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ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich

( General Director of JSC "Trest` N47 `.)

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Biography ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich
photo ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich
Mikhail Konstantinovich Zarubin began his working career, working on construction sites in Siberia. After the building institute he worked as foreman, head of section at the construction of buildings, Siberian Branch of USSR Academy of Sciences. Young specialist was already distinguished by such features as excellent engineering training, dedication, perseverance, ability to organize a team to accomplish objectives. Professional and life becoming mK. Zarubina continued during the work on construction projects of Leningrad region, where the forces assigned to him were erected in groups of cattle-breeding complexes, residential and social amenities in the building Priozersk and Vyborg region. These new buildings mK. Zarubin quickly rose to chief engineer, then - head of construction and assembly management.
The natural is the fact that the young manager entrusted with the responsible post of chief engineer of the 47 th of the trust "Kirovstroya, then manager of the Trust. As head of one of the largest construction organization in Leningrad, mK. Zarubin put maximum effort and energy to the tasks of construction and reconstruction of defense enterprises in the city.
The collective trusts under his leadership to do a complete reconstruction of the tractor and tank production in association "Kirov Plant", implemented new construction in the union of "Banner of October" and the plant "Severnaya Verf".
Talent engineer and head allowed mK. Zarubin strengthen the position of the 47 th of the trust as a unique construction unit, which was a sort of proving ground for testing of new advanced technologies. This is primarily the implementation of the first time in the city works on reconstruction of all engineering services and construction works general treatment plants in associations "Kirov Plant" and "The Banner of October", . the plant "Severnaya Verf" without stopping the existing production and reducing their power,
. This construction of foundations in cramped conditions, the method of mining companies lowering. This is also the application of the method of putting up the building envelope for the reconstruction without their dismantling, a complete installation of a ground floor a large area and follow the installation. All these innovations successfully translated into the practice of the 47 th through the trust inherent mK. Zarubin spirit of innovation, a clear vision of prospects and at the same time high standards as a leader, his ability to rally a group of partners and experts.
Sure mastered mK. Zarubin fundamentally new methods of management in the transition to a market economy. After a difficult and complex establishment, JSC "Trest-47" re-focused its main activities on housing. As a result, this group holds fifth place among the largest developers of urban housing, having passed in 1999, 100 thousand square meters of living space. Among the organizations of St. Petersburg, specializing in general contracting of housing construction, JSC "Trest-47" is the tenth largest. This was made possible through the financial situation of the organization, equipping its own construction equipment, improve the socio-economic status of workers and the moral-psychological climate in the team. To achieve these goals mK. Zarubin put all his rich experience as a manager, the new knowledge gained during training at the University of Manchester (UK).
JSC "Trest-47" is still proving to be an organization capable of quickly and with high quality build complex and important objects. This was manifested in the construction of industrial and other facilities for Mezhregiongaz, the reconstruction of buildings in the territory of the Bolshoi Drama Theater. GA. BDT and the Kirov region of the turbine outside, with decoration and reconstruction of facilities for the municipal museum of Anna Akhmatova.
Concern for the public interest at all levels is vividly expressed in the mK. Zarubina aimed at improving the welfare of the inhabitants of the Kirov and Krasnoselski areas of St. Petersburg. Trust continually performs social and public orders of the district administration is engaged in the improvement of urban areas, is engaged in charity. This - direct credit for his leadership, a well-known residents of the Narva Gate as a deputy District Council two convocations.
For a large and fruitful productive and social activities mK. Zarubin awarded the title "Honored Builder of Russia"
. JSC "Trest-47" is currently implementing a comprehensive program of housing construction, . which provided both the construction of individual residential buildings popular and inexpensive mass series in different parts of the city, . and the building of a quarter in the Kirov region, . which would translate the original architectural and urban planning decision,
. This program is supported by not only their own material and financial resources, but also the established practice of working closely with the team of builders trust DSC-3, many subcontractors.
Economic, industrial and technological and social perspective to the team mK. Zarubina inextricably linked with the continuation of active participation in market relations, maintaining the leading positions in the construction industry of St. Petersburg.
Collecting pictures.
Married with two children.

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ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich, photo, biography
ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich, photo, biography ZARUBIN Mikhail Konstantinovich  General Director of JSC "Trest` N47 `., photo, biography
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