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Alexey Vasiliev

( Honored Worker of Science, professor)

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Biography Alexey Vasiliev
photo Alexey Vasiliev
Alexey Vasiliev was born on March 19, 1922 in Petrograd. Entered the Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute in 1941, worked as a nurse in the siege at the hospital, an apprentice plumber at the factory-N 218.
Since March 1942. to May 1946. served in the Soviet and Polish armies.
In 1952 he graduated in 1959 and received his PhD in 1983 - Doctor of Science.
In 1984 became Professor of ship construction.
AL. Vasilyev published 12 monographs (4 - co), 6 training manuals, about 120 scientific papers, received 15 patents and certificates
. Repeatedly pointed letters LCI-GMTU, . thanks, . then put on the board of Honor, . awarded for his services in standardization, . "Golden Badge of the Society of Polish-Soviet friendship, . registered certificates and diplomas NOT "shipbuilding industry", . Honorary Diploma of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education, . is thanks to the Minister of the USSR Ministry of Higher Education,
Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, "1-degree and two medals for Valor, the Medal" For Labor ", eleven other medals, two orders and four medals Poland.
By treaty with the industry (state enterprise "Admiralty Shipyards", JSC "Severnaya Verf", Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology, CDB Baltsudoproject "CSRI" LOT "GSPI" Soyuzproektverf "CDB" East ", Maritime Register of Shipping and others) under leadership AL. Vasilyeva holds more than 40 works.

Basic directions:
1. Experimental and theoretical studies of the strength of units and floors fouling.
2. Development of regulatory issues - sections of the Register of industry standards, industry guidance on the design of structures, providing a high level of adaptability.
3. Development of conceptual and programmatic provisions of the Industrial Standardization on the basis of the principle of modular design and construction of transport fleet.
4. Theory of structural design - on this issue's articles of Performing and philosophical nature of the place of science on the construction of housing in the sciences of the vessel, . of constructing a cybernetic model of the shell, . the design of structures as a managed process, . characterized algorithm, . object, . order and feedback, . work on optimal design of structures,
5. In the 90 years in a large SPbSMTU deployed a state work: "The complex recovery of sunken objects. AL. Vasiliev all the years he was deputy supervisor. The work provided a scientific breakthrough SPbSMTU in this unexplored area and has created a serious scientific groundwork.
In 1994-1995. AL. Vasiliev was the scientific leader executed by order MOE topic "Draft Recovery FAC nuclear submarine" Komsomolets "method proposed by Vice-Admiral E.D. Chernov ".
In 1995. AL. Vasiliev, at the invitation of the Baltic Ecological Association "Baltic-ECO" acted with reports in Poland and Sweden on KPZO - 1500/300 - Project system to clean the Baltic Sea from the wrecks and sunken vessels and ships, and chemical weapons. Proposals GMTU on the draft submitted for consideration by the Ministry of Science.
In 2000. led AL. Vasiliev was made (at the level of technical proposals) draft recovery submarine "Kursk". Following it, SPbSMTU hoped that the proposals of the University will be considered as alternative, but to appeal to the Governmental Commission SPbSMTU reaction followed.
C 1959. Vasiliev AL. taught a course on design hulls during the evening and afternoon faculties. To read the new sections of the course design of ship structures has been invited to the related universities in the country and abroad. In 1993. at the invitation of the Tsaritsyn Orthodox University participated in the design and curriculum of a new engineering specialties: "System design beneficial products and technologies".
In 1969-1970 he worked the head of the department of shipbuilding in VMEI (Varna), shipbuilding work on improving education in Bulgaria.
The initiator and supervisor of youth-Union School on modular shipbuilding (First Module-87 "based on the shipyard" Baltic "in g. Klaipeda, the second Module-89 "- on the basis of the shipbuilding plant" Zaliv "in g. Kerch), supervisor 1 st International School - Seminar in 1988. in Bulgaria, seminar on modular building the ship's equipment in 1989. Poland.
For a long time been a member of the section "The general principles of unification" of the USSR State Standard of the NTS, the scientific director of the Working Group "modular shipbuilding" section "Shipbuilding" NTS USSR Ministry of Higher Education. In 1982, at his initiative, held its first All-Union Conference "Problems of modular shipbuilding industry (Module 82), which received great scholarly resonance.
In 1994. - Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the First All-Russia Conference "Scientific and technical challenges of developing a recovery and recycling of wrecks".
Member for theses SPbSMTU and Kaliningrad Technical University.

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Alexey Vasiliev, photo, biography
Alexey Vasiliev, photo, biography Alexey Vasiliev  Honored Worker of Science, professor, photo, biography
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