone immediately! Bitches Dog. Let's see the reaction of other officials - trample or as always pooschryat! Bastard ! nothing surprising. "They" are there in their committees and offices of all without exception think so. "25 tys.bezrabotnyh not die ..."- this attitude of the authorities to the people! Not know, . What infuriated him so zhurnalyugi (the program was not looking), . but such statements do not honor it .... Life is everything in its place! And you know, . that for such as he is the worst, . be demoted to ordinary citizens and live on one salary? :-))) He's recently come to a committee of business,
    . This is where we have such intellegenty live. Officials also are much smarter. They are well aware that almost all their life is life behind glass. This bureaucrat to count! "It's a pity that he was right there, did not give to feel that such a lowbrow. drive these monsters should. Who only allow such idiots in vlast.Gnat it should be in the neck after such scandals. I have a face and name of this debiloida remember ... In a normal country, a decent (and unsporting) official would have quit after such a dismissal. And we have what we deserve. This pimple expressed position of the overwhelming majority of officials. And these idiots are taking the Smolny. Yes, you chase it, . I., . Just find the other gone too far from laissez-faire. Suchara fat-! Zazhralas on я┘п╟п╩я▐п╡п╫я▀я┘ loaves! In his cell Kazlu would put in a cross! If only he worked there, . as the earth's snoryad! Eliminate! beast Yes, what is going on! When we the people will stand together and give a good kick in such "rulers"?? Where can I sign up as volunteers against Bodrunova and others like him asshole?? Collective farmer's jacket in the fall greedily for power,
    . We are against Bodrunova I propose cattle to chip and charge maramoya. Bodrunov weak politician. Easily led to the provocation of journalists. The people calling, people are dissatisfied, people are not very intelligent and educated (here, by the way, almost every comment vicious abuse and just incomplete literacy) - all this is not the reason for failure. Maybe he was angry cause, but this show does not. Yes even use such careless words.
  • Vlad for Bodrunov Sergey
  • The central office of the Corporation Russia, 197101, St. Petersburg, St.. Kropotkin, 1 Tel.: (812) 332-2504 Fax: (812) 332-2526 E-mail: corporation@aequipment.ru ___________________________ Well, you know why - we express the national love! Call. Said that he was no longer working. Allegedly as 2 months already in the government of S-Pb.
  • Igor for Bodrunov Sergey
  • If all that is written is true, then it does not honor Sergei Dmitrievich, but rather the opposite - it dishonors. It is a pity that those in power are unbalanced, rude, rude louts. Want to believe that there are not everything, but On the other hand rejects the social environment of any individual who does not comply with the rules of this society.
  • Nicholas for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Ham you Sergey, and stolen your money ... and do not have to say they work 25 hours a day, all your money taken away from those 25,000 unemployed persons, and such as they are. PS And then wonder why the king so treated. ...
  • Ildar for Bodrunov Sergey
  • So ugly! is 1 example of thousands! power must be clean at all institutions of power is obsolete
  • Russian for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Everyone who wants to box for cattle bodrunova thanks ! Bodrunov Sergey member of the Government of St. Petersburg, . Chairman of the Committee for Economic Development, . Industrial Policy and Trade Voznesensky pr-kt, . 16, . St.Petersburg, . 190000, . to,
    . 202 m. 315-5152 m. 331-5811 fax 570-3554 cm. 3951 pr-pred@cedipt.spb.ru
  • Dmitry for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Wretchedness. Above such PID and must show trials to arrange the transfer to the category of "lowbrow" confiscation of property.
  • LN for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Area of apartments - about 1000 sq ft - that's about 150 million rubles + two suburban houses in the Moscow region (area 515, . 5 square meters and 518, . 70 sq.m) - this is how much? 30-50 million rubles? Land in Moscow region, . area of 3600 sq.m. in accounts at banks - 81, . 44 million rubles. That is where some 250-300 million rubles during 16 years of capitalism in Russia is obtained for 15-20 million rubles annually. Even eat, . children and TAs. In any country, he would give those with incomes of 50% in the form of progressive income taxes to reduce the number of cattle in St. Petersburg. Just as Luzhkov's wife and the wife of Vice Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. That's bailout plan and money for science, . Medicine, . education. In Denmark, . example, . ,
  • Vladimir for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Careful reading WH matelno in bilografiyu T-я┴п╟ Bodrunova and understand that he has long worked in GB. How, for example, he made his way from Gomel abroad?
  • Svetoslav for Bodrunov Sergey
  • I wanted to leave comment, but saw that people had already said everything!
  • Anonymous for Bodrunov Sergey
  • What do you want from this Jew faces? For him and others like him, we refuse and dirt. Hell he wanted us!
  • Stalin for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Gone too far. Not according to rank hamish, Serge. You do not priemschitsa linen in the laundry. And your native Byelorussia too lowbrow defended in war? And Peter, and half of Europe is strewn with corpses? Everything that you are using, you are obliged to cattle, Mr zazhravshiysya. And your relatives are not cattle? And your children will remain without work - they also prevratyatsya in cattle? "And the money for an apartment you are legally zrabotal? And how many have not yet specified in the declaration of income? And 9 flats bought with labor penny? And no accounts abroad? Place your - in parasha,
    . That is you really deserve
  • Stas for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Probably empty speak on this subject, such confidence in their rightness, they hear only what they want to hear, and the reaction Aunt Wali think we will not see.
  • Dima for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Schmuck. Not long left this mudile drink popular krovushku. One of the first to be hanging on a pole. The people of patience is not eternal ...
  • 'Afghan' for Bodrunov Sergey
  • I "Afghan", and then 22 пЁп╬п╢п╟ Pasha, and not obidno.on rights! It --- g ..., with ..., para.. and so on, but he was right! what you treat it? he will not hear and does not want slyshat.A we --- "written on the walls of the toilet ...." A 1 May, all to the cottage?? On beds cattle?? Authorities are nervous and kids. Maybe with a poster of "hello Bodrunov, Valya, Vova, Dima?
  • Oleg for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Bodrunov now a litmus test for the Smolny Institute, where his defense and will leave the post, it means everything for the Smolny "lowbrow".
  • Natalia for Bodrunov Sergey
  • It is impossible for such people to work in government.
  • Serega for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Shit, such uebkov over to the area ... have him properdolili if Valentin Ivanov could not affect him ...
  • Nicholas for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Nits are you (Gray) - stinking, murrain scum, and you're sure to kill you. It is a pity that such nits are litter.
  • Oleg for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Such detrimental not merely to remove from office, should be imprisoned for hooliganism and insulting. The most disgusting that they are all there in the power of Putin's sharage despise people considering themselves masters of life. And of course, no one withdraws. They'll all cover each other and prikryavayut. That is the price of Putin's vertical! Utrites counterparts.
  • Dmitry for Bodrunov Sergey
  • If this is true, you bastard with a big bukvy.A as villains those who have you covered.
  • VI for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Otmazali hryundelya! Today t.Valya in piterskom SACHS announced how much% products have risen in price, have you heard? Sitting, cattle ...
  • 004 for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Go away or'll die a monster!
  • index404 for Bodrunov Sergey
  • This pizdasos not only us all crap, he showed what a united Russia and in particular ate and Aunt Valya just gnawed appendage
  • GLORY for Bodrunov Sergey
  • OH AND condom is this Bodrunov ! AND LIKELY TO EVERY * FIRST * They've got THE SAME ...................
  • Alexei for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Creature. I hope you will soon overwhelm somewhere in the house, pig Tolstorozhev.
  • Dmitry for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Normal zazhravshiysya gentleman, whom in Russia was and will nemereno. No culture, no respect for people ... I would have such easy to Siberia, the development of new lands would be sent, just as much energy.. But first, be thoroughly checked all the sources of its capital ... but an addiction ... Shit - it always pops up ...
  • Dmitry for Bodrunov Sergey
  • But where is our democracy? Or we now bodrunovokratiya? I swear the next election going to vote for the communists, Limonov, at least for the hell bald, if only the new power of this monster planted. A plant is for what. This dough, as he honestly can not earn. It is clear that steal, budget sawed ....
  • Sergey for Bodrunov Sergey
  • Prosecutors did not want it to do business this high-handed bureaucrat? Elementary mathematical calculations show any inexperienced economist, that the costs of the citizen in times greater than its income. Prosecutors about the economic entity will respond!
  • Anonymous for Bodrunov Sergey
  • And these bastards govern our country. Rise of the people's battle with bodrunovskoy horde.
  • Bodrunov for Bodrunov Sergey
  • YES YES YES you vseeee bydlyachee cattle and to shit I wanted to suck on suct unemployment ... and let your children pidryata also suck your members all the hot pyschscha .... And I the emperor of all the Drive in St. Petersburg at a meeting of the count in the EYE of the frozen and lathed shit in my mouth Fagot pyo nasuvayte scraps farshmachki of zaebanyh and rape all the holes of my beloved little wife and stuffing of my favorite DAUGHTER, . I have no fucking time in the absence of little woman ..,
    . I fagot fagot Bodrunov pizdunov I'm sorry if those guys who is also named Sergei, . I raped my name is bright stinking purulent members wished me smertushki severe and prolonged diarrhea with purulent wounds of all the holes izhodit to me fucked dirtiest Fagot this ispoganenog my world, . about forgiveness and then do not ask, . Just kill me, anyone else, . among you also have to be normal killer, . only the first bullet in shit or garbage izvalyayte, . worthy because I share the worst ..,
    . Fagot you all cattle damned, I'll buy you all together with Putin and Medvedev, I have to have such erotic plans ... slaves of cattle, you only need to obsluzhtvaniya gold miilliarda, I mean we Jews
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