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CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich

( General Director of OJSC Brewery Bavaria ``.)

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Biography CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
Born May 11, 1960. He graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Refrigeration Industry.
The company employs more than 20 years. Honored Worker of the food industry of Russia. He has published over 10 scientific works on creation of new varieties of beer and kvass, which became winners of the international tasting competitions. Has more than 4 patents on the design and technological inventions. Winner of the All-Russia Exhibition Center. He is married and has one daughter.
Bayern Munich - one of the oldest breweries in Russia, founded by a group of Russian industrialists and bankers in 1863. Currently, one of the best breweries in Russia, recognized leader in the domestic brewing industry. Produces beers: "Bayern bright", "Bayern dark," "Holiday", "Bayern traditional". Appreciation to the enterprise is the reward of St. Petersburg "For high quality products and loyalty to the traditions of Russia's Brewing", . as well as being awarded gold medals at the exhibitions: Moscow-97, . Moscow-98, . Sochi-97, . St. Petersburg-96.,

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  • Alexander for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • As a manager, most priduroshny director did not see any light. Word samadur. All of his subordinates tortured his dibelizmom. Greedy and greedy. Katori is a man believes in God and pray, but I can not get to pray for forgiveness sins. How do these idiots put on a post-dapuskayut to people? All subordinate calls bamzhami and yet who feed him?? These same bums. Now this works on priduroshny BSMZ - the poor people there. Half of the plant dispersed. With such a leader and a straight no future.
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • horse for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Just noticed Alexander! Debil he eats dEbil. And the fact that they write about him that he was the most intelligent leader, well money can buy and the devil!
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Normal guy!
  • Peter for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • The most beautiful of all the leaders that I've seen in my life and rabotat.Chutky and helpful and always a helping hand as a hard worker and inzheneram.Eto TOP klassa.Umnitsa senior manager with a capital letter!
  • Michael for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • I had to work with the Chebotarev IA. within seven let.Takih managers in my life I do not vstrechal.Rabotyaga have not seen the light. Methanesulphonate in his dele.Poryadochnost and humanity, a great organizer, the ability to bring any matter to kontsa.Pobolshe to such leaders in the country.
  • Natalia Petrovna for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • May God grant him good health to him strength and patience at all positions where it would be rabotat.Takie people must work in Pravitelstve.Poryadok and legitimacy will garantirovanna.Eto was one of the best CEOs vkompanii San Interbryu.Zavod Bavaria thundered throughout Europe.,
  • Docker for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • I write on many dockers plant BSMZ.Rukovoditel that nado.Takih directors at our plant is not honest and bylo.Umny poryadochnyy.Vsegda dressed opryatno.Kazhdogo greeted by and say good slovo.Day bless him and let him manage us for a long time.
  • Galina for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • I went along with Chebotaryov IA at the Leningrad Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry within 6 let.On was the leader of the group throughout the course ucheby.Uchilsya excellently, . initiator was all the meetings and vecherinok.Otvetstvennost and the ability to bring any business before the end --- this is a major and distinguishing it cherta.On then held high office in the factory "Bavaria" and has always invited us on a tour of zavodu.I we all witnessed as he was respected by subordinates to zavode.Potom we all ran, . but I know, . that he is now heads krupgogo zavoda.Vanya Keep it up ....,
  • Anonymous for CHEBOTAREV Ivan Antonovich
  • Electrician with BSMZ. With the advent of Chebotareva IA the plant, he screwed the nuts so that all working prisoners had diarrhea during goda.Otlichny man and rukovoditel.Ego all respectable and respected as an excellent specialist
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