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S. Khachatryan Saribek

( General Director of JSC `Plastpolymer`, professor, doctor of technical sciences.)

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Biography S. Khachatryan Saribek
photo S. Khachatryan Saribek
Born March 22, 1938 in Yerevan. He graduated from Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, specializing in chemical cybernetics.
He worked as director of the Yerevan branch of the NGO Plastpolymer ". He was the chief chemist Minhimproma on polyvinyl acetate plastic. It has 8 books and pamphlets, 72 patents, more than 200 published works in journals in Russia and other countries. By 18 doctors and candidates of science.
He worked as general director of the production association "Polyvinyl acetate". Laureate of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. He was awarded the Order of Honor. Managed by the Department of Strategic Planning JSC Tehnohim ", which brings together all the chemical and petrochemical enterprises in the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region (1990-1998 gg.)
. AO Plastpolymer founded in 1993, based on Ohtinskom Order of Lenin and Red Banner of Labor Research and Production Association "Plastpolymer, . one of the first scientific-production associations USSR, . formed in 1969 as an umbrella organization for the creation and development of the country's plastics industry Polymerization: Polyolefins, . fluoropolymers, . polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate plastics.,
. This leadership is due to, . that the association was founded on the basis of the firstborn of the domestic plastics industry, . leading companies in sub -, . having vast experience and significant accomplishments: NIIPP (Research and Design Institute of Polymerization Plastics), . founded in 1930, . in whose laboratory developed the first domestic fluoropolymers, . Polystyrene, . polyvinyl acetate and many other types of plastics, . and Ohtinskom chemical plant, . leading the family tree since 1715 based on the orders of Peter the First Ohtinskom gunpowder factory,
. The history of the plant are closely linked the names of outstanding scientists - DI. Mendeleev P.N. Yablochkova, IA. Vyshnegorodskogo, S.N. Ushakov. In the late 20-ies of the century Okhtinsky chemical plant repurpose the production of plastics and synthetic resins. For the first time in the country mastered the production of phenol-formaldehyde resins, celluloid, acetic anhydride and polymers based on cellulose ethers, polyethylene, styrene, and many other polymers and products from them.
. Almost all brand variety of fluoropolymers, polyolefins, polystyrene and polyvinyl acetate plastic, produced by domestic industry, established in ONPO "Plastpolymer"
. The quality of evidence obtained by developments over the past decade, four state awards and five awards of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, more than 100 patents and 600 copyright certificates. With the direct participation of specialists of association were started large-scale production of polymers in Gorlovka and Dneprodzerzhinsk, Salavat and Nelidovo, nodular and Novopolotsk, and Shevchenko, Omsk, Tomsk, Prikumskaya and other cities. One of the latest implementations - launching in India in ABS plastic and high impact polystyrene capacity of 20000 tons per year in license AO Plastpolymer, . in the first ever Indo-Russian joint venture relationship, . created with a private firm "Greaves Ltd., . well as polymers production capacity of 3 000 tonnes per year in China in 1999.,
. At present, the JSC Plastpolymer include: Research Institute for curing plastics (NIIPP) with Opytnonarabotochnym production, part of the project, Okhtinsky chemical plant.
. The research part is a research institute with pilot narabotochnym production, capable to carry out comprehensive research and development on a full cycle:
. бЇ Search research work;
. бЇ Applied research in pilot plants;
. бЇ Development of industrial technology;
. Б€? Participating in the design, commissioning and development of industrial production fluoroplastic, polyolefin, polystyrene, copolymers based on them, vinyl acetate and polyvinyl acetate plastics, catalysts and other products of organic synthesis.
. At present we produce the following main products:
. - Polymer films and sheets for various purposes;
. - Epoxy resins and compounds in a wide range;
. - Products (pipes, hoses, fittings, etc.) of the Teflon, which is resistant to aggressive environments;
. - Self-adhesive tapes and films PTFE oil and petroleum industry;
. - Volumetric polyethylene and polystyrene;
. - Thermoed irradiated tubes;
. - Miplastovye separators for battery industry;
. - Products of special purpose;
. - Detergents.

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S. Khachatryan Saribek, photo, biography
S. Khachatryan Saribek, photo, biography S. Khachatryan Saribek  General Director of JSC `Plastpolymer`, professor, doctor of technical sciences., photo, biography
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