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Gorbach Vladimir D.

( Director-General of the State Unitary Enterprise "Central Scientific Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology '(TSNIITS).)

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Biography Gorbach Vladimir D.
photo Gorbach Vladimir D.
Born February 15, 1948. Leningrad. In 1967. graduated from the Leningrad welding engineering college, specializing in Welding Technologies ". He began his career at the Admiralty Works senior technician. From 1970 to 1984. worked in the NGO "Rhythm" engineer, senior and lead engineer, deputy chief of the Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology.
Without interrupting production in 1974. graduated from Northwestern Correspondence Polytechnic Institute, specializing in "Metallurgy and Welding Technologies". From 1984 to 1986. worked primarily as a welder at the Leningrad Shipbuilding Plant. A. A. Zhdanov (now JSC "Severnaya Verf").
Since 1986. V. D. Gorbach working in NGOs "Rhythm": deputy head of the leading scientific and research department TSNIITS welding, . SEC Chief "Welding", . First Deputy General Director of the NGO "Rhythm" - Deputy Director of the Institute for Economics, . Finance and business,
. From 1987 to 1991. completing correspondence postgraduate study at TSNIITS specialty "Technology of shipbuilding, ship repair and shipbuilding organization of production.
In 1993, Mr.. order KUGI Mayor of St. Petersburg NGO "Rhythm" is converted to State Enterprise "Central Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology", and. D. Gorbach appointed him director. In the period of radical economic reforms, he conducts a vigorous policy of drastic structural changes in the company to maintain its core scientific production and human resource capacity, . to strengthen and develop innovative lines of scientific and technical activities of the Institute,
. In 1994. TSNIITS to join the union State Design Institute "Soyuzproektverf and State Design and Production Enterprise" Armas ". Decision of the Government of Russia institution is assigned the status of the State Scientific Center of Russia, and in. D. Gorbachev became its director general.
Scientific credibility and prestige of the SSC RF TSNIITS constantly and steadily growing. The Institute is actively involved in the implementation of programs for the Ministry of Science for Basic, . search and applied research in the field of high technology, . non-traditional forms of energy and physical effects, . aimed at creating a fundamentally new non-polluting and resource-saving technologies and equipment,
. Center specialists are actively involved in the development and implementation of federal programs on the most pressing problems of modern science and technology, . including, . as: the revival Rossiyskogo fleet technology, . machinery and production of the future, new materials, high-speed and environmentally friendly transport; advanced information technology.,
. As Director General of Research Center, In
. D. Gorbach directs and directly involved in many scientific projects, is actively pursuing a line on the creation of modern highly shipbuilding production, ability to compete successfully in the global market. In 1996. he defends his thesis on the topic: "Improving the efficiency of manufacturing steel ship hull structures". Institute is accredited by the State Standard of Russia as a certification body hull production, having the right to issue certificates for products industry, meeting the international quality standards.
In 1998. to TSNIITS joins State Enterprise "Central Design Bureau" East, . and the Order of the Ministry of economy of Russia Institute converted to State Unitary Enterprise - SUE TSNIITS, . Director General of which remains in,
. D. Gorbach. Scope of the Institute significantly increased. Currently, he is a multidisciplinary research and production complex, . having in its composition research laboratories, . equipped with modern means of the experiment and processing the results of research, . design and construction units to build shipbuilding and engineering industries, . their modernization and reconstruction, . design of modern fishing vessels and equipment for mining nodules from the seabed, . design and manufacture of ship fittings and appointments of all means of technological equipment (machinery heat cutting machines, . bending machines, . welding equipment and power supplies welding current, . equipment for cleaning and painting steel, . Specialized equipment, etc.), . as well as the necessary manufacturing capacity for the equipment developed,
. TSNIITS has broad scientific-technical and economic ties with foreign firms more than 20 countries have successfully cooperated with various research centers of the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Korea, India and other countries. The Institute is a regular participant in various international exhibitions of high technologies, conclude and implement the contract for the supply of both serial and unique equipment, including through the CC Rosvooruzheniye. "
. VD Gorbach is an Academician of Engineering Academy of Russia, Academician of International Informatization Academy and academician of St. Petersburg Engineering Academy, Russia Defense Ministry Prize laureate 1997
. and the winner of the RF Government Prize 1998. science and technology. He maintains an extensive organizational, . teaching and scientific work, . is a board member of the St. Petersburg Association of welders, . member of the Coordinating Council for welding Russia, . Head of the Department of Shipbuilding Technology "at TSNIITS Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University, . Chairman of the Scientific and Technical Council TSNIITS, . scientific consultant graduate,
. He was awarded ZOO years Rossiyskomu Navy ". He has over 50 scientific papers, 15 inventions and patents.
VD Gorbach - initiator of the concept of a radical restructuring of the shipbuilding industry in Saint Petersburg, backed by the governor. A. Yakovlev, under whose guidance this work acquired the status of priority city-wide project. A set of measures on reconstruction of the shipbuilding industry of the city was named "Investment Project" Shipyards of St Petersburg ". Intended purpose of this project is to improve the competitiveness of Russia's shipbuilding industry in the world market, . shortening and improving the quality of domestic ship construction through the creation of the three existing plants instead of a single high-tech "kompaktverfi" on the territory of JSC "Severnaya Verf",
. The project will also significantly improve the appearance of the urban development of St. Petersburg.
. As leader of the engineering and scientific direction of the project, VD Gorbach has a lot of work on the practical implementation of the restructuring of shipbuilding on the banks of the Neva, which affect the shipbuilding industry as a whole
. He is actively involved in organizational and scientific-practical work of the St. Petersburg Branch of the Academy of Engineering, . Scientific and technical problem on board Shipbuilding, . various Russian and international symposia and meetings on investment issues.,
. At the turn of the XXI century SUE TSNIITS celebrate 60 years since the founding
. It has its origin established in 1939. Union Trust "Orgsudprom", which passed a series of successive stages of development were inextricably linked to major scientific and technological problems of the domestic shipbuilding. TSNIITS made a significant contribution to creating an industrial base for the construction of vessels of all classes and appointments to the implementation of state programs of development of the fleet and entering the new century with new ideas and technologies. St. Petersburg St.. Industry, 7
tel. 7- (812) -186-0401
fax 7- (812) -186-0459

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Gorbach Vladimir D., photo, biography
Gorbach Vladimir D., photo, biography Gorbach Vladimir D.  Director-General of the State Unitary Enterprise "Central Scientific Research Institute of Shipbuilding Technology '(TSNIITS)., photo, biography
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