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Benjamin Victor N.

( Rector of the International Banking Institute)

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Biography Benjamin Victor N.
photo Benjamin Victor N.
Rector of the International Banking Institute, . Full Member (Academician) of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School, . International Academy of Informatization, . Russia Academy of Business and Entrepreneurship, . Ph.D., . PhD, . professor.,
. Born in 1935
. After graduating in 1959
. Military Engineering Academy of Telecommunication served in engineering positions in the Armed Forces. Since 1966. by 1991. worked at the Military Academy of Communications and the Leningrad Higher Military Engineering School of Communication, consistently his way up from the head of the laboratory to the deputy chief of the university (Vice Rector) on educational and scientific work.
. Pedagogical activity VN
. Benjamin diverse. He is author of more than 170 scientific papers, . monographs, . textbooks, . manuals, . articles on problems of communication and control, . electronic component base communications and ACS, . on pedagogy, . university management, . Training for commercial banks, . small businesses and others,
. Extremely important theoretical and practical contribution of VN
. Benjamin, in the creation and development of the private sector of higher education in Russia.
In 1991. VN. Benjamin has created and has since headed by one of the first private higher educational institutions in Russia - International Banking Institute (IBI). According to many authoritative Russian and foreign experts, the results of independent examinations MBI - one of the best private schools in Russia. The Institute is accredited as a State, and such prestigious foreign organizations such as the European network of banking institutions (EBTN), International Association of Accountants (IAB), the Belgian Banking Academy (BBA).
. International Banking Institute, the first non-state institutions in Russia included into the International Academy of Higher School
. The sole of the Russian universities, he was awarded the honor of being a member of the European network of banking institutions (EBTN) and the International Association of Computer Training Banking and Finance (IFCEB).
The Institute VN. Benjamin managed to form a highly, . proactive team of managers and scientific and pedagogical workers, . an original, . excellent computerized and internetizirovannuyu educational material base with several educational and practical training center, . allow to effectively implement the latest educational technologies and copyright curriculum.,
. During my time at MBI VN
. Benjamin was trained in banking institutions and academies in Belgium, France, USA, Luxembourg.
VN. Benjamin was and still is a high public and social-scientific work, . member of the Presidium of the Council of Rectors of St. Petersburg, . Member of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg Branch of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School, . member of the Chamber of Auditors of the city, . member of the European network of banking institutions, . Member of the Advisory Council of the Governor of St. Petersburg, . member of scientific councils of a number of Russian and foreign universities.,
. From 1990 to 1993
. - MP and member of the presidium of the City Council of St. Petersburg.
Honorary Consul of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in Saint Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod.
VN. Benjamin was awarded 12 decorations and medals. In 1999. American Biographical Society awarded him nominal prize "For outstanding contribution to the development of private higher education."

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Benjamin Victor N., photo, biography
Benjamin Victor N., photo, biography Benjamin Victor N.  Rector of the International Banking Institute, photo, biography
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