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Vitaly Dotsenko D.

( The famous naval historian and bibliophile, candidate of historical sciences (1985), Professor (1994), Captain 1 rank (1989).)

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Biography Vitaly Dotsenko D.
photo Vitaly Dotsenko D.
Well-known naval historian and bibliophile, candidate of historical sciences (1985), Professor (1994), Captain 1 rank (1989). Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of History of Science and Technology, Member of the Russian Geographical Society, a member of the Association officers Rossiyskogo Fleet.
Born in 1948. In 1972. finished VVMU them. M.V. Frunze, and in 1980. - Naval Academy.
In 1972-1978 he. commander of the mine-artillery warhead, assistant commander, commander of the North Sea trawler fleet.
Since 1980. lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor, professor of history of naval warfare Naval Academy, and since 2000. Associate Professor, Department of the Navy Operational Art.
Since 1989. Chairman of the Military History section of the St. Petersburg House of Scientists RAS. Member of the Scientific Council of the State Archives of the Navy, the Central Naval Museum and the Central Naval Library.
In 1994-1996. member of the expert council of the State Committee of Russia for the publication of scientific and technical literature. Member of the editorial boards of the 5-volume "History of domestic shipbuilding, 3-volume" Encyclopaedia of Marine, 6-volume "Marine encyclopedia". Author of more than 800 publications, including 13 screenplays, 71 books and pamphlets, 120 articles in books and magazines, over 500 articles in dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias. Scientific editor of 10 books, the author of 8 collections of scientific articles.
The most significant works: "Sunken: Battle damaged ships after 1945," Signs and tokens Rossiyskogo Imperial Navy. 1696-1917 "(awarded with the diploma promotional Russia competition of art books in 1993)," Russia's Imperial Navy. 1696-1917 "," Russian Marine uniform. 1696-1917 "," Marine churches of Russia, "Russia's armored fleet. 1863-1917 "," History of domestic shipbuilding "(T. 1), "Navy. War. Victory. 1941-1945 "(Committee on Printing Russia recognized as the best book of 1995, was awarded a Diploma of degree 1)," Admirals Rossiyskogo Navy "," Three Centuries Rossiyskogo Fleet. 1696-1996 "(in 3 volumes)," Naval Biographical Dictionary "(Committee on Printing Russia recognized the best book of 1996, was awarded a Diploma of degree 1)," Vsevolod Evgen'evich Egoryev "," History Rossiyskogo Fleet. 1696-1917 "," Naval Dictionary for Young People, "" Ocean Shield of Russia "," Myths and Legends of Russian naval history, "" Biographical Dictionary of the Marine "," The history of naval warfare "(T. 1), "History of my collection", "Sea Costume: History and Tradition", "Attack of the coast of Sinai," "Myths and Legends Rossiyskogo Navy", "fleet in local wars".
He was awarded the Order "For Service to Motherland in the USSR Armed Forces' 3rd degree.

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  • It is necessary to contact Dotsenko Vitaly Dmitrievich. How?
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  • I think I'm your cousin. My father - Dotsenko, Vladimir, 1917, Sumy region., S Low Vorozhba Your parents have lived in Nikolaev, and sister Valentina and Luda - in Sumy I would like you to talk and sisters
  • Virin for Vitaly Dotsenko D.
  • Illiterate bastard
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    Vitaly Dotsenko D., photo, biography
    Vitaly Dotsenko D., photo, biography Vitaly Dotsenko D.  The famous naval historian and bibliophile, candidate of historical sciences (1985), Professor (1994), Captain 1 rank (1989)., photo, biography
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