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Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich

( entertainer, author and performer.)

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Biography Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich
photo Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich

born December 28 1935. Leningrad. My mother taught music and singing in school. From 6 th grade went to school for working youth and went to work at the Baltic shipyard apprentice electrical mechanic.
In 1954, Mr.. enrolled in the Theater Institute. A. N. Ostrovsky, but was called for a special drafting for the Navy in the radar troops almost 4 years. After serving, he remained to work there, where he served - was invited to the theater of the Baltic Fleet at Liepaja.
In 1959, Mr.. returned to Leningrad, he worked in Metrostroy. Secondary entered the Theater Institute at the evening department of the faculty acting. He studied at the V. M. Nikitina, y A. N. Kunitsyn. All the time sought on the stage, like to read poetry with five years.
The institute took up the guitar (seven-stringed). He made a 10-minute composition on poems of Nicolц¦s GuillцLn and the 3-year student came to her in the Leningrad Philharmonic, where he began work on the journal. In 1963, Mr.. from the Leningrad Philharmonic traveled to Moscow for the All-Union competition of pop artists, was named winner.
After graduating from the institute, was joined the staff of the Leningrad Philharmonic for many years worked on the stage, was an actor-singer "Lenkontserta and Peterburgkontserta".
Song wrote in 1961,. primarily on other people's poems. The first song "Love is not sudden goodbye ...". In recent years, a. Talkovsky leads concerts and evenings of the St. Petersburg club song "East".
Since 1993, Mr.. was director of the medical center, is now engaged in creative activity.
Hobbies - fishing, avtodelo.
Send the plate with the composition of verse M. Dahie Story of Nadia Rusheva "(Firm" Melody ", 1981), audiocassette" Inward Path "(1998).
From his autobiography: "As to the relationship with the author's song. The fact is that when the question arose of repertoire, I suddenly found out for myself that honest poems written by those who did not expect that they will be issued. And I began to seek out such people. And, while young and hot Yevtushenko, Voznesensky, and even Christmas, I began to include in the repertoire of authors unknown. Being introduced in 66 th - 68 th years of the songs, and then personally Okudzhava, I naturally reached for the singing poets. Included in the repertoire of art song Okudzhava, Kukina, Klyachkin, Vysotsky, Galich, Lobanovskiy. The program of song, which a thousand years "was a song on the verses Korzhavina. All my life I talked Aesopian language, and otherwise in our country it was impossible
. So I do not understand, . I managed to survive on stage, . when and in drama in plain clothes ", . especially Ukraine, . necessarily attend concerts and looked at the pop artists are not so much nezalitovannye texts, . many subtle overtones, . But there were plenty of all, . but really I have - the more,
Once in Voroshilovgrad after I sang a song about a fool Okudzhava ( "And so it is in our lifetime:"), during intermission backstage rose three in plainclothes. They were asked to show a repertoire list, which, of course, much of what was performed in general, and "Song of fools", in particular, there was. After a few days with friends at a signal from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, I quickly flew from Zaporozhye, following the principle of "Out of sight, out of the heart - out".
A few years later when, in my opinion, all forgotten, I was again in Zaporozhye, and they showed me a copy of the memo, which, after the incident lay on the table 1, the First Secretary of the Central Committee of Ukraine, Comrade. Shelest. To this day, proud of the phrase, which I read it: "Very talented, and therefore dangerous".
His songs began to appear when the choice was not, when do not find the song literary and musical material from their colleagues. Thirty years I was involved in the promotion of art song, doing everything to ensure that as many people know these songs and these names. The fate of records in such places where people are not aware of the existence of clubs amateur songs, the existence of seam tape culture.
When a few years ago Okudzhava said in an interview that the author's song she died, I think it accurately expressed his thought, or understood it wrong. Died ta feed, the genre in which the art song was born. She was the figs in my pocket, elitist art. So, what we talked about at the kitchen, singing with a guitar. Today we have come at a time from the stands when you hear something that does not think of any one author, because we do not know. Therefore art song has ceased to exist in this sense, but she remains the eternal theme. Do I understand it then - I do not know, but I felt it, so I have no social song was not ".


Photo Talkovskogo Alfred Mikhailovich

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Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich, photo, biography Talkovsky Alfred Mikhailovich  entertainer, author and performer., photo, biography
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