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Sysoev Alexander Abramovich

( General Director of JSC `LENSVYAZ`.)

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Biography Sysoev Alexander Abramovich
photo Sysoev Alexander Abramovich
"I am sure that even under the most severe crisis in Russia, with the right strategy for the company and its financial policy, can not only survive but to thrive"
Born Aug. 1, 1949 in Leningrad. After leaving school he studied at the Leningrad Technical School of Mechanics and instrument -. Passed compulsory service in the Army, then graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of Communications. Professor. MA. Bonch-Bruevich specialty automatic electric connection. While studying at the institute, Alexander began working at the city's oldest business communications - the telegraph Leningrad, forever linked his fate with telecommunications. I worked on the most turbulent and important parts of the telegraph, way up from an engineer to Director General of OAO "Saint-Petersburg Telegraph.
. Under his direct leadership and active participation were implemented technical re-equipment of the oldest enterprises of Networks Russia
. Trained in leading telecommunications companies, the U.S., Britain and Germany.
. In June 1998, Alexander Sysoev headed one of the largest Russian telecommunications companies - Lensvyaz, now provides a full range of communications services from voice and data services to broadcasting and television
. Company Lensvyaz "today is: 330 thousand telephone subscribers, 400 million. rubles of income, 470 telephone exchanges and communication services to more than 2000 locations in the region.
Currently Lensvyaz an active role in developing the strategic direction of the company. A "scheme of development of transport and intra-primary telephone network Lensvyaz". The Leningrad Region government has shown great interest in implementing the Scheme, taking into account the interests of enterprises and organizations in the region, the region's population, government, civil defense and emergencies and other structures for the period up to 2015. Sysoev AA, as the leader of the largest telecom operator North-West region of Russia, is actively working with colleagues in the industry, regularly participates in Russian and international seminars, conferences and exhibitions. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of the St. Petersburg Telegraph, . JSC "Regional Party Committee", . ZAO Saint-Petersburg Center of Telecommunication, . ZAO Rostelegraf ", . JSC "North-West GSM", . as well as the head of Committee of the Association of Networks and Services, . member of the Association of Telecommunications Operators of the North-West region of Russia, . member of the Leningrad Regional Board NTORES them,
. A.S. Popova, academician of International Academy of Communications. Participates in the work of the commissions of the Government of the Leningrad region, namely, the Commission on Emergency Situations and the Interdepartmental Commission on the distribution of productive forces on the territory of Leningrad region. He was awarded the medal "Veteran of Labor" and is an honorary title "Master of Communications". Thanks to his personal qualities - high efficiency, extraordinary thinking he was the rightful leader of a team.
Alexander happy to listen to music. Especially love songs known bards - Vladimir Vysotsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Alexander Galich. Its true passion is cars.
He is married and has two daughters, finds happiness in your favorite home and favorite work.

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Sysoev Alexander Abramovich, photo, biography
Sysoev Alexander Abramovich, photo, biography Sysoev Alexander Abramovich  General Director of JSC `LENSVYAZ`., photo, biography
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