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Gorynin Igor V.

( Director of Central Research Institute of Structural Materials 'Prometheus'. Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of Academy of Sciences.)

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Biography Gorynin Igor V.
photo Gorynin Igor V.
Born March 10, 1926 in g. Leningrad.
. In 1949 he graduated from the Metallurgical Department of the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, specializing in metallurgy and heat treatment of metals.
. After LPI - Engineer Zaporozhye transformer plant.
. Since 1949 working in CRISM "Prometheus"
. Since 1977 - Director of Research Institute "Prometheus".
1957. - PhD.
1967. - Doctor of Engineering.
1971. - Professor.
1979. - Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences.
1984. - Member of the Academy of Sciences.
Field of scientific activities and. V. Gorynin - problems of materials science, metallurgy and welding, structural and technological strength of materials and reliable construction.
I.V. Gorynin made fundamental design principles of alloying, phase transformations, the characteristics of the formation of dislocation structure and physical bases of strength and plasticity of materials.
. These studies were the scientific basis for the creation of new classes of welded high-strength corrosion-resistant steels and alloys, . ensure the construction and successful operation of all domestic ships, . offshore drilling, . deepwater technology of various types and purposes.,
. Under the scientific leadership and
. V. Gorynin and with his direct personal involvement created a new generation of radiation-resistant and heat-resistant welded high-strength steels for stationary and transportation of nuclear power plants in Russia, . CIS, . Eastern Europe and in Finland.,
. I.V
. Gorynin recognized leader materialovedov school, they prepared 16 candidates and 5 doctors. He is chairman of two doctoral dissertation councils at CRISM "Prometheus".
Author bolee500 scientific works, including 7 monographs.
In 1991, I.V. Gorynin for the monograph "Principles of alloying, heat treatment and physical foundations of creation of radiation were" Award of the USSR Academy. P. P. Anosov.
Academician and. V. Gorynin is president material science society of Russia, MRS-Russia, and is part of the International Union of Materials Science Societies. Provides leadership and coordination of the six Russian scientific networks in materials science, and their integration into the international scientific network. Cooperates with leading international scientific societies, is a member of the International Organizing Committee of periodic major scientific conferences and congresses ( "Perspective materials and processes. East-West "," World Conference on titanium, "Annual Conference of the European Materials promising material science society, etc.).
Since 1983 and. V. Gorynin time workers in St. Petersburg State Technical University, where in the same year he founded the department of "New construction materials and processes.
Significant contribution. V. Gorynin in the development of domestic science marked by six orders, . including: the Order of Merit to Motherland III degree (1996), . Order of St. Prince Daniel of Moscow II degree (1996), . Belgian-Spanish Cross of Commander (La Crus de Comendator al Merito Belgo-Hispanico) (1997), . and Lenin (1963) and two State Prizes (1974, 1994).,

. Address: State Unitary Enterprise Central Research Institute of Structural Materials "Prometheus"
. Russia, 193015, St. Petersburg, St.
. Shpalernaya 49
Office phone: (812) 274 26 20
Fax: (812) 274 17 07 Internet: http://www.prometey.nw.ru

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Gorynin Igor V., photo, biography
Gorynin Igor V., photo, biography Gorynin Igor V.  Director of Central Research Institute of Structural Materials 'Prometheus'. Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, academician of Academy of Sciences., photo, biography
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