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GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich

( Art director and chief conductor of the Children's Choir of Television and Radio of St. Petersburg, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia.)

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Biography GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich
photo GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich

Born in Leningrad on Feb. 12, 1937. His parents, the root of Petersburg, were not professional musicians. However, their great passion for art has identified the vital and creative destiny Stanislaus Gribkova. In 1944 he was sent to the Grade 1 Choir School at the Leningrad Academic Capella. Our city has just been freed from the enemy blockade, the country still faced a long months of bloody fighting. And yet, the oldest in Russia choir school after the evacuation resumed. Conditions were not easy. The first time due to lack of firewood in the same room doing just two classes - 1 st and 2 nd. In neighboring desks in the 2 class taught future artistic director of the chapel of St. Petersburg, rector of the St. Petersburg Conservatory VA. Chernushenko and artistic director and chief conductor of the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra A.S. Dmitriev. A little later, in 1946, the Choir School entered the future famous tenor in the. Atlantean. Enumeration names now well-known musicians, who studied in the Choir School, would take either a single page of this essay, which shows the high level of production of the educational process and training of future musicians. Choir School was closely connected with the chapel, which was led by an outstanding musician and scholar, an excellent organizer in the area of music education GA. Dmitrevsky. Boys Choir led by P.A. Bogdanov, student N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, who began his artistic career under the guidance of the great teacher. In those years, young musicians interacted with outstanding conductors - EA. Mravinsky, AV. Gauk, NS. Rabinovich, they were the first performers of music of the great DD. Shostakovich SS. Prokofiev, and many others.
In 1954, after graduating from college with Choir. Gribkov arrives at the Leningrad Conservatory in the conductor's department of choral conducting class to Professor NV. Mikhailov, who as a symphonic conductor, taught his students not only the skills of choral conducting, but also made them familiar with the technique of conducting a symphony orchestra.
During these years the Conservatory, but named Choir School students received the education of future outstanding musicians of our time. Among them: Composers - P. Banevich IN. Gavrilin, D. Dubravin IN. Cygnus,. Assumption, NE. Falik, instrumentalists - M. Vaiman, M. Gutnikov, E. Murin, singers - H. Hunter, E. Gil and many, many famous musicians today.
Years of study at the Conservatory were associated with the names of great teachers E.P. Kudryavtseva, O.P. Kolovsky. These two remarkable teachers exactly 30 years after learning his father taught the son of C. Gribkova Igor - now the conductor of the Children's Choir TRC "Petersburg", the teacher of St. Petersburg State University of Culture and the Arts.
Like most students of that time, C. Gribkov worked in amateur art. The Institute of Physical Education. L.F. Lesgafta he led the entire musical life. Many famous athletes of the time sang in the choir, were engaged in a vocal ensemble, participated in concerts with his direct participation.
After graduating from the Conservatory with. Gribkov was drafted into the army, in Song and Dance Ensemble of Northern Army Group, which was stationed in Poland. S. Gribkov served as first conductor, choirmaster, and then until 1963 served as artistic director of Ensemble. Years of service and work in the ensemble helped to improve his professional qualities as a conductor, arranger, organizer. This time is donated and a lot of interesting meetings with prominent figures of culture of Poland. And the summer of 1961 he was lucky to meet with the first cosmonaut - Yury Gagarin during his visit to Poland. Ibid, in 1962 with. Gribkov married and lived on good terms with his wife Ella Aleksandrovna 39 years.
Having the service in the Army for more than three years, with. Gribkov returned to Leningrad and in 1963 began teaching choral conducting at the then Institute Library (now State University of Culture and Art). Work in university was marked by great activity in the creative plan, and in the field of administrative and social activities. In 1964 with. Gribkov was choirmaster of the choir students and he was lucky to communicate with the great D. Shostakovich while working on his 3 Symphony. Dmitri attended many orchestra rehearsals in the Great Hall of the Philharmonic.
Concurrently with. Gribkov worked as deputy. dean, then dean of the correspondence department of the Faculty kultprosvetraboty. I would like to mention a few names of the currently known cultural figures who have been trained in those years at the institute - is a composer Sergei Kurehin and Grigory Gladkov, world-famous mime Slava Polunin, a popular singer Valery Leontiev.
SF. Fungi and today works at the University professor, Department of Academic Choir.
A special page in the creative biography of C. Gribkova - work with the children's choir of St. Petersburg TV and Radio. In 1968, the founder of the choir a great musician and teacher YU.M. Slavnitsky invited him to work as choir. Remarkable was the fact that YU.M. Slavnitsky provided a greater creative freedom. Could make their own programs. Almost immediately with. Fungi in the depths of the chorus creates a youth vocal ensemble "Spring", which is recorded on the radio a lot of different music. The creative life of the choir has always been very full, just to name a few famous composers, copyright the concerts are attended Choir:. Dunaevskii, IN. Solovyov - Gray, D. Kabalevsky, A. Pakhmutova, A. Petrov,. Gavrilin. Children's Choir has always been and remains the first performer of many works of Leningrad - St. Petersburg composers. His works are held in the choir with. Banevich, C. Vazhov, I. Dubravin AND. Elcheva IN. Pleshak On. Khromushin, D. Portnow, AND. Tsvetkov.
For the first time were filled with the works of younger: D. Smirnova, L. Rezetdinova, A. Smelkov, SW. Kornakova and many composers Petersburg.
Until 1988, the. Gribkov worked as choirmaster, and from July 1988 was headed by children's choir of Television and Radio of St. Petersburg. It should be noted that this was a time of great change in our lives. During these years, only St. Petersburg TV and Radio Company several times changed its status, name, "channels", "button", etc.. But, in spite of that, children's choir continues its creative activities. Perhaps, in recent years, has a peak creative achievements and victories in international competitions, recognition of the choir as one of the best children's choirs of our city.
For many years performing and teaching activities to stimulate creative activity with. Gribkova. He - a recognized master of choral arrangements, . which are the basis of the repertoire of children's choir of television and radio, . and also widely used in the repertoire of many choirs, . compiled a large number of collections of repertory, . using well-known among educators, chorus masters,
Today, Stanislav Fedorovich Gribkov - known musician, teacher, social activist. He - Professor, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the creative unions Concert leaders and cultural figures in St. Petersburg.

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GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich, photo, biography
GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich, photo, biography GRIBKOV Stanislav Fedorovich  Art director and chief conductor of the Children's Choir of Television and Radio of St. Petersburg, Professor, Honored Artist of Russia., photo, biography
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