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OAK Stanislavski

( General Director of State Unitary Enterprise `Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg` ( `GUP TEK SPb`).)

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Biography OAK Stanislavski
photo OAK Stanislavski
Dubov, Konstantin Sergeyevich, . Director General of State Unitary Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" (GUP TEK SPb "), . member of the regional public organization "The Public Council for the engineering maintenance of St. Petersburg",
Born December 25, 1961, graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. VI. Ulyanov (Lenin) in 1987, the College of technology businesses in 1992. His professional biography began as an engineer at the NGO "Impulse", in 1993, he worked in senior positions in the Research Institute of Precision Mechanics, in 1998, led by GUP TEK SPb ". He has a son and daughter.
Currently GUP TEK SPb "provide heat 15300 houses general. At the balance sheet is more than 2,5 thousand km of heat networks in the two-pipe terms (5000 km of pipes), 587 boiler with an installed capacity of 9 to 730 MW. GUP TEK SPb "is an example of the world's largest heating system: from 587 boiler - 79 regional and quarterly, 508 group with total capacity of 9,026.8 Gcal / h. The share of thermal energy generated by the enterprise in the domestic sector of the city of St. Petersburg is about 50 percent. GUP TEK SPb "at their own develop energy is about 17 million. Gcal. 411 boilers operate on natural gas, but there are coal-fired boiler. Their system GUP TEK SPb "- 92. Upgrade or complete elimination of coal-fired boilers - now one of the most important areas of technical policy GUP TEK SPb ".
Provides consumers about 20 million. Gcal of thermal energy. The enterprise now has 14 branches district heating, . located in virtually all areas of St. Petersburg and 9 branches, . that enforce remediation activities, . building repair, . transport supply, . design and social and living needs of the enterprise,
GUP TEK SPb "actively engaged in addressing the construction and development of heat supply networks, St. Petersburg and its suburbs, in accordance with the general plan of city development. According to international experts the total volume of foreign investment for reconstruction of heat supply systems of St. Petersburg may exceed $ 1 billion. In this direction GUP TEK SPb ", . thanks to the active position of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Denmark, . most successfully cooperated with DEA (Danish Energy Agency), . participates in the Baltic region BASEC (Baltik Sustainable Energy Cities), . working with partners from the European Economic Community and the United States to develop a joint concept development, . exchange of experience and training of managers GUP TEK SPb "on the basis of international training programs in the field of district heating,
In GUP TEK SPb "highly qualified personnel: organize your own base of professional skills training based on Training and course-branch GUP TEK SPb"
. Much attention is paid to the social needs of workers: the company has its own recreation center, . located in Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, . there is a children's camp, . conducted annual sports complex Spartakiada, . which involves up to 800 people,
Today, State Unitary Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" is considered as one of the largest district heating organizations of the North-West Russia. The company was awarded the diploma of the first degree and a prize in the nomination "The best organization to implement the reform of housing and communal services" for 1998.

State Unitary Enterprise "Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg" (GUP TEK SPb ")
190000, Saint-Petersburg, Malaya Morskaya Street, 12
Tel.: 312-58-66
Fax: 314-53-54

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OAK Stanislavski, photo, biography
OAK Stanislavski, photo, biography OAK Stanislavski  General Director of State Unitary Enterprise `Fuel and Energy Complex of St. Petersburg` ( `GUP TEK SPb`)., photo, biography
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