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Asadulin Albert Narullovich

( Singer (tenor), singer of folk and pop music.)

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Biography Asadulin Albert Narullovich
photo Asadulin Albert Narullovich
Honored Artist of Russia, People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Born in Kazan, September 1, 1948 in the family of former officer WWII, his mother - a housewife, raised their three children, but four other receivers. Turning to the fifth form secondary school, enrolled in art.
In 1967, without completing the training, passed the exams at the Academy of Fine Arts in Leningrad and became a student of architecture faculty.
In 1974 he defended his thesis project on the specialty of the artist - the architect. While studying at the Academy, Albert Asadulin already proved himself as a musician and was very popular student audiences as a vocalist rock bands. Obviously, this popularity and attracted the attention of artistic director of the famous band "singing guitar" Anatoly Vasilyev, who sought the Executive of the Party of Orpheus in the first Soviet rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice.
In 1975, the month of June in Leningrad premiere rock opera, which had a tremendous success and rapid response in the musical-theatrical life, as our country and beyond its borders. For his performance as Orpheus Asadulin was awarded the diploma of a unique world music magazine "Music Week" (UK). In the same year Asadulin was invited to the Leningrad television, which were recorded a few songs. Albert was almost the first member of the popular and now "Musical Ring". Thus, the young artist, in addition to the scenic yet come, and TV success.
In 1976 he received an invitation to participate in the CT-Union TV contest "with the song of life", where in the final (1977) was awarded second prize. In the same year took the first trip abroad to take the Soviet-Polish television movie. Subsequently, the media of many countries have repeatedly pointed out the unique vocal talents of the artist and the audience applauded him at various festivals and concerts, ending ovation. Albert visited twice in Poland - 1977.80 years. - Bulgaria - in 1979 - twice in Czechoslovakia - 1979.81 years. - Three years in Germany, 1977,79,87. - Two in Finland - 1982.85 years., - twice in India, he 1,987.88., and other countries. And everywhere the actor met with success.
But we have found fame in the country of Alberta:
- In 1978 at the IV All-Union Festival in g. Sochi - 1 st prize in the same year - the premiere of the second rock opera "singing guitar" - "Flemish legend, where Asadulin virtuoso performed the extremely difficult in the vocal and acting the title role relations Thiel Eulenspiegel.
- In 1979 at the IV All-Russia competition of pop artists - 1 st Prize. In the same year he became the winner of 1st Prize International Competition in Bulgaria "Golden Orpheus". Recognition of the unique vocal it becomes a phenomenon in the international music life. Decision of the International Committee of the name of Albert Asadulin entered in the "World Encyclopedia of Jazz, Pop and Rock Music", which includes the names of all the greatest musicians of the twentieth century.
- In the next ten years, creating a team, worked with renowned composers D. Tuhmanov, SW. Saulsky, A. Petrov P. Banevich IN. Gavrilin IN. Matetskiy and other. Logical finale of these years has been the assignment A. Asadulin honorary title "Honored Artist of the RSFSR in October 1988.
- In 1989. he stops touring activity and violate the establishment of a large musical and theatrical works on the national theme of the Tatar language. For this work he was almost four years, gradually gathering originally Tatar folk songs, often performing them in his concerts that always enthralled the audience, as we do, and abroad. Without any help, almost single-handedly, sometimes without the means to exist, he worked to develop the product before who had no analogue in Tatar musical culture. With the greatest difficulty finding the money for the arrangements and recording, at the end of May 1989 was completed over the plate "Mahdi" at the Leningrad Studio "Melody". Spiritual Administration of Muslims in the face of the Supreme Mufti invited him to participate in the celebration of 1100 anniversary of the adoption of Islam Great Volga Bulgaria. In Kazan, the stadium VI. Lenin, a grand theatrical performances at the Music "Mahdi", the culmination celebration. In December, in the Theater. M. Jalil premiere contemporary opera Rashid Kalimullina "Cuckoo's Creek, where Albert played the title role Altynbek. Thus, according to experts, Asadulin these two works made a tremendous contribution to the revival and development of the Tatar national culture.
- From 1990 to transgress the implementation of stage productions "Magdy". Understanding and support found at KAMAZ, represented by Director General NI. Beha.
- In early 1991, was born of musical and choreographic performance "Magdy". Production, the analogy which was not in the Tatar musical culture, saw the audience Naberezhnye Chelny, Lower Kama, Kazan, Leningrad. And in December, was held presentation of "Mahdi" in Moscow at the Moscow Art Theater.
- In 1992 Asadulin took part in the Days of Culture of the Republic of Tatarstan in Moscow.
- In 1993, in St. Petersburg, the Grand Concert Hall "October" with great success was the artist's benefit.
- In 1995 issued a CD with the best songs "Road without end". In his concerts always include Albert Tatar folk songs. He is the only singer in the genre warmly promoter Tatar national culture.
- In 1998 a presidential decree of the republic of Tatarstan Albert Asadulin awarded the title People's Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Included in "The World Encyclopedia of jazz, pop and rock music."

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Asadulin Albert Narullovich, photo, biography
Asadulin Albert Narullovich, photo, biography Asadulin Albert Narullovich  Singer (tenor), singer of folk and pop music., photo, biography
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