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Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich

( General Director of JSC `Oktyabrsky Electric Plant`)

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Biography Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich
photo Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich
Born September 13, 1937 in the Pskov region in a peasant family.
. Vocational education began in Tikhoretskaya Railway College, . graduated with honors in 1956 and was directed to continue his studies at the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers, . who also graduated with honors in 1961.,
. Since 1961 he has been working on Oktyabrsky Electric Factory in a design engineer, deputy chief engineer
. Chief Technologist. Since 1978 - Director of Plant. Since 1992 - Director General Joint-Stock Company "Oktyabrsky Electric Factory".
. The plant, which has more than 170-year history of its foundation, has always been the initiator of new, advanced in the development of the domestic (Russia) rail
. Built in 1826 on the former once the outskirts of St. Petersburg, the plant is almost in the center of sprawling northern capital.
. Today Joint-Stock Company "Oktyabrsky Electric Plant in St. Petersburg - is the main industrial base of North-West Russia to meet the needs of railways in the overhaul and modernization of modern passenger cars for the company trains in Russia and international communications, . is the base for repair and modernization of electric commuter trains, . a variety of services for the production of spare parts for cars and trains,
. "Oktyabrsky Electric plant has the capability to perform unique works on the special requirements of customers (business-class carriages, wagons, saloons, wagons, special - Technical). Skills, experience enables the plant to increase production of railway products for export, and in the first place, wheelsets for high-speed movement, including the gear drive. Development of the wood production gives ample opportunities for the production of finishing materials and furniture. Location of the plant provides convenient links to the railways and highways, the plant is 25 kilometers in their own ways, the territory of 40 ha, which gives additional opportunities for development. Move the plant in 1992 from the system of public administration in the Open Joint Stock Company marks a new historical turning point in the fate of railway enterprises. The Board of Directors and Board of Directors. Fulfilling the will of the shareholders, . reaffirmed their desire to develop its base and capacity to better meet the railways of Russia in the modern passenger rolling stock on the basis of long-term productive relationship with the IPU and other customers,
. The strategy defined by the Company's general line on the effective use of their own investments in order to create facilities for the production of new passenger cars in collaboration with the Railway Ministry, the October Railway. At the factory workers have confidence in the success of the course. Of particular importance to the Board and the Board of Directors to give the community of well-known worldwide transportation company Bombardier is the largest shareholder - 20%. Serious conducted joint research on the conditions of investment in production facilities prior to 2005 based on the Federal program of development of railway transport and development of production of passenger cars for a brand new generation of long-distance trains and commuter trains,
. In 1996-1998, has completed the commissioning of the plant produced a unique 16-wagon train chart for the DoD. Work presented at the State Prize of Marshal Zhukov. Thanks to the modernization of the first high-speed train ER 200 (1) provided in 1998, the exploitation of the line Saint Petersburg - Moscow two trains, . that largely removed the problem of short-term business travel between the two capitals,
. The portfolio of orders for 1999 are also priority orders. This is, first and foremost, the creation of electric improved design with the creation of comfortable conditions for passengers, who are targeted to Novgorod, Vyborg and other remote from the St. Petersburg station. There are orders from the Oktyabrskaya railway for the development of electric repair the latest releases, the organization trains service type "Red Arrow", "Aurora". Board considers, . that under conditions of economic and financial crisis in Russia, . need as soon as possible to create a competitive base for expanding the market for goods and services to Russia, . CIS, . more decisive way to export.,
. As leader of the company for 20 years, Mr. Vasiliev believes that without caring about employees, shareholders, including retirees, even the most advanced industrial and technological ideas are doomed
. The enterprises of the issues obligations to ensure the timely payment of labor, social support is a priority. Significant funds are spent for the maintenance of child care, health and sports institutions, payments to veterans of labor for a long term and diligent work in the enterprise.
Mr. Vasiliev - a supporter of reforms, drawing on the traditions. Experience staff. He believes that the necessary reconciliations and progressive steps to adapt the current economic conditions of the past and projections for the future. Build new buildings can and should be, without destroying the foundation.
. Mr. Vasiliev connects its longevity in a managerial position with the fact that he always finds solace and support at home, in the family.
. His wife, Tamara - graduate LIIZhT, son - also a graduate of LIIZhT.
. In the family of railway workers are aware of the complexity of the profession and the head of the family on the advice of family members.
. The greatest enthusiasm from Mr. Vasiliev off hours are: summer - summer problems, garden, lawn, garden
. Likes to read with. Esenina, A. Pushkin R. Gamzatova, History of the State Rossiyskogo. He likes to go with friends to football, hockey, choir to sing their favorite songs, play chess.
Houses have a common favorite - Doberman named Murat. However, for a walk with him comes, essentially, the head of the family. This, says Mr Vasiliev, troublesome for his work, but provides an opportunity to reflect and recharge.
Mr. Vasiliev - Honored Worker of Transport, Honorable railroad. He was awarded two medals.
Address: Saint-Petersburg, St.. Sedov 45
Phone: 560-6436
Fax: 560-5766

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    Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich, photo, biography
    Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich, photo, biography Vasilyev Aleksey Fyodorovich  General Director of JSC `Oktyabrsky Electric Plant`, photo, biography
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