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TILE Aleksandr Pavlovich

( General Director of OJSC `` foil mills. Honored Metallurgist of Russia.)

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Biography TILE Aleksandr Pavlovich
Plitko A.P. born June 22, 1951 in Belarus in the village named after the first Five near Minsk.
Leaving school in 1968, A.P. Plitko came to Leningrad and entered the Vocational - Technical School N78. During his studies he held practice at the Leningrad plant processing non-ferrous metals (now joint-stock company "Foil Rolling Plant"), and at the end of the school, a profession roller went to work for him.
July 15, 1969 was a memorable date in the history of A.P. Tiles which had to came to this old factory, to go from desktop to the general director - 30 years to be loyal and faithful Metallurgy.
Labor activity Plitko A.P. began roller finishing rolling mill in foil shop.
After service in the Armed Forces of the USSR (1969-72 gg.) In the north-western border districts on the border with Finland.
After serving in the army Plitko A.P. returned to the plant-dominated professions and grinder and fitter. Going all types of flat-and circular work on tools and equipment for hire and cutting of foil. After a hard day's work - study at the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. MI. Kalinin.
In 1978, A.P. Plitko became a mechanical engineer. The knowledge gained in the university, helped him to introduce into production rationalization proposals and inventions that have contributed to improving the efficiency of enterprises and quality of products.
The creative attitude to work were determinants in the appointment Plitko A.P. in 1984, the deputy chief and then chief of the department of labor and wages LPO "Red Vyborzhets, which included plant.
The desire to know the deeper economic problems, the mechanisms of financial and economic activity has A.P. Tiles in the Leningrad Financial and Economic Institute. N.A. Ascension. Obtained in university knowledge and practical experience have identified the appointment Plitko A.P. the position of Deputy Director General for Economic Affairs LPO "Red Vyborzhets.
Much effort and energy Plitko A.P. given community work. Talking to people helped him to better understand the working group, to successfully solve industrial and social problems. Ability to work with people, his deep knowledge of technological processes of production, its financial and economic activity allowed to reach A.P. Plitko highest level leadership - to become director of the Leningrad Foil Plant. It happened March 25, 1991 and became a new milestone in his life and productive activities.
Many difficulties had to overcome Plitko AP, the privatization of the plant, which was wholly owned by one of the first in the city and the industry. Open Joint Stock Company (OJSC) "Foil Rolling Plant was registered on Dec. 25, 1992.
At the first general meeting of shareholders June 25, 1993 A.P. Plitko was unanimously elected to the Board of Directors and was appointed General Director of OJSC "Foil Rolling Plant.
In 1996, with the participation of the Director-General was developed business plan and program for its development.
Plitko A.P. constantly improving their skills. He participates in Russian and international conferences, symposia and meetings to exchange experiences with leading Western experts in the field of nonferrous metals. A.P. Plitko visited leading enterprises of the rolling and foil profile in Italy, England, Germany, Finland, Japan, the United States of America. Foreign experience can be applied to improve the main production equipment, processes, management and marketing research company. The factory has implemented a new management structure designed Plitko A.P. Under his leadership, the company policy is defined in terms of quality.
For labor progress A.P. Plitko repeatedly awarded by management and the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry of the USSR, and in 1997 he was awarded the honorary title of "Honored Metallurgist of Russia".
Today Plitko A.P. to solve complex problems: how to find new ways of how to stabilize the financial situation of the plant, how to earn money for further reconstruction and re-production. Solving these problems, he strives to take into account the views of opponents and take a collective decision. Ability to work in a team - this is his most valuable quality. He is the leader of new formation, he held a sense of new, progressive, progressive. Having an analytical mind, he clearly understands the promise of new and actively promotes its implementation.
Expert Council for Economic Affairs and Certification Committee Leader of Russia's economy "has appropriated the factory in 1995, official status and issued a certificate LEADER ROSSIYSKOY ECONOMY".
For his achievements in the field of compliance with the quality of the company repeatedly rewarded with international prizes and memorable characters
. In September 2000, the Constituent Council of the International Association Avstraliana Discovery Market (ADM) Business Consulting factory approved member of International Association "ADM" and awarded the prize "ENTERPRISE OF THE YEAR - 2000" with the award certificate, . and CEO of the company A.P,
. Plitko for professionalism administration awarded a Gold Medal and Diploma "Business Leader-2000". December 27, 2000 Coordinating Committee of the International Program "Partnership for Progress" The company was awarded "CRYSTAL Nike, and CEO Plitko A.P. - Gold medal "DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR - 2000"
. All these diplomas, . certificates and awards show recognizing the achievements in the work of all of the plant to produce high quality products, . its competitiveness on domestic and world markets, . and the result of a huge and tireless work of its leader - Alexander Pavlovich tiles in production management.,

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TILE Aleksandr Pavlovich, photo, biography
TILE Aleksandr Pavlovich, photo, biography TILE Aleksandr Pavlovich  General Director of OJSC `` foil mills. Honored Metallurgist of Russia., photo, biography
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