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SAVVA Victor K.

( General Director of JSC `St. Petersburg Cardboard and Printing Mill`.)

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Biography SAVVA Victor K.
photo SAVVA Victor K.
Born October 19, 1947. After graduating in 1965, Zvenigorod secondary school in the Cherkassy region, entered the Leningrad Technological Institute of Pulp and Paper Industry in the Faculty of Power Engineering and Industry. After successfully completing training and receiving a degree as an engineer, Victor K. in 1971 in the direction of the institute he worked at the paper mill Kammenogorsk as chief of steam power management. In 1977 - appointed chief mechanic enterprise. Three years later, in 1980, fate leads him to being built in those years the Leningrad cardboard factory. At first he worked as head of the boiler shop, a chief mechanic, deputy chief engineer for production, and then the chief engineer and technical director.
. July 23, 1996 Victor K. Sawa appointed by the Board of Directors of the general director of the St. Petersburg cardboard and printing plant
. Contribution by VK
. Sawa in the construction and technical development of the enterprise, . was marked by government award - for the success, . achieved during the construction and development imposed by the capacity of the Leningrad carton factory in 1983 he was awarded the medal "For Labor",
. Creativity, dedication, professional intuition and experience VK. Sawa especially evident during the reconstruction of the company within the investment program. Under his direct leadership over the past three years at the mill stream training upgrade your junk mass, . modernization of individual node, . installed modern equipment, . that will produce products, . has no analogues in the country.,
. Today's concern for the general director - the future of the enterprise
. His ideas and initiatives suitable support and understanding of the workers of the factory and the Board of Directors of Joint Stock Company, of which he is.
. OJSC "Saint-Petersburg Cardboard and Printing Plant" - the only enterprise in Russia that has modern technological equipment (put into operation in 1982) for the production of cardboard from recycled paper.
. Today, a wide range of products the plant is stable sales, because today is the most attractive to the consumer
. For example, the quality of boxed cardboard company is considered one of the best in Russia, production is released at a fixed price, without violating the term supply. Sound financial position enables timely pay for raw materials, to grant a salary and accumulate funds for production development.
The company broad prospects. The structure of the plant consists of cardboard production capacity of 200 thousand tons of cardboard a year, with production of printing machines, offset and gravure printing, processing 50 thousand tons of cardboard, cardboard plot sklepnogo. At the enterprise, since the 90's, is a comprehensive reconstruction of both industries - cardboard and printing. All products are manufactured using advanced technologies on the quality of imported equipment, with maximum use of secondary resources, and compliance with environmental. Produced at the mill cardboard used for boxes and packages for food packaging, detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, footwear, medicines, toys, haberdashery and household goods. Trading partner of the company is a firm Petro Bord Trading.

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SAVVA Victor K., photo, biography
SAVVA Victor K., photo, biography SAVVA Victor K.  General Director of JSC `St. Petersburg Cardboard and Printing Mill`., photo, biography
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