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Sarychev Valentin

( Member of the International, Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Transport)

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Biography Sarychev Valentin
photo Sarychev Valentin
Member of the International, Russia and the Ukrainian Academy of Transport, Russia Academy of Natural Sciences, St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, Russia Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, was born June 3, 1944, Mr.. Bologoye in Kalinin (now Tver ') area in the family, is firmly connected with the domestic transport and there are 32 people working or working in enterprises of transport complex. One of the ancestors of the dynasty (although this assertion is based only on long time, but the resilience of family tradition) is the admiral Gavriil Andreevich Sarychev (1763-1831) - the first general hydrograph, an honorary member of the Russia Academy of Sciences. Documentary-established transportation line begins with the kind of grandparents (one - Ivan Sarychev Osipovich, . Being an educated man, . because of them written to the authorities about the inadmissibility of the destruction of churches in Atkarsk Saratov region was forced to hide and operate the railway clerk, . other - Nikitin Ivan Nikitich Bologovskij worked as a mechanic in the depot) and submitted to the Chief Auditor and the Astrakhan branch of service of motion Volga railway, . locomotive engineer, . locomotives, . electric, . the station, . the military commander of the Baltic railway station in Leningrad, . sailor Amur Flotilla, . died in the Great Patriotic War in saving the ship from burning munitions, . architect of railway facilities, . repairers of locomotives and railroad tracks (one representative of the dynasty in the war years to build and repair road of life, . the other was - the foreman of repair of bridges, . third, . also during the war, . worked as a locomotive fireman), . Assistant Manager, . chauffeurs, . engineers, railwaymen, . schools and train teachers college, . experts on water supply of railway undertakings, . developers of equipment for aircraft and ships,
. Father, . Sarychev, Alexander Ivanovich (1916-1989) - Honorary railroad Soviet Union - has gone from a locomotive fireman to deputy chief operating the world's largest depot: Leningrad - a passenger and Leningrad - Sorting the October Railway,
. The daughter is now studying at the Academy of Civil Aviation, before she and her husband participated in the deployment of the cosmodrome in the Amur region in Blagoveshchensk. Among the representatives of the transport dynasty should also include two brave members of the atomic project in Chelyabinsk and died of related occupational diseases. Certainly the results of their research in nuclear power sooner or later will find their application in transport.
After graduating with a silver medal in 1961. School N271 Leningrad entered the Radio Engineering Faculty of the Leningrad Institute of Aviation Instrumentation (LIAP). Studies at 1 year of combined work-turner revolverschikom on one of the defense plants, later included in the holding company Leninets. In 1967. with honors from the Institute specializing in "Design and manufacture of radio". A year before completing his studies was sent to the chair of antenna-feeder devices and techniques of microwave LIAP, where he focused on the development of antennas and receivers for mobile radars.
In 1968. was drafted into the frames of the Soviet Army, where until 1970. served as a senior technician in one of the air defense missile units. Traveled to a missile test site, where they were successfully struck all presented aerial targets. Subsequently, he was assigned to the reserve military ranks until the Air Force Colonel. After demobilization he started work at the Military Engineering Academy. п░.п╓. Mozhaiskogo in the unit, headed by professors L.T. Tuchkov and M.E. Varganova. In the ranks of famous domestic and overseas scientific school of Professor VE. Dulevich involved in the creation of information support for recognizing the highly informative radar. The results of the research was protected PhD thesis (1974) and prepared a monograph (1985), which was translated into English and Chinese languages.
Following his teacher, Professor VA. Potekhin - later, a member of Russia Academy of Transport - in 1978. went to work in Research and Production Association (now the holding company) Leninets, . where, after more than a decade of the head of the laboratory, . and then the department has become the Deputy Director General Joint-Stock Company "Scientific-Production Enterprise Radar MMS",
. Since 1979, working in production, combined to 1996. their activities to teaching in LIAP first as a lecturer and then (1991) - Professor. He is a member of dissertation councils in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of radio and the Academy of Civil Aviation.
In 1990. The results of the research and development of highly informative avionics successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. Main scientific and professional interests - the creation of aircraft radars, . applying complex system of signals, . for assessing the semantic and pragmatic characteristics of the target based on the complexation modes of the polarization selection, . synthesize an antenna aperture, . multiposition observation and ultrawideband scattering,
. Currently developing radio provide intellectual direction of transport and medical logistics. He is the author of more than 200 scientific works, including 5 monographs and more than 30 inventions, articles in leading international journals and presentations at conferences, including international. In Israel, China and lectured on Avionics. Honorary title of "Inventor of the USSR" and "Honorary radioman RF".
The most important thing of his life considers participation in the organization of Russia and the International Transport Academy. Since the beginning of Russia Academy of Transport until 1998. served as its vice-president of the Academy (with an interruption 1994-1997.), . entrusted with the preparation of guidance documents, . Joined the St. Petersburg Academy of Transport, . representation of the transport industry, . and then after the restructuring of the Academy - to work with the foreign members,
. The organization of Russia Academy of Transport proposed a number of principles (the award of his PhD at the Academy of Transport, . introduction of three-tier membership structure: Member, . Corresponding Member and Full Member), . were enshrined in the Charter of the Academy and the relevant Regulations, . governing its activities,
. He has published articles in the Gazette, the Proceedings of the Academy of Transport, he wrote an article about testing in the Great Encyclopedia of transport, they released Volume I of the Library of the Academy of Transport, is now preparing the first issue of training courses of the Academy of. He was Chairman of two conferences of the Academy of Transport: Transport Security "and" Technical equipment systems for emergency medical assistance "under the auspices of the Academy of Transport. Since 1994. - Member of the Academy of Transport of Ukraine, now - a member of the Presidium of the International Academy of Transport, since 1999. - Representative of the International Academy of Transport of the International Academic Union.
In 1997. started working at the Academy of Civil Aviation chair of electronic systems, combining this work with the leadership of science and technology policy OJSC "Scientific-Production Enterprise" Radar MMS ". The main activities of enterprise: the development and manufacture of highly informative radar guidance systems for the mobility of carriers, . establishment of radar systems for environmental monitoring and conducting the aerial work, . development of a family of millimeter wave radar, . including, . provides visualization of the runway in the absence of natural visibility, . Development of control systems on-board equipment,
. As part of the diversification of the company was engaged in organization development and manufacture of medical equipment and multimedia information products. Particular attention is paid to the application of multimedia information technology in edyukologii and promoting Russia's cultural heritage. The company has issued a CD-ROM drives: "Walking for St. Petersburg" and "Art Museums of Russia". Repeatedly enterprise and scientific-production complex exhibited their products in domestic and international exhibitions and air shows, where she received praise and awards
. Member of the editorial boards of the journals "Radio-electronic systems and systems management" (the magazine in the magazine "Radio communication"), . Issues in Electronic Engineering, . Transactions of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, . Bulletin of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences, . as well as educational and methodical consolidation of civil aviation universities,
. He was awarded medals for 300 years Rossiyskomu Navy, "" Medal of GK. Zhukov "," 50 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. "Medal. N.E. Zhukovsky Russia Academy of Transport, Honorable silver badge "100 years of Saint-Petersburg State Technical University. Peter the Great ", Honorable Mention of the American Biographical Institute. Since 1997, Mr.. is the head of Russia's department of Radio Electronic Systems Aerospace Section of the American Institute of Electrical and Radio Engineers (IEEE). Founder and board member of the Commons "Tourism - Saint-Petersburg", as well as boards of trustees orchestra of Russian folk instruments. VV. Andreeva and St. Petersburg Russian male chorus.

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    Sarychev Valentin, photo, biography
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