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Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich

( General Director of JSC CNMI LenSpetsSMU ``.)

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Biography Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich
photo Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich
Born in 1951 in the Belarusian city of Orsha. His father - a builder, worked at a construction site from 15 to 70 years. His mother worked a foreman on the farm. The family had five children - four brothers and sister. All the brothers in the future become builders. Higher education - graduated from the evening faculty of the Leningrad Civil Engineering Institute, specializing in industrial and civil construction ". He began his career in the trust-39 "Glavzapstroya". Passed all stages of working up to general director. In 1987 he organized the association LenSpetsSMU.
During 12 years of its development, the company has gone through reforms and economic crises, survived, and today is one of the leaders in the construction market of St. Petersburg. Throughout this time the union movement was gaining momentum - now this movement works the entire team of associates. "LenSpecSMU" decided all matters relating to the building complex, to take into their hands: the receipt of licensing documents to the design and delivery of houses in operation. Was bought by brick, concrete and concrete products plant. Today LenSpecSMU "- the developer, contractor and investor in one person.
. Vyacheslav Zarenkov claims in relation to the work of undeniable truth: advanced technology, high responsibility and quality, interesting architecture, comfort for the occupants and reasonable prices.
. "I consider myself a risky person only in those projects in which I am sure
. The risk exists in any business transaction and in any western firm it absolutely clear is calculated. "
Having put in front of goal now - to build a better, better, or not build at all, Zarenkov laid a certain ideology of business. The guide Vyacheslav Adamovich upholds the principle of rigid centralization top to bottom, but, in turn, considers it important not to suppress, and support the initiative of each employee. In its partners want to see first of all decency and honesty, an important role to play him the experience and professionalism. The secret of success in their business Vyacheslav Adamovich considers a set of several factors, . most important of which calls the presence of a team of associates and the company's policy, . aimed at stability in the work and the final result, . and not for profit, the desire to work, . rather than wait for orders from,
. This is his approach to life throughout.
In addition, business should not be unspiritual. It is impossible to settle the people in the house-box, you can not deal only with the production process, without having to not engage in the scientific and spiritual education of their employees.
. That is why "LenSpecSMU" provides charitable aid to orphanages, disabled veterans, donated a chapel built
. Moreover, engaged in publishing, which, of course, is not profitable. "LenSpecSMU" initiated an association of artists to write icons in Mstiora, and also participated in the restoration of the church of St. Catherine on Vasilevsky Island.
. Vyacheslav Adamovich - Corresponding Member of the Academy MANEB, Ph.D. in Architecture
. Engaged in scientific and research activities. Has over twenty published papers. He was awarded the Order of St. Daniel the third degree. In 1998, for services to the construction given the title of Honored Builder of Russia
In his spare time with pleasure working on the ground. Involved in sport his entire life, has a first level of volleyball and football. Supports weightlifting. Sick for Zenit, who recently gave the four flats. He is President of Federation of Rowing St. Petersburg.
The main hobby in recent years, quite unexpectedly, Vyacheslav Adamovich, was drawing. When Zarenkov built his house, very much wanted to decorate it with paint. I bought a brush and paint. So wrote since when there is free time.
Married. Wife working as head of the personnel department "LenSpecSMU, son - Deputy Director General" LenSpecSMU. "

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Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich, photo, biography
Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich, photo, biography Vyacheslav Zarenkov Adamovich  General Director of JSC CNMI LenSpetsSMU ``., photo, biography
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