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Chistoserdov Alexander V.

( President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce.)

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Biography Chistoserdov Alexander V.
photo Chistoserdov Alexander V.
Born August 3, 1946 in Leningrade.Peterburzhets in the fourth generation representative of four Russian names: Chistoserdovyh, Alexeyev (including the author's famous play "The Children Vanyushina" found), Fokine, Novikova. My grandfather was chief surgeon Obukhovskoy hospital, father - Rear-Admiral, academician, chief gunner of the Soviet Navy.
In five years, left without a father, in 15 years has worked as an apprentice lathe operator at the plant they. Sverdlov. After school N 222 (Peter-Schule), despite the huge attraction to the music, chose Shipbuilding Institute, instrument-making faculty, which he graduated in 1970. Next - an engineer, researcher CSRI Gidropribor, correspondence Postgraduate Institute of Advanced Training shipbuilding industry. Outcome - the development of mine-missile technology, more than 20 scientific articles, thesis on "The Shock of mine air missile complexes at splashdown". In 1976 he was awarded with diplomas "Best Young Scientist of the USSR". In the period of work in the shipbuilding industry was carried away with economic issues. During the three years ended correspondence department of the Academy of Management, and prepared a thesis on improving the economic mechanism of foreign economic activity. Soon followed by an invitation to work in industrial and transport department of the Vyborg district committee of the CPSU, and then Leningrad Province. Over the years, many in the Party was conceived and executed, acquired vast experience of organizational and economic work, particularly in the field of foreign economic activity. In 1989 he was elected president of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. All subsequent years of life associated with CCI, the work which is the most important event in the life and career. The outcome of the House was accreditation of the St. Petersburg Chamber, the first in Russia, Russia, and its activities are considered "appropriate prescribed in the RF CCI basic requirements, and at some positions than their". Contribution to the rebirth of St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce considers repair and restoration of the mansion Baryatinsky - the building which is currently in House. The project allowed Mansion Baryatinsky included in the "List of objects of historical and cultural heritage of federal significance". His future, . life and work of Mr. Chistoserdov connects with the St. Petersburg Chamber: plans and key actions for the next three years, . the primary purpose of improving the work of providing services to members and customers Chamber, . Business Promotion and Development of Foreign Economic Relations,
. This work will be implemented in close cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Russia, Russia's other chambers of commerce, public authorities. "I hope, . that the activities of the Chamber, . as before, . will help create favorable conditions for civilized business, . development of economic and scientific-technical ties Russian entrepreneurs, . thus serve as a revival of Russia's business. ",
. Alexander V. great passion is music
. Especially fond of Radio Nostalgie, from Russian performers like Leonid Utesov, Vadim Kozin, Muslim Magomayev, Sofia Rotaru, from foreign prefers Presley, Armstrong, Sinatra, Madonna, Iglesias, Humperdinck, The Beatles. Vivaldi, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Kalman - favorite classical composers. Sam sings the songs, Soviet songs, loves to play the piano. In recent years, enjoys photography and filming of videos on those countries where the case, but no less loved to shoot Petersburg and its suburbs. On weekends and holidays happy to prepare soup, fish in Greek. Of the preferred drink of whiskey, gin, red wine, smoked for 33 years, but a year does not smoke.
The most successful activities of the President of the Chamber considers Russia Stanislav Alekseevich Smirnov and the President of the Chamber of Tatarstan Shamil Rakhimovich Ageyeva.
Prominent personalities in the field of science considers University, Einstein, Korolev, Keldysh, Zinoviev, in the field of culture and arts - Shakespeare, AK Tolstoy, Sholokhov, Mayakovsky, Esenina, Chaplin.
In sports, special respect cause Krunff, Beckenbauer, Pele, Streltsov, Yashin, Salnikov swimmer, weightlifter Vlasov, coaches Tikhonov, Kondrashin, Platonov.
In modern politics, a huge role, according to Mr. Chistoserdova played Reagan (U.S.), Mitterrand (for France), Kohl (for Germany), Deng (China).
He was awarded the Order of Merit, medals "For Labor Valor" and "300 years Rossiyskomu Fleet".
His contribution to the future of St. Petersburg saw the active promotion of civilized business in our city, the revival of large industrial enterprises and the formation of small business.
"It is hard to predict what events may occur in the near future in Russia, but would like to believe that we shall build a society of harmony, balance and sustainable development, community convergence. Hopefully, . that the country's leaders will be guided in their concerns and solutions for the masses, . will follow universal moral principles of good, . justice, . will remember the Russian historical and cultural traditions, . first of all about the spirit of collectivism, . catholicity, . which in troubled times is not just helping our people, . of national pride and dignity of the Russian people, . "- Says Alexander V..,

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Chistoserdov Alexander V., photo, biography
Chistoserdov Alexander V., photo, biography Chistoserdov Alexander V.  President of the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce., photo, biography
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