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Budaragin Vladimir Pavlovich

( Head drevlehranilischa Intstituta Russian literature Sciences' Pushkin House `.)

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Biography Budaragin Vladimir Pavlovich
Born on 29 April 1945. Leningrad. In 1962. entered the Faculty of the University and in 1968,. finished his. Science alumnus outstanding medievalist in. I. Malysheva Budaragin became a worthy continuer of the work of his teacher, founder of the Archive of the Pushkin House. Thanks to his care fund of ancient manuscripts drevlehranilischa leaking for 20 years after death. I. Malysheva doubled and now stands at about ten thousand items. This is despite the fact that, according to many experts, all extant manuscripts have been collected, the remaining irretrievably lost or killed.
. Scientific archaeographic work Petersburg last twenty years - it is primarily the work of the Pushkin House drevlehranilischa
. V. P. Budaragin organizes and undertakes annual summer archaeological expeditions for the manuscripts in the areas of Old Believer Russian North, . and throughout the year has continued seeking the books through correspondence, . communication with collectors and connoisseurs, . through the promotion of the manuscript heritage of Old Russia,
. Thus all, . what they do in the field of collecting ancient manuscripts of other scientific institutions PETERSBURG - Department of manuscripts and rare book library of the St. Petersburg State University, . Manuscript Divisions Russia National Library and the Library of the Academy of Sciences - all this is done under constant supervision and assistance from the In,
. P. Budaragin. Moreover, . under his supervision are handwritten and storage of our provincial cities, . where he consults, . arriving there, or instead of visiting "readings on ancient literature," Division of Old Russian literature, . headed by Academician D,
. S. Likhachev (Yaroslavl, Nizhny Novgorod, Vologda, Vladimir, Minsk, Petrozavodsk), or by special invitation of the Custodian of local assemblies to describe them (Arkhangelsk, Cherepovets, Pskov). Young professionals who choose for themselves archaeographic specialization school in a seminar held in. P. Budaragin.
In. P. Budaragin constantly waging an intensive public education to promote the cultural heritage of Old Russia. He hosts a tour of schoolchildren, students, book lovers, organizes educational radio and television, working with journalists, reflecting the work of the Archive of the press. All this contributes to the new additions to the funds drevlehranilischa.
Apart Archaeological activities in. P. Budaragin known as an eminent specialist in the field of Old Russian literature. His articles are published continuously in the main edition of the Russian philological medieval studies - Proceedings of the Department of Old Russian literature. In this edition of In. P. Budaragin editing section for manuscript collections.
In. P. Budaragin is also one of the authors complete the book series "Monuments of the literature of Ancient Rus' (ed.. L. A. Dmitriev and D. S. Likhachev), received the State Prize of Russia, and prepared for publication dvadtsatitomnoy "Library Literature of Ancient Rus.
In the spring of 1999. V. P. Budaragin was awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture of Russia".

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Budaragin Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography
Budaragin Vladimir Pavlovich, photo, biography Budaragin Vladimir Pavlovich  Head drevlehranilischa Intstituta Russian literature Sciences' Pushkin House `., photo, biography
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