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Blink Andrey

( The Director-General Construction Company `` `Momentum)

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Biography Blink Andrey
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"It so happened that sleeping areas have never been very special architectural delights. We decided to change this stereotype. I think that the new dvadtsatipyatietazhny residential complex will be the hallmark Kupchino. "
Quite rare talented leaders who can become a reliable backbone for your company. General Director Andrey Blinkov - precisely the strong personality that can create the necessary atmosphere for efficient work and to lead people to a.
His professional career began with Andrew Blinkov work in the Office Building N11. There he met with the masters of their craft, which took over from the experience and knowledge. Over the five years of work in CSS N11 young specialist was professional.
In 1997, Andrew Blinkov with Igor Yakovlev (CFO) and Anton Toropov (commercial director) has created his own company called "Impulse". The first time the organization appeared on the market as an investor: supplied building materials from different regions of Russia.
Since 1999 the company acquired the status of developer, license to engage in construction activities, and the name "Impulse" was added the phrase "Construction Company". From this time begins a new stage of development of young and progressive company.
It should be noted that from the CEO it was a responsible and courageous step, particularly given the difficult situation on the real estate market and then had to start all over from scratch.
But thanks to the wise leadership of General Director, "Construction Company" Impulse "managed not only to survive but to win a series of victories.
And what inacheN It headed the company is not only a builder, but also an athlete, accustomed to winning. The fact is that even with the youth Andrei Blinkova found a particular fondness for technology and rapid ride on it. At first it was a motorbike, then appeared Aquabike, snowmobiles. Some time ago Andrew Blinkov Aquabike was president of the Federation of St. Petersburg and vice-president of the Federation Aquabike Russia, hosted sovrevnovany for this sport.
Since May 2001, CEO Andrew Blinkov and Chief Financial Officer Igor Yakovlev, together with mechanics, Mikhail and Vladimir Kolesov Petya's joined the professional racing team PICs "NOWERC". It was from that moment began a series of interesting events. Participation in the 5 th round of the championship of Russia on the rally "White Nights" I brought a place in the class A 9. At the rally "Sestroreck" crew car took II place in its class. In October, the rally will have to fight for "Saint Petersburg", IV International stage the Cup of Russia.
Currently, "Construction Company" Pulse "is acting as developer, customer and investor-General. A colorful illustration of the success of the company: this year shall be two sixteen houses: monolithic panel on the street Tambasova (Pine Glade) and monolithic-brick on Shlisselburgsky Avenue (Fishing).
The company recently began construction of 9-14 storey monolith-brick apartment complex at the intersection of Savushkina and Running. Located near the Gulf of house interesting three-meter ceilings, tall windows (1.8 meters) wide entrance doors (1.2 meters), as well as en suite with balcony. On the ground floor 4 stores.
In the nearest plans - luxury house "Twin Peaks", consisting of two towers dvadtsatipyatietazhnyh. Individual project developed by JSC "Eagle Group of St. Petersburg. As everything is made for the comfort of its occupants: for up to 145 car underground garage, laundry, room to work with children, a fitness center with sauna and swimming pool.
All these facts indicate the right tactics manual "Construction Company" Impulse ". To win the trust of its customers - this is directed at the efforts of specialists in "Construction Company" Impulse ".

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    Blink Andrey, photo, biography
    Blink Andrey, photo, biography Blink Andrey  The Director-General Construction Company `` `Momentum, photo, biography
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