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Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich

( The leader of the rock band 'Alice'.)

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Biography Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich
photo Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich
Konstantin Evgenievich Kinchev (last name on the passport - Panfilov). Kinchev - surname grandfather Constantine, born. December 25, 1958, Moscow) Russia's musician, poet, composer, bandleader, 'Alice'.


Born December 25, 1958 in Moscow, Gorky Street. At the age of fifteen in the pioneer camp heard 'Black Sabbath', and then engaged in collecting plates. Subsequently, the development of musical tastes Kincheva was reflected by him in the song 'Music Lover'. Was fond of hockey, which led to the slope of the army with the achievement of military age. Worked at the factory 'Science' (disciple of milling-machine, a student draftsman, illustrator). After school he studied at the Institute of Technology, the Faculty of 'Economics and Finance'. At the same time a year out of the habit in the Song Festival School of the Bolshoi Theater, but then lose one's attraction and threw. For a time he studied at the jazz studio Zamoskvorechie. He worked as an artist's model in Surikov School, a loader at a bakery, an administrator of women's basketball team.

. Bad rock 'n' roll

. Prior to joining the 'Alice' Kinchev played in several groups in Moscow - 'Golden Mean', 'Circle of the black half of' 1974, 'The third factor command' 1974
. In Tushino Kinchev created the group 'A broken air', which performed the western rock classics at a dance in g. Krasnogorsk. 2 years after the band split. Thus, participation in the aforementioned rock bands remain just lines in the biography. Neither of these teams are not left behind a recording. In 1983 appeared a group of 'Recreation area', performing only songs to. Kincheva. According to some, 'Recreation area' even recorded magnitoalbom, but he unfortunately did not survive. Most of the songs from the album entered the album 'Jazz' (1996), the rest went to the album 'Alice' 80-ies of the. Then, in the early eighties, Andrey Bolshakov (future guitarist 'Aria' and founder of the 'Master') considered the candidacy Kincheva as a vocalist in his band 'Zigzag'.

. Nervous Night

. At the end of 1983, in Leningrad, broke into two groups - 'Crystal Ball' and 'Demokritov well', on the ruins of which Svetoslav Zaderei formed a new band 'Alice'
. In it, except Zaderei, who played the bass guitar, were: Boris Borisov - sax, vocals; Mikhail Nefedov - drums; Andrew Shatalin - guitar Pavel Kondratenko - keys. With this lineup they recorded the first magnitoalbom 'Krivozerkale' and act on II rock festival of the Leningrad Rock Club. In fact, immediately after the festival leaves the group AB Borisov, and a pause. Along the course of events in summer 1984 Kinchev, . tired from the hopelessness of his creative life in Moscow, . moved to Leningrad, . where he met with engineer Igor 'Pankerom' Gudkov, . who had had time to play in the first part of the punk band 'Automatic Udowletworiteli', . and then write a solo work of Mike Naumenko 'Sweet N and others' (1980),
. Gudkov introduces Kincheva with Mike. At improvised House concert Kinchev played almost the entire available to him by the time the material. Naumenko said: "Well, it has the right to life" - and even agreed to play the bass, but in the morning, tormented by a hangover, would not dare to write. Thus, before the session 'Nervous Night' in the studio LGITMiKa, the composition was as follows: K. Kinchev - vocals, guitar; Andrew Zabludovskii ( 'Secret') - guitar; Svetoslav Zaderei ( 'Alice') - bass; Alex Murashov ( ' Secret ') - drums. As a sound engineer made Gudkov. Recording began at noon July 23 and ended at 2 am the next day. In people album went under the headline 'Dr. Kinchev and a group' Style''. Officially the album was released only in 1994 'Moroz Records' in the full publication of all the albums 'Alice'. In this release included two bonus tracks - "Tomorrow may be too late 'and' Thief yes hangman 'with acoustic performances' Alice' in Perm (Spring 1988). After recording 'Nervous Night' Zaderei invited Kincheva in 'Alice' for the vacant position vocalist. Rehearsals 'Alice' in the new structure began in December 1984

. 'It Kincheva'

. In the late 80's group began to experience friction with the authorities, part of which was a resounding 'cause Kincheva'.

. The incident that led to the scandal occurred in Tuesday, November 17, 1987 before the show 'Alice' Palais des Sports 'Jubilee' in Leningrad
. Before the concert Kinchev got into a scuffle with the policemen guarding the hall, who did not miss the wings of his wife, Anna Golubev, and too zealously pushing back the public. Then the scene to hit out at his attackers, declared the: 'The next song is dedicated to foreigners who stay in the room: Cops and other bastards! "

November 22 in the Sunday edition of The 'Change' was published in the paper. Coconut''Alice 'oblique fringe'. It Kincheva accused of provoking riots. In addition, the group and its leader have been accused of promoting Nazism. Argued that Kinchev in the song 'Hey, you, on the other shore' sang 'Heil Hitler on the other shore! ". 6 and Dec. 22 was issued to continue prosecuting the article.

The incident is actively discussed in the press and on television, became infamous. Y 'Alice' problems begin with the organization of concerts. February 8, 1988 Group 'Alice' sues 'Change' for libel, and Kinchev, his wife, and Ada Bulgakov sue the prosecutor for the protection of. At the same time the investigation is going and the action itself Kincheva. In late February, he and other members of the group repeatedly called in for questioning. Kinchevu predyavlyayut charged with 'malicious hooliganism' and is released under recognizance not to leave.

. July 11 a meeting of the court, which was heard on audio recordings of the concert, which confirmed the allegations of Nazi injustice and slander by coconut
. By October 1988, both processes were completed. The case against Kincheva was terminated, he was released on bail Leningrad Rock Club. Newspaper 'Change', without waiting for a court decision, issued a rebuttal and apology.

Religious beliefs

After a visit to Jerusalem in 1992 Kinchev accepted orthodoxy that further dramatic impact on his work. Theme song of Constantine in recent years dominated by the Christian and Slavic-patriotic themes. 'Alice' regularly takes part in festivals in support of the church, such as 'Musicians Christ the Redeemer', 'Rock to the sky' and other. Kinchev personally friendly with the famous theologian deacon Andrei Kuraev.


In 1991, Constantine received a music award 'Ovation' in the category 'Best Rock singer ". In early 2004, the youth magazine 'Fuzz' nominated 'Alice' in the category 'Best Group', but the prize was reggae group from Kharkov '5 'nizza'.

6 June 2006 on the waterfront Sinks, 12 held a ceremony awarding the prize 'Petropol'. Konstantin Kinchev won the nomination "For freedom, sincerity and poetic creativity."

. January 25, 2007 in St. Petersburg in St. Isaac's Cathedral was held presentation of plaques of St. Tatiana, established in 1996 by the rectors of the city, St. Petersburg diocese and the Inter-University Association 'Cover'
. Among the recipients was to. Kinchev. According to the 'Pokrov': 'Kinchev known in church circles - at a meeting of musicians with Metropolitan Kirill, he received approval for' preaching inside (rockers) environment and the ability to give students the correct momentum''.,

. Constantine was awarded the medal "Defender of Free Russia 'for participation in the defense of the White House in 1991.

. Autumn 1994 Kinchev officially returns medal "Defender of Free Russia ', thus expressing their protest to the authorities in connection with the murder of a young journalist known D
. Kholodova and the beginning of hostilities in Chechnya.

March 7, 2008 won 'Chartova Dozen' in the categories 'Soloist' and 'Group'

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    Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich, photo, biography
    Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich, photo, biography Kinchev (Panfilov) Konstantin Evgenjevich  The leader of the rock band 'Alice'., photo, biography
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