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McArthur Afanasievich

( Director PMU Institute of Laser Physics.)

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Biography McArthur Afanasievich
photo McArthur Afanasievich
outstanding scientist in the field of laser physics, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor
. For scientific work to create the foundations of laser physics and technology, . development of a number of unique laser, . scientific management of the establishment of a number of systems based on lasers for the Ministry of Defense of the USSR awarded the Order of Lenin, . Red Banner of Labor, . medals of the USSR, . awarded the Lenin Prize of the USSR and Gosudarsvennoy,
Born May 15, 1930 in g. Kamenetz-Podolsk Khmelnitsky region in the family of secondary school teachers. In 1948 he graduated with a gold medal from high school and enrolled at Leningrad Polytechnic Institute in the electromechanical department, who graduated with honors in 1954 and was assigned to work in the State Optical Institute. SI. Vavilov, where he rose from engineer to chief of the laser separation.
In 1993, AA. Mack, based on the department he led them to GOI. SI. Vavilov, . established a Research Institute of Laser Physics, . is an independent state enterprise and became one of the leading and widely recognized world centers for a number of important and topical areas of laser technology,
Currently, the GUP NII LF, led by AA. Mack, works 155 people, including 9 doctors and 53 candidates of science. Staff of the Institute, . in which work such eminent specialists as Professor Belousova IM, . OB Danilov, . Rozanov NN, . Serebryakov VA, . AA Andreev, Ph.D., . Danilov VV, . Candidates of Sciences Yashin VE, . Lyubimov VV, . Leshchev AA, . Ustyugov VI, . Sherstobitov VE, . and many, . in recent years implemented a number of major works on recycling using lasers solar, . on the transfer of radiant energy over long distances, . physics and technology of super-lasers, . lasers for advanced technological challenges, . for metrology and several other seminal works,
Institute of Laser Physics, is one of the fastest growing of the leading Russian research centers with a stable economy. Much attention is paid to the Institute for the training of young scientific personnel. As the head of a branch of the Department of Quantum Electronics, St. Petersburg Institute of Fine Mechanics and Optics, AA. Mack pays great attention to training students and postgraduates. Over the years, 43 pupils AA. Mack defended their dissertations, many of them now - eminent scientists and PhD. Only in the last 2 years members of the Institute received 4 RF Government Prize in Science, published 2 monographs, over 45 scientific articles, read 65 reports on Russian and international conferences.
Established AA. Mak scientific school of optics lasers enjoys international recognition and prestige. AA. Poppy - by more than 60 inventions and patents, three monographs and more than 230 scientific articles, for many years Deputy. Editor of "Quantum Electronics", is currently a member of the editorial boards of the journals "Quantum Electronics" and "Optical Journal".
Another brainchild AA. Macau - International conference "OPTICS LASERS", . conducted and led them in 1977 in St. Petersburg and became now one of the world's largest forum of scientists and specialists, . employment development, . manufacture and use of lasers and laser systems,
In 1993, AA. Mack was awarded the title of Honored Scientist of Russia, in 1995 Optical Society of DS. Christmas he was awarded a medal AA. Lebedeva, in 1997 awarded the RF Government in the field of science.

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McArthur Afanasievich, photo, biography
McArthur Afanasievich, photo, biography McArthur Afanasievich  Director PMU Institute of Laser Physics., photo, biography
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