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Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich

( Philologist, historian, veteran officers' organization - the Union of cadets of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the society 'Constantine leisure'.)

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Biography Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich
photo Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich
Born 28.02.1934.
October 12, 1997 in Strelna palace gathered adherents of the poet's memory "to. R. (Konstantin Romanov). The staff of academic institutions, . leading museums of St. Petersburg, . Laborers Libraries, . Archives, . representatives Arts, . combined the outstanding personalities Russia's culture and education, . laid the foundation of society "Constantine leisure", . in custody World Club St. Petersburg,
. Founded in order to restore "the broken thread of time" to ensure the continuity of cultural-historical process, coupled with the personality of the Grand Duke and his activities in Izmailovsky leisure ". Chairman of the Society was elected Ercan Sagimbekovich Yusupov.
By this time, behind him were Suvorov Military School (set in 1944), Military Academy, the service at the most distant frontiers, two humanitarian Faculty. Officer of the Academy of Sciences, a museum worker, lecturer in the Faculty of Oriental languages - such is his record.
City on the Neva River and its oldest university in Russia, E. S. Yusupov, considered the cradle of their spiritual birth. Confessing the biblical commandment "love is an act", he wrote a book about St. Petersburg, in which he expressed his gratitude and a sense of eternal gratitude to this great city. In the circles of historians of science known work E. With. Yusupova, Russia's first child dedicated to radio industry - the factory of the Russian Society of wireless telegraphs and telephones (1908, 1918. G.). The result of many years of research conducted in the main archives of the country, was the work written on the basis of primary sources. A whole array of previously unknown documents introduced into scientific circulation for the first time, allowed to evaluate anew some discussion questions.
However, its main scientific specialty E. S. Yusupov believes Oriental Philology. A lot of research and publications devoted to the study of the earliest monuments of ancient Malay literature (XII century). Is a kind of "work life", started on the student's desk.
Veteran officers' organization - the Union of cadets of St. Petersburg, author of many successful projects and initiatives, E. S. Yusupov was one of those who stood at the origins of friendship cadets and cadet foreign cadet corps. Member of the XV-th (U.S.) and XVI-th (St. Petersburg) Congresses of the Association of Russian cadet cadet corps, he was also invited to the 50 th anniversary of the association in Venezuela.
. Foreign Cadets highly revered name of Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich - superior military educational institutions of Russia (1900-1915 yy)
. Large military commander, educator, whose work is not appreciated by science, a recognized poet, playwright, actor, scholar, for many years headed the Academy of Sciences, a musician, the granting of which spoke respectfully P. I. Tchaikovsky - such are the many facets of the personality of the Grand Duke. And all this - objects of study members of the Society "Constantine leisure."
The most extensive action of the Society was the organization of the Month of memory "K. R.", dedicated to the 140 th anniversary of his birth (August-September 1998 in St. Petersburg). Lectures, concerts, tours, performances on the radio - amounted to a program of celebrations. A fitting conclusion of this work was a scientific conference, held in the Academy of Sciences, where in 1889-1915 he. its August, President presided.
"Patron of our Society - a man of high spirituality, - said President Konstantinovsky leisure" - And our path leads upwards. In the realm of thought and feeling, uplifting the soul and not allow us to descend. The revival of Russia - not the business of politicians and leaders, it is a matter of each of us. Work hard to do - to create and preserve the spiritual and material values "in the name of virtue, goodness and beauty" - a command of the Most August Poet.

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Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich, photo, biography
Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich, photo, biography Yusupov Ercan Sagimbekovich  Philologist, historian, veteran officers' organization - the Union of cadets of St. Petersburg, Chairman of the society 'Constantine leisure'., photo, biography
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