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Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich

( famous Russia scholar, one of the leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and embryology)

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Biography Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich
Anatoly Illarionovich Nikitin - Russia's famous scientist, . one of the leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and embryology, . Professor, . Doctor of Medical Sciences, . Academician of International Informatization Academy, . Director of the Baltic Institute of Reproduction Rights, . winner of the RF Government Prize for 1996, . member of the Association of Russia Human Reproduction, . Member of the European Society of Reproduction and Embryology, . member of the editorial board of the journals "Problems of reproduction" and "Morphology", . author of more than 200 scientific papers, . in t,
. h. - 3-monographs.
AI Nikitin, born April 29, 1938. G. Leningrad. After graduating in 1963. 2-nd Leningrad Medical Institute was admitted to the residency of the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Ott. Worked as researcher, head of the Laboratory of early embryogenesis, the Deputy Director for Science. In 1966, Mr.. AI Nikitin defended his thesis, and in 1977. - Doctoral dissertation.
Over the years, AI Nikitin with his team developed an active problem in relation to patterns of folliculo-and gametogenesis in the ovary of mammals in physiological and experimental conditions. The logical extension of these developments was the treatment in the early 70-ies of scientific interests AI Nikitin to the problems of human reproduction, in particular, to develop new methods to overcome infertility. He was one of the first in the country began research on fertilized human eggs outside the body. Long-term work, AI Nikitin and his staff in this area culminated in the advent in 1986. clinical pregnancy after transfer to the uterus of female embryos produced outside the body and the subsequent birth of the first in Leningrad "vitro" of the child. In 1996 he was awarded the RF Government Prize for his work "program in IVF treatment of infertile marriages.
. AI Nikitin made a significant contribution to the improvement of methods of assisted reproduction and their introduction into medical practice
. Through the efforts of him and his staff for infertility treatment by the new reproductive technologies from a theoretical design for a short time has become a widely used in practice effective ways to combat childlessness. In recent years, Russia and several CIS countries, has several dozen centers of assisted reproduction. In creating their active part AI Nikitin.
In 1993, Mr.. AI Nikitin with a group of enthusiasts established and organized in St. Petersburg non-governmental scientific and practical medical center - The Baltic Institute of Reproduction Rights, whose director he is.
. By the sphere of scientific interests AI Nikitina include: analysis of factors, . affecting the successful outcome of assisted reproduction procedures, . physiology and pathology of early stages of the reproductive process in humans, . study the mechanisms of harmful effects of environmental factors on human reproductive system and especially - in the conception and early development,
. They identified a number of fundamental laws relating to the impact of harmful factors on the development proembrionalnoe (folliculo-and gametogenesis) and early (preimplantation) stages of embryo development. He first pointed to the need to "protect periovulyatornogo period", and formulated the basic provisions of the new directions of research - health conception. Currently, AI Nikitin and his students continue to develop relevant to contemporary issues of Reproduction.

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  • Valery Yu for Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich
  • I am proud that personally acquainted with Anatoly Illarionovich. It is not only a great scientist but also an exceptional soul man. He has a great scientific work, great enthusiasm, which I have seen sometimes. State must protect, nurture and pamper these people. And thank God that such people.
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    Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich, photo, biography
    Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich, photo, biography Nikitin, Anatoly Illarionovich  famous Russia scholar, one of the leading specialists in the field of reproductive medicine and embryology, photo, biography
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