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Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich

( Supervisor - Director of the State Scientific Center of Central Research Institute named after academician AN Krylov)

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Biography Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich
photo Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich
Supervisor - Director of the State Scientific Center of Central Research Institute named after academician AN. Krylova, member of Russia Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, laureate of USSR State Prize, the winner of the award named after academician AN. Krylov Russia Academy of Sciences, Hero of Russia. Winner of national prize "Man of the Year" for 2000 for the nomination: "Military-industrial complex" for his contribution to the development of the domestic shipbuilding.
Born in 1937 in the Saratov Region.
After graduating in 1960 from Leningrad Shipbuilding Institute has consistently worked at Central Research Institute of. Acad. AN. Krylov positions from engineer to director (1990).
VM. Pashin made a significant contribution to the preservation and development of the Central Research Institute of. Acad. AN. Krylov, . which under his direct supervision, . became a powerful scientific-technical center of the country's shipbuilding, . able to fully implement the whole cycle of works on development projects of modern ships, . ships and other sophisticated marine equipment, . as well as perform a wide range of different studies and tests in providing effective design of ships and vessels,
The manual institution VM. Pashin supports and develops the traditions established by the first directors of the Institute AN. Krylov and IG. Bubnov - a combination of administrative activities with intensive research work. The scientific work of Academician VM. Flank diverse. He developed the theory of optimization of ships on the basis of computer technologies, . theoretical foundations of the system of ship design and optimization methods of their basic characteristics, . Mathematical models of optimization of the fleet, . necessary for the formation of future shipbuilding programs,
The initiative and defining creative participation VM. Flank solved many complex practical problems and challenges, . encountered when creating ships, . submarines and civilian vessels of the fleet (the development of propeller with low vibroaktivnostyu, . optimization of hull shape, . improving resource cyclic hull strength, . Scientific and technical support of defense and economic activities in the ocean, etc.),
Academician VM. Pashin head developer of doctrines and programs of development of shipbuilding, general schemes for the industry, forecasts of domestic and foreign shipbuilding and ship-building.
Currently VM. Pashin - scientific director of the presidential program "Russia's shipyards, aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of the fleet of civilian ships.
The results of scientific activities VM. Flank presented in numerous articles, monographs and textbooks on design of vessels, as well as in numerous inventions. His experience Academician VM. Pashin transmits young, teaching at St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University and headed the department of ship design.
VM. Pashin conducted in different years and currently leads a large public research work as a member of scientific boards and commissions under the President of Russia, . Security Council, . RF Government, . Russia Academy of Sciences, . Ministry of Industry, . Science and Technologies, . Governor of St. Petersburg,
. President of the Scientific and Technical Society of Shipbuilders of Russia and the CIS.
VM. Pashin - member of the advisory board of the International Organization opytovyh pools, a full member of the Institute of Marine Engineers in the UK and European engineering with the rights of the international expert projects.

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Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich, photo, biography Pashin Valentin Mikhailovich  Supervisor - Director of the State Scientific Center of Central Research Institute named after academician AN Krylov, photo, biography
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