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GOLMAN Vladimir

( President of the St. Petersburg Union of construction companies, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Cn.)

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Vladimir Golman has experience in construction - 43 пЁп+п¦п¦. He started as a technician building trust to the deputy chairman of the Leningrad Construction Committee.
Golman VM. since 1995 president of the St. Petersburg Union of construction companies, combining the 300 building, design, industrial and other enterprises in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.. Has the honorary title "Honored Builder of Russia". They made a lot of efforts for the establishment and development of St. Petersburg Union of construction companies, which became an influential social and political force in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region.
Golman VM. is a board member at exhibition builders.
Under the program revival of the historic center of St. Petersburg under the leadership Golmana VM. reconstructed several buildings in the center of the city: business centers on the Nevsky, . 25 and "Neptune", . office "Industry and Construction Bank of Kovno pr, . 17, . for the Bank of Credit-Lyon, on Nevsky Prospect, . 10, . five-star Nevsky Palace, . as well as the establishment of 25 agencies on the reconstruction of the historical city center,
He was elected to the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg's first and second convocations.
Conducts a major public work, defending the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg and in the interests of the Administration of the city many thousands of workers building complex, faithfully carrying out their mandates to voters.
The initiative of deputy Golmana VM. Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg prepared and adopted 3 of the Act to regulate investment activities, the law of St. Petersburg "On state support of the St. Petersburg investment in housing".
Continues to work actively in the Standing Committee on urban management and urban planning. Initiated the establishment of St. Petersburg of residential mortgage. With this in the first in Russia North-West Branch of the Federal Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending Act, and St. Petersburg "On the development of mortgage lending in St. Petersburg".
As a deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Golman VM. actively involved in several social programs in St. Petersburg - assistance to veterans, disabled, youth policy, etc..
In St. Petersburg, fully implemented the Federal Law on Veterans. The second year in a row made deficit-free budget, focused on social needs, a system of control over the timing of obligations owed to citizens.
Working a second term in the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Golman VM. proved to be an influential politician, significantly influencing the interaction between the legislative and executive authorities of the city. Thus Golman VM. contributed greatly to the establishment of social and economic stability in St. Petersburg.

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  • Vadim for GOLMAN Vladimir
  • It seems to me, a deputy Golman only deals with the fact that lobbies for the interests of their own construction firms Fir and relatives. Affairs in the district is not engaged, and when he should be elected, then turns to an elderly population: they are easier to him "to powder" brains. Mr. Golman enough you Khapaev, while in Sachse, find the strength and walk away, the recognition his work for the district unsatisfactory
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  • nama for GOLMAN Vladimir
  • Happy Birthday! Health and success in building the most beautiful cities of the land in Leningrad / St Petersburg. Yours Myugrieva-Matyukhina Natalia Nikilaevna
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    GOLMAN Vladimir, photo, biography
    GOLMAN Vladimir, photo, biography GOLMAN Vladimir  President of the St. Petersburg Union of construction companies, a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Cn., photo, biography
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