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Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich

( collector, archivist and chronicler of art song.)

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Biography Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich
photo Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich

Born August 5, 1911, Mr.. G. Asha, Chelyabinsk region in the family steel plant crane driver and a housewife. During the Civil War, was evacuated to Omsk region, where he graduated from school and became interested in radio.
In 1931 he went to Leningrad, worked as a laborer, a lathe for metal. In 1937, Mr.. graduated from the Polytechnic Institute specializing in "Radiofizika" and joined the Research Institute of Television.
Since 1937. - Climber, with 1939. - Mountaineering Instructor. Over many years of work in the climbers' camp and ski resorts of the Caucasus Nicholas Curci collected numerous samples of mountaineering folklore. He continued to work in the climbers' camp radio operator until 1990.
His wife, Anna Mikhailovna Khmelinin (Zhelandovskaya) worked as an instructor climbing since 1936, took her training teams of climbers on the ascent and took an active part in directing the educational process and in the economic life of the climbers' camp. During the war she worked in besieged Leningrad, awarded with medals "For Defense of Leningrad", "For Valiant Labor in the Great Patriotic War 1941 - 1945 year" and other.
Since the beginning of the war N.F. Curci served in the besieged Leningrad in the 72-m single radiobatalone submit (aerial surveillance, warning and communications) Lenarmii Defense as an engineer of radar stations "Redoubt". Then - in the second Guards Fighter Air Corps chief of maintenance and repair station, air defense radar equipment Lenarmii. Together with other specialists used the left in the city of transmitting and receiving television device to significantly increase the effectiveness of the radar to protect the city, was the head of the receiving side of the system. Awarded the Order of the Patriotic War, 2 nd degree and the Red Star and medals and an "Honorable Radio Operator of the USSR". Transferred to the reserve in 1946.
After the war he worked in the VNII Television engineer, later - the chief of the laboratory, head of research group. In 1972 he retired. Disabled 2 groups.
He collected a record of events at its facility during the war led blockade diary. In the late 50-ies carried away by copyright (amateur) songs, began recording them on tape, to collect information about the newsreel singing events in Leningrad and other cities. Veteran-collector and archivist of creativity Leningrad Bard, clubs, rallies and festivals. In 1965, Mr.. was a member of the Organization Bureau 1 Leningrad amateur song contest, consisted of the club song "East" and "Meridian" from the beginning of their activity, led tape sections of these clubs.
One of the compilers of collections "in ways and on a halt" (19 songs climbers and tourists, Leningrad, Soviet Composer, 1959) and "Satellite tourist" (songs amateurs, Leningrad, "Music", 1966).
For many years, Nikolai Fedorovich formed a huge archive, consisting of tape recordings, current affairs and information and photographs, newspaper and magazine publications on the author's song, etc..
Music Library and Archive N.F. Kurcheva widely used by amateur art song in St. Petersburg and other cities, Vysotsky Museum in Moscow, the company "Moscow Windows" etc.. for compiling copyright and prefabricated compact cassettes and laser discs, as well as - to rewrite, to assist in the preparation of books on the author's song. Thus, in particular, the materials collected by Nikolai Fyodorovich Kurchevym, became the basis for a book about the history of amateur song in Leningrad "From the fire to the microphone" (St. Petersburg, "п═п╣я│п©п╣п╨я│, 1996).
Using archive continues.
In the near future in St. Petersburg will see the light composed N.F. Kurchevym book "Mountains in our hearts!". Collection of mountaineering folklore - the result of more than sixty-year-old Petersburg labor chronicler and archivist. The book presents the songs sung by rock climbers and mountain skiers of different generations.
The collection consists of five sections. The first are "peretekstovki" pre-war times and amateur art climbers, as well as conversation with the compiler of the Petersburg mountaineer, author of the famous song "Cold overnight, LA,. Seine and a story about "Alibekski song". The second section collected poems about the mountains as well-known Russian poets, and lay-climbers, and the third will acquaint readers with stories, articles, humorous pieces, taken from the wall newspapers different climbers' camp. In a separate section of materials "For Official Use Only", which many may remind participants of events. And, of course, this book could not do without your favorite song climbers Bard: Yuri Vizbora, Valentine Vikhoreva, Vladimir Vysotsky, Ada Yakusheva, Chelyabinsk author Gennady Vasilyev.

. http://www.ceo.spb.ru/rus/sport/kurchev.nf/index.shtml

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Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography
Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich, photo, biography Curci Nikolai Fyodorovich  collector, archivist and chronicler of art song., photo, biography
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