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Kakabadse Badri Davidovich

( General Director of JSC `Petroholod`.)

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Biography Kakabadse Badri Davidovich
photo Kakabadse Badri Davidovich
Born February 5, 1959 in TSKHALTUBO (Georgia). Father-director of a small bakery, mother - a housewife. Married, two children. Wife - otolaryngologist, a daughter - a student MGIMO, son - schoolboy.
In 1978 he entered the Leningrad Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry, and in 1983 he graduated with the degree engineer. In August 1983, Badri Kakabadze as a young specialist was assigned to Lenhladokombinat N 6, where he began his career as an engineer. During work proved himself a competent professional, hardworking, employee initiative and from 1 October 1984 was transferred to the position of senior manager, and a year later was appointed deputy chief technology shop. Working deputy chief technology shop, . Badri Davidovich has demonstrated the qualities of character, . as high performance, . demanding of themselves and subordinates, . responsibility and 16 December 1986 was transferred to the post of Chief of the unit,
. As head of a leading shop production, Badri Davidovich gained leadership experience in wholesale trade and demonstrated his managerial ability.
. April 25, 1989 at a general meeting of the collective Lenhladokombinata N 6 Badri Kakabadze was elected Director
. Today, he successfully worked as Director General, heading the now Joint Stock Company "Petroholod (formerly Lenhladokombinat N 6).
OAO Petroholod "based Lenhladokombinata N 6 was established in 1993. By uniting in a joint stock company, the collective thinking of creating high-tech production, a number of interrelated technologies, providing the output of the highest quality. That is why the collective action, energetic supporters, led by Badri Davidovich Kakabadse, enthusiastically took up the implementation of the program to update all areas of the plant.
The program began with the reconstruction of the company upgrade logistics company. Under the leadership of Mr. Kakabadze to "Petroholode" done a tremendous upgrading of production facilities, put into operation: administrative building area of 2 600 square. m, the new warehouse area of 411 square. m, Shop, Retail Trade. Carried out major maintenance, administration building with its conversion into modern offices.
. Since joining Badri Kakabadze Director General, the company successfully completed the program of restructuring of the organizational structure, . develop and implement a new marketing strategy, . and acquisition of high-tech equipment for manufacturing and packaging of ice cream firm Tetra Pak Hoyer ",
. Currently, the refinery is re-capacity ice plant, compressor plant, site of baking waffle cups, boiler. This powerful upgrade logistics enterprise was made possible by teamwork working group under the leadership of a vibrant, working, visionary CEO.
. Today the main activities of JSC "Petroholod are: wholesale trade in food products, . production and sale of ice cream, . waffle cups, . custodians food, . Goods, . requiring clearance,
. The production volume is more than 7 000 tonnes of ice cream over forty titles per year. In 1997 began the creation of branded retail network, currently with "Petroholod" cooperate more than 200 trading companies.
. OAO Petroholod "- the largest ice cream producer in the north-western Russia, a member of the League of Businessmen Trade of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region
. In 1997, the company was awarded three international awards of the Club of Trade Leaders: XVIII Award for Technology and Quality (Frankfurt, . May 26, 1997); XX Gold award for food (Dusseldorf, . October 14, 1997), Award for commercial success in 1997,
. (Madrid, December 1, 1997).
. Best achievements of "Petroholod" made possible thanks to, . that in the current market conditions the company remains operational and retains a tendency to active development - progress and give the right to stand on my feet today,
. But the administration OAO Petroholod "looking ahead and thinking about the future when the need to work harder and more intense. "We are always open for business contacts and are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation," - said General Director of JSC "Petroholod.
However, Badri Kakabadze - is not only "Petroholod". For thirty thousand Georgians from St. Petersburg it - especially the President Georgian community - the person to whom you can come on weekdays, and holidays with their problems, troubles and joys, and always find support and understanding.
. Badri Davidovich Kakabadse has a number of thanks and rewards for active public charities
. April 23, 1999 decision of the House of Russia, he was awarded the Order of St. George the first degree. Order of the President of Georgia dated 01.05.99 N 306 per year for active participation in the formation of the Georgian diaspora in the city of St. Petersburg, . foundation of the Georgian school for adolescent refugees from Abkhazia, . for fruitful charity, . for his personal contribution in strengthening friendship between the Georgian and Russian peoples was awarded the Order of Honor,
. In May 1999, Badri Davidovich was awarded the honorary title of academician of Saint-Petersburg International Public Academy of Refrigeration.

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  • Maria for Kakabadse Badri Davidovich
  • Badri Davidovich! Writing to you as a leading Georgian to St. Petersburg and just father. I work in the Pediatric Academy, Children's Clinic Vascular Surgery. We have over fifteen years treated remarkable Georgian Beka child with severe developmental disabilities vessels. Unfortunately, the doctors are not limitless and 14 February, we had to amputate his leg Beke. There are many complications that put the life of this child at risk - he suffers from chronic bleeding from the bladder and rectum. Transporting him home with subsequent prosthetic currently dangerous. Lie and a prosthetic appliance in Russia clinic - no financial ability (in the amount, trial and permanent dentures are in the area of 300 thousand rubles). Never, no one asked for money, and now I ask. Help him, please, Badri Davidovich!
  • eskulap.50 @ mail.ru for Kakabadse Badri Davidovich
  • esrulap.50mail.ru for Kakabadse Badri Davidovich
  • Thanks, . Badri Davidovich, . you have, . for your tremendous social and charitable deyatelnost.My, . countrymen, . proud Vami.K Unfortunately I do not know the address of your fund, . to personally pay his respects and make a great contribution to his work. Zemlyachka of Samtredia.,
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    Kakabadse Badri Davidovich, photo, biography
    Kakabadse Badri Davidovich, photo, biography Kakabadse Badri Davidovich  General Director of JSC `Petroholod`., photo, biography
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