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Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich

( Director General of OJSC "Scientific-Production Association for Research m the design of power equipment behalf II Polzunova '.)

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Biography Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich
photo Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich
Born June 12, 1935 in Leningrad. He is married and has one son.
After graduating from the Polytechnic Institute E.K. Chavchanidze started his career at the Central Institute of boiler and turbine. I.I. Polzunova (CKTI), later - "NGOs CKTI" and now OJSC "NPO CKTI.
He worked as an engineer, head of the Laboratory, Head of Department, Deputy Director for Science. Since 1991 E.K. Chavchanidze - Director General of the Association, whose history goes far in the 20-ies.
In 1927, during the implementation of Lenin's plan for the electrification of Russia (GOERLO) was founded CKTI. The main task of the Institute was to develop plants with new branch construction of steam boilers and turbines on the basis of research and experience of development of equipment for power plants.
. For over seventy years of studies were conducted on the basis of which the established regulatory and technical base, allowing the plants to develop the energy industry equipment
. And today the association is involved in the creation of new types of equipment, conducting comprehensive research on large-scale stands, commissioning works on TEN and NPP.
. Association has successfully solved the problems of ecology, energy conservation, resource renewal, modernization and improvement of power
. Engaged in research and development schemes, work processes, structures, diagnostics, resource, and new remediation technologies in the field of power equipment and power plants, including PSU. Provides all forms of testing and certification of engineering products.
. Combining produces electricity and heat, . supplying hot water and steam boilers, . Vocational and small hydro, . Pumps, . Valves, . burner, . fuel atomizer, . exchange equipment, . Strain gauges and other equipment, . performs transportation, . including foreign, . carrying out construction work.,
. OJSC "NPO CKTI", . as a company with a long history and is widely known in the world as an umbrella organization of the sector, . an extensive program of cooperation with Western firms on the development of promising types and modernization of existing power equipment,
. Association is working to establish joint ventures with firms in other countries. Currently, there are joint ventures with companies in Finland, Germany. Work on the large order from the company ABB.
. Unlike other competing firms, . Association provides a comprehensive approach to the creation of equipment for power, . covers a wide range of range of power equipment, . has its own production and a strong experimental base, . including - experimental CHP.,
. By decision of the Federal Authorities Association is accredited as a testing center for certification of engineering products
. On the basis of experimental tests are products that are the basis for the issuance of certificates. On the basis of the association in accordance with the decision of the Federal Bodies of Technical Supervision established the Scientific and Technical Center OJSC NPO CKTI "Security and resource facilities Gosortehnadzora Russia" to address issues of security and resource assessment equipment for stages of its design, . Manufacturing, . installation and operation.,
. Expansion of the activities of the association, especially in terms of accreditation and certification, as well as increased volumes of work - main successes in the company in recent years.
. Combining, . as other enterprises in the country, . going through difficult times: very few orders for new equipment, . Competition from Western and Russian companies, . not possible to carry out the necessary upgrading and updating of equipment, . sufficiently developed,
. However, in these circumstances, OJSC "NPO CKTI" can maintain its scientific and technical potential: to create conditions for the development of scientific base and the work of staff, to find its niche in the market and provide the company with orders.
. General Director of Russia's future ties with the orientation of the economic system of the country to develop its own production.
. His contribution to the future of St. Petersburg Director-General sees the perspective of the participation of OJSC "NPO CKTI" in addressing regional issues of energy conservation and environmental protection problems of the city.

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Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich, photo, biography
Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich, photo, biography Chavchanidze Eugene Kirillovich  Director General of OJSC "Scientific-Production Association for Research m the design of power equipment behalf II Polzunova '., photo, biography
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