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Moskvin Vladimir E.

( Author and performer.)

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Biography Moskvin Vladimir E.

born April 2, 1934, Mr.. G. Stalinsk (now - Novokuznetsk) Kemerovo. Since 1952, Mr.. lived in Leningrad (St Petersburg), where he died on August 5, 1999.
In 1958, Mr.. graduated from the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute (LVMI). Mechanical Engineer. From 1958 to 1988 he worked in the field of missile technology in the design office of mechanization means.
During his studies was an actor of dramatic team LVMI, later - director. He played well in the drama team AA. Mgebrova (3 played a role in the production of "Faust" D. Goethe in the Pavlovsk Palace in 1958. and the role of Teiresias in Antigone Safokla in the Hermitage Theater in 1961 - 1962 gg.).
Played the seven-stringed guitar. Songs written from 1955. mainly on their poems, their 300. The first song - "He who has ears, let him hear ...".
Since 80-ies, most of the songs written on poems by Russian poets XVII - XX centuries: M. University, IN. Trediakovsky, A. Sumarokov, M. Kheraskov, D. Derzhavina C. Marina A. Delvig, IN. Benediktova, D. Davydov, In. Khlebnikov and. Severianin AND. Selvinsky, A. Gitovicha, A. Prokofiev, D. Gamper, D. Harms, H. Oleinikova and others, and - in foreign poets poems. Tracks on other people's poems more than 400.
Vladimir Moskvin not personally participated in festivals and competitions, but noted his songs in a strange performance. He was a member of the City Club songs under the direction of B. Potemkin later - A. Miloslavsky, later - in. Gurov.
Since the late 80-ies to deal seriously with the history and literature of Russia in XVIII century. Began to participate in workshops devoted to science and culture of Russia in XVIII century, conducted by Pushkin House (Russian Literature Institute - IRLI) and the Museum M.V. University. He was one of the founders of Derzhavin society "Ode" in the House of Derzhavin (Fontanka, 118). Has spoken at Derzhavin readings taking place annually in January and in July in Tsarskoe Selo Lyceum Museum A.S. Pushkin, Novgorod, and on-site estate G.R. Derzhavina "Zvanka" in Novogorodskaya area.
He participated in two festivals oberiutov, in the evenings in memory M. Borisova, A. Gitovicha, H. Oleinikova, H. Karpova. Participated in many radio and television devoted to the author's song and Russian poetry.
In the late 80-ies on the Leningrad television director in. Vorobiev put the drama on an unpublished novel in. Moskvina, Grape Fruit, or history of a pirate ".
Since 1983, attended the City Club of satire and humor, which was led by Ilya Butman. In the 80 th - 90 th years, wrote satirical poems, published in newspapers and magazines in St. Petersburg and other cities
. Disc has been released song "A Century madly and wisely" to "Tune" (Leningrad, . 1990), . cassettes "Country on the contrary" (Fall 1999), . "Do you remember me ..." (Romances and songs based on poems by Russian poets XVIII - XX centuries, . 2000) and the "abyss of passions" (Songs on poems N,
. M. Oleinikova, 2001); book "Country of the contrary" (St. Petersburg, "Boyanych, 2000). Selections of poems in. Moskvina, also published in the book "From the fire to the microphone" (St. Petersburg, "п=п¦я¦п©п¦п¦я¦, 1996)," St. Petersburg chord "(St. Petersburg," Profession ", 2000)," Poets, which was not "(St. Petersburg, publisher N.F. Kupriyanov, 2000).
Songs father heard in concerts, radio and television broadcasts in the performance of Ivan Moskvin.


Photo Moskvina Vladimir E.

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Moskvin Vladimir E., photo, biography
Moskvin Vladimir E., photo, biography Moskvin Vladimir E.  Author and performer., photo, biography
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