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Valery Fedorenko

( General director of `House of Bread '.)

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Biography Valery Fedorenko
photo Valery Fedorenko
Born December 3, 1951 in Evpatoria.
After serving in the Army in 1974 he entered the Leningrad college food and after it was sent to shift manager at the Seaside bakery, where a year later became deputy director. From 1983 to 1986 he worked as deputy director at the bakery "Red Baker", then until 1989 - the director of Bread Factory "Red Dawn". In 1983-1988 he. on the job he graduated from the Financial and Economic Institute. On June 14, 1989 has served as CEO of the Moscow bakery area (in June 1995 the plant was renamed to OAO "Corn House").
JSC "Bread House" - the largest bakery in St Petersburg. Since its inception (December 30, 1934) plant worked almost without interruption, including the war years. By early 90-ies production equipment, much of which was installed in 30-ies, outdated morally and physically. After corporatization of the enterprise (1993) on the personal initiative Fedorenko Valery Ivanovich with the unanimous support of the team, was developed long-term plan for reconstruction and development of the enterprise. Program, designed for 10 years ahead, included a comprehensive modernization of production (the complete replacement of obsolete equipment), diversification, market research, strengthening the competitiveness of enterprises. And today a reality that in those years seemed almost impossible. Despite financial and political crises beset by Russia, the program is implemented. Today the House of Bread "- a new plant, the largest and the most advanced not only in St. Petersburg, but also in Russia. (See. More "House of Bread").
Work for the general director - the main hobby in life, as it takes almost all the time. Prefers to rest in the country or doing your favorite sports: football and table tennis. Leave earlier usually held in the Crimea, parents. In recent years there was an opportunity to see the world.
As a young CEO fond literature on geography and history, is now read mostly detective stories. He loves opera and ballet, and modern music of various styles, with great interest to listen to all new items. Tina Turner - one of the favorite performers.
In his youth Valery graduated from music and art schools. The TV looks mostly news programs: News, Results (NTV believes the best). From entertainment programs like KVN, Club kinoputeshestvennikov and all sports programs. Quite often visited restaurants, favorite dishes - fish and steak. Everyone prefers to drink water Polustrovo, although sometimes allows himself to enjoy a good cognac and wine, vodka, Russian Standard. Of all the beers provides "Baltika" N3. One of the most favorite holidays - New Year's Eve, and likes to make gifts more than receiving. Drives a car "Volvo", uses a cell phone. Life Valery Ivanovich recently changed for the better. Full autonomy in leading the company brings moral satisfaction from each of the result. But the material independence today is also essential. Lives and works in St. Petersburg. Married. Has a daughter and a grandson.

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Valery Fedorenko, photo, biography
Valery Fedorenko, photo, biography Valery Fedorenko  General director of `House of Bread '., photo, biography
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