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Pisarev Sergey Borisovich

( Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Russia Institute of Radionavigation and Time')

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Biography Pisarev Sergey Borisovich
photo Pisarev Sergey Borisovich
Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Russia's Institute of Radionavigation and Time" (Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RIRT") - the parent organization, . determining the trends and the development of systems and means for timing of the territory of Russia,
Born October 29, 1953 in the Yaroslavl region.
In 1970 he entered the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics (Litma) on the most up to date in those years, the specialty "electronic computers". Already in his student years showed a tendency to Engineering - are actively working in the Student Scientific Society. In his student holidays have repeatedly traveled to the construction of the country in the student building groups, which undoubtedly contributed to a many useful life skills.
After graduation in 1976, the distribution remained to work in the computer lab Litma and three years engaged in the development and implementation of automated information systems for high school.
Then he worked at the Leningrad Marine Scientific Research Project Institute, where he worked on development of automated information management systems seaports.
In 1981 he enrolled in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RIRT" and passed all the qualifying stages of growth from a senior engineer to director of the Institute
. In different years he built, he participated in all kinds of testing and commissioning of pulse-phase radionavigation systems (IFRNS) long-wavelength range, with great economic and defense
. He served as deputy chief designer of a number of R & D, and in 1994 he was appointed Chief Designer technology to develop long-range radio navigation systems and super-long with ground control stations.
S.B. Pisarev, developed the concept of creating a new generation of pulse-phase radionavigation systems and equipment users, taking into account recent advances in the creation of space systems and navigation, . modern communication systems, . Informatics, . technology and the element base,
. In carrying out these works S.B. Pisarev made a great contribution to the solution of complex scientific and engineering problems. They successfully solved problems synchronizing transmitting stations IFRNS by the nature of the auroral and polar ionosphere and the electrical characteristics radiotrass in the zone of occurrence of permafrost and Other.
Scientific and technical activities S.B. Pisarev is aimed at research, . rationale and implementation of new systems coordinate and time provide consumers with the use of radio navigation and time fields, . created all kinds of radio navigation systems, ground and space-based,
. In his scientific papers used modern methods of the general theory of nonlinear navigation, theory and principles of construction IFRNS, methods and ways to improve the accuracy and stability of navigational and temporal definitions.
In 2000 S.B. Pisarev thesis for the degree of candidate of technical sciences.
Since 1998 S.B. Pisarev is director of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "RIRT". Hardware, . developed and produced FGUP RIRT ", . allows to determine the current time and location of objects, . located on the surface of the Earth, . in the world's oceans and inland waters, . air and space, . solves the problems of astrophysics, . Geodesy, . Cartography, . Geodynamics and many others in the defense, . national economy and international cooperation,
A distinctive feature of the development FGUP RIRT "is their high adaptability to the demands of consumers and the possibility for combining with other systems and facilities.
In recent years, as director of the Institute Pisarev S.B. made improving the scientific and production activity, carried out structural reorganization, pays great attention to addressing the financial and budgetary matters to ensure stable operation of the enterprise. He worked closely with customers, operating organizations and related businesses. Close contact with leading scientific and technical experts of the country, as well as with federal and municipal authorities can Pisarev S.B. clearly identify the challenges facing the staff problems and their solutions.
Great service S.B. Pisarev was attracting significant investment to create the institute land mass production compact receiver base module of K-161. The most modern equipment will be manufactured radionavigational receiver, . to-date market and allowing the best use possible of satellite navigation systems GLONASS (Russia) and GPS (U.S.),
This module can also be used in terrestrial, marine, air navigation systems and synchronization of connected and telecommunications systems.
Married. Has two children. He is fond of sport fishing. Credo: convinced himself - to persuade others.

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Pisarev Sergey Borisovich, photo, biography
Pisarev Sergey Borisovich, photo, biography Pisarev Sergey Borisovich  Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise 'Russia Institute of Radionavigation and Time', photo, biography
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