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Peter V. Kozhevnikov

( Journalist, educator, environmentalist.)

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Biography Peter V. Kozhevnikov
Born June 8, 1953 in Leningrad. His great-grandfather, Peter Gotfridovich Hansen, came to Russia from Denmark and is married to a Russian, Anna Vasilieva Vasilyevna. Together, they became engaged in translation (Hans Christian Andersen, Henrik Ibsen, Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Goncharov, and many others).
For his services Peter Hansen received a knighthood and the rank of Counselor of State (General). Anna Hansen became the founder of the Leningrad Union of Writers. Grandmother, Marianne P. Hansen, Kozhevnikov, also owned several languages, was engaged in translating and teaching, and became the founder of the Department of Scandinavian languages at Leningrad State University. His mother, Mariana S. Kozhevnikov, also a translator and teacher, after World War II worked at the Nuremberg Trials. Sister, Inna Pavlovna Streblova, also owns several languages, translated a lot of authors and many years she taught at the university.
Peter V. has arts education (evening drawing classes at the institute named I.E. Repin), technical secondary (Leningrad River school), special (courses divers divers at DOSAAF), sports (training of trainers at the institute of oriental martial arts behalf P.F. Lesgafta), environmental (seminar in the U.S.), the highest humanitarian (Institute of Literature п?.п?. Gorky).
Works with 14 years. Began as a laboratory assistant and loader. Later, a senior engineer, deputy director and chief editor of the media (newspaper All-Russia Society of Disabled Persons "Contact-inform", the newspaper of the passenger transport "Omnibus"), director, actor, author of literary works. Kozhevnikov - the father of four children. Ignat and Elisha was born July 8, 1978, Anna - April 21, 1993, Peter - May 17, 1997.
The first publication: the story "Melodies of our diaries" in the anthology "Metropole" (1979, United States, "Ardis", 1980, France, "Galimmar). Story read many times on the radio "Voice of America", "Bi-bi-si", "Freedom", etc.. In 1985, the text included in an anthology of American literature for the Study of Soviet. Later, Eugene Lungin we took with him the script films "Angels in Paradise" (Russia-France).
The first publication in the Soviet Union - the 1989 novel "The Pupil" in the magazine "Youth" (Magazine Prize and Medal of Boris Polevoy). Further publications in journals and anthologies: "We", "Star", "Petropol," Journal of modern literature "," University Embankment "," Russian World ", etc.. In 1991 published a book of prose "The Island" in 1999 - "not cast me."
. He is a member of the Union of Writers and the Literary Fund of Russia, the World PEN Club, the Christian Democratic Union, President of the Christian Ecological Union.
. In 1990 participated in the writing and filming in one of the main roles in the movie "Pantsir (director Igor Alimpiev), and in 1991 played a major role in the movie" Smile "(directed by Serge Popov)
. In the 90 years took off a few rounds of video films on children, doing stories for television, worked for Radio Liberty.
. Kozhevnikov never considered himself an "anti-Soviet" the author, and the more "Soviet", do not consider themselves neither dissidents nor informal, although one or another nickname he tried to assign
. Believes that the "writer" - a much more serious and more significant, though literary and okololiteraturny worlds are not accounted for his particular temptation: one can extract character and fate - is, yes, but usually not more than. Peter V. always fascinated by his fate and the fate of others, knowingly does what he is interested, even if it is associated with varying degrees of danger and risk. Own life - the most affordable range for the experiments. During his life he changed several guises, has experienced several fates, come to a sudden finish line and began a new role.


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Peter V. Kozhevnikov, photo, biography
Peter V. Kozhevnikov, photo, biography Peter V. Kozhevnikov  Journalist, educator, environmentalist., photo, biography
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