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Bazanov Anatoly

( Director General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Russia Scientific Center' Applied Chemistry ', doctor of chemical sciences, professor.)

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Biography Bazanov Anatoly
photo Bazanov Anatoly
Bazanov Anatoly born May 26, 1944 in g. Leningrad.
In 1967 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Technology. Leningrad City Council, with the qualification of engineer chemical engineer, specializing in chemistry and technology of organic nitrogen compounds ".
From 1967 to 1981 he. worked at the Institute of Technology. Lensoveta Post: Research Assistant (1967), Senior Engineer (1967-1969.), PhD (1969-1972.), Senior lecturer (1972-1980)..
In 1972 he defended his Ph.D., in 1979 his doctoral thesis in 1987 he was awarded the academic title of professor.
Since 1981, Mr.. present works in Rossiyskom Scientific Center "Applied Chemistry": head of the laboratory (1981-1986 gg.), . Head of Department (1986-1993 gg.), . Deputy Director General (1993-1996 gg.), . General Director (1997-present),
Bazanov Anatoly - a renowned scholar in the field of chemistry and technology of organic nitrogen compounds (HTOSA) and heterocyclic compounds (HS). They carried out extensive experimental and theoretical studies on the chemistry and thermodynamics of substituted nitro compounds, . which resulted in the development of new directions in the chemistry poliazotistyh compounds, . the first time the synthesis and development of technology for a number of high-performance special-purpose connection with the subsequent introduction of the industry,
Extensive scientific contributions made to them in the development of scientific bases of technological processes of basic organic synthesis and implementation of these processes in the production in the chemical, petrochemical and medical industries. With the personal involvement A.G. Bazanova done mastering the production of acid paranitrobenzoynoy Novocheboksarsk ON Khimprom, . production of tetrahydrofuran and polifurita to Kropotkin chemical plant and Fergana plant of furan compounds, . furfuryl alcohol on Coke, . hlorholinhlorida in Sterlitamakskiy ON "Caustic", . developed baseline data for the design of higher aliphatic amines, . corrosion inhibitors GIPKh-3, . GIPKh-4, . GIPKh-6, . etc.,
. For the scientific contribution to the development and introduction of technological processes in industry A.G. Bazanov in 1994 was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Russia".
Currently, under the leadership of A.G. Bazanova the RRC "Applied Chemistry" successfully developed research work, . aimed at creating new processes and primary fine organic synthesis of copolymer poliefirdiolov, . New Corrosion Inhibitors, . surfactants, . flotation reagents, . additives to motor fuels, . Technical substances drugs, . intermediates for their synthesis, . medical aids,
A.G. Bazanov is the leader of the major problems of technical chemistry in the national economy and the special technique. Member of interdepartmental coordination of scientific and technical advice, tips for RAS, dissertation councils WAC Russia. Provides extensive collaboration with leading foreign firms in the production of organic chemical products.
He is the author of more than 200 scientific papers, including 30 invention certificates and patents. A talented teacher, lead graduate, defended under his guidance 11 Ph.D. theses.
For a series of research and development work in the field of high-energy systems for space and missile technology was awarded medals of the Federation of space: they. Academician п?.п?. Isayev (1998), they. Academician VP. Barmina (1999), K.E. Aviation (2000).

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Bazanov Anatoly, photo, biography
Bazanov Anatoly, photo, biography Bazanov Anatoly  Director General of Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Russia Scientific Center' Applied Chemistry ', doctor of chemical sciences, professor., photo, biography
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