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Vikhorev Valentin

( Author and performer.)

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Biography Vikhorev Valentin
photo Vikhorev Valentin

Valentin Vikhorev was born November 22, 1931, Mr.. in Leningrad in a working family. His father, once the war started, he was drafted into the army and was killed soon after.
Blockade Survivors. He was evacuated to the road of life, got in Novosibirsk orphanage, ran away, returned to Leningrad to the mother. In 1949 he graduated from vocational school. It has been serving in the army in East Germany (from 1951 to 1956, two years - enlisted).
Worked as a tool-maker, a mechanic for servicing computers in the union "Svetlana", and the late 60's - chief Pionerlager.
In 1957. was a member of the International Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow. Has the first level acrobatics (participated in the filming stunts on horseback in the movie "Mr. X"). In 1960, Mr.. was one of the founders of the section of divers in its SRI. In 1963, three months worked in the expedition of the Zoological Institute at Southern Sakhalin as underwater photography and cameraman.
Among the hobbies in. Vikhoreva tourism, mountaineering and skiing. Since 1987, Mr.. - Instructor of Alpine skiing.
Song wrote in 1959, Mr.. Since 60-ies repeatedly participated in rallies and festivals, was a member of the jury of many competitions. The winner, tourist tracks I and III All-Union rallies winners tours of places of military glory (1965 and 1967). Member of the St. Petersburg club song "East" from its base. Since 1996. guest of honor Grushinskiy Festival.
In. Vikhorev rightly considered a classic of the genre of art song. His song is inherent in a sincere tone, wise simplicity, unhurried tones and the beauty of melody, in harmony with the verses. He has his own recognizable voice. Valentin Vikhorev known not only in Petrograd lovers of art song, but also many admirers of this genre in our country and abroad. No collection and no anthology can not do without its songs. "I would tell you a lot of good:", "Wet maple", "For Luga, Luga for flood-meadows:", "On the Solovetsky Islands" - these songs Vikhoreva long lost authorship.
In 1988 the firm "Melody" was released CD-giant "I would have told you a lot of good ...". Songs Vikhoreva recorded on audio-cassette "Wet maple" (1997), "On the Solovetsky Islands" (1998), "Let's leave all the work ..." (1998) and "Dombay buried by snow" (1999)
. In St. Petersburg publishing house "Boyanych" two editions in 1996 and 1997 published a book of poems and songs "I would tell you a lot of good ...", . there in 1999 in two variants book "Do not hear the bells mail ...": with pictures of the author and his daughter Frets - graduates of the Herzen Pedagogical Institute and the Academy of Arts,
. Drawings Lada decorated as the first book of his father, "I would tell you a lot of good ...", a book of poems by Felix Dimov" Price of Love "(" Boyanych, 1998) and E-book. Klyachkin "Look at all that he lived:" ( "Boyanych, 1999).
Himself In. Vikhorev draws long, . but became known as the schedule, . when it was decorated with drawings of friends book-Bard: Valentina Glazanova, . Michael Kukulevicha, . Vitali and Yuri Shabanov Panyushkina, . published in the St. Petersburg publisher of child and adolescent literature "Lyceum" in 1999-2001,
Graphics Valentine Vikhoreva akin to his songs, it affects the depth of thought and remarkable plasticity of lines. In autumn 2000, the publishing house "Lyceum" was the first exhibition of book illustrations Vikhoreva.
In. Vikhorev performs at various concert halls of St. Petersburg and other cities. His evenings are held at the Museum of A. S. Pushkin on the Moika 12, at the Museum of A. A. Akhmatova (Fountain House), on Kitaeva in Pushkin Dacha.
With some songs in. Vikhoreva can be found at www.skala.al.ru
. http://www.ceo.spb.ru/rus/music/vihorev.vi/index.shtml
. Photo Vikhoreva Valentin Ivanovich
. Images Vikhoreva Valentin Ivanovich


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Vikhorev Valentin, photo, biography
Vikhorev Valentin, photo, biography Vikhorev Valentin  Author and performer., photo, biography
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