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Dmitrieva Natalia

( Actress Youth Theater on the Fontanka.)

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Biography Dmitrieva Natalia
According to most actresses, she always knew that would be an actress. As a child, Natalia Dmitrieva was in love with the profession of a ballerina, but the data for the ballet was not enough. For six years she studied at the Conservatory in piano and sang in a children's choir of the Mariinsky Theater, and it was the first time in her life stage, which was lucky to go to the opera "Carmen" in theatrical costume and makeup. In the ninth grade, the school met art, . which was akin to the ballet - the art of mime, . and was admitted to the famous studio in the palace of the Leningrad City Council, . of which have already emerged and became famous mimes Elizarov, . Ageshin, . and the "Quartet", . headed P,
. Slavskii.
In 16 years, won her first prize for a dance-pantomime of "Story of the hunter," which was registered in the Copyright Office and subsequently played a group of pantomime in the theater A. Raikin.
In 1963 he was admitted to LGITMiK, class of professor in. Andreushkevicha and Rose Orphans. But even okanchivaya school, co-starred in the film Lenfilm C. Michaelian "accept battle" in the role of Nura, a girl from a working team, and in the tape "When bred bridges" (bit part). The institute worked mainly on Distinguishing roles - Mrs. Quickly (Windsor gossips "U. Shakespeare), Ulita ( "Forest" A. Ostrovsky), etc.. In concert tours performed their dance-pantomime in Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland.
In 1968 he joined the troupe Theater. Lenin Komsomol, where she played leading roles in productions of: "Holy Night" Karvasha, "Straw Hat" Labiche, "Two winters and three summers of F. Abramov - Liza Pryaslins, "The Three Musketeers" - Queen Anne, "Transit Zorin" - the teacher, "The key non-negotiable" - a teacher, "Przewalski's Horse" Shatrova, "For Whom the Bell Tolls" E. Hemingway - Maria, "The Lark" M. Anuya - Jeanne, "Centaurs" Zhalakyavichusa - Anna Maria, "Seagull" - Nina Mira, and others.

H. Dmitrieva worked a lot on St. Petersburg television. Here are its major dramas: "Eurydice" M. Anuya (Euridice), "Rushes" Stavski (Kama), "More on the war" Koneckogo (Maria), "Territory" Kuvaeva (Irina), "Artamonov Business Gorky (Olga Artamonova)," Nadja "(journalist)," Tarantula "(Valentine) and many others.

More than 20 roles played by Natalia Dmitrieva in film.
Studio them. Gorky: "Letter from his youth" - Anna Petrovna (dir. Grigoriev) and "rebel barricade" - revolutionary Bagrov.
Studio them. Dovzhenko: "Bumbarash - Varya.
Lenfilm: "As he left - go away" - Nura, "Walk worthy men" - Lyudmila (Directed. Vehotko), "Through the Fire" - a mother (dir. Makarychev), "Nevozvrashchenec" - wife (dir. Snezhkin)
Belarusfilm: Echo in the Forest "- Wolken (dir. Makarychev) etc..
In 1979. left the theater Lenkom. In Theater. Lensoveta worked for one season, has played Charlotte in the play "The Cherry Orchard" (dir. I. Vladimirov).
Since 1981 - in the Youth Theater. Among the main roles are very Natalia Dmitrieva calls the mother's role in the play in. Malyschitskogo leave, injuries and tragic, built on the plastic part Ayman Ana in his own play "And the day lasts longer than a century".
About her role in the play ballerina Loli producer E. Padva "Five Corners" replied the critic, as the best work of the year, after the actress received a lot of viewers letters. Three works - Leading. As a musical motif in the play "The Road to Little Dot," "There was music in the garden, and on the 40 th anniversary of victory over fascism," What kind of music was what music was played "(dir. E. Padua).
With the advent of the Youth Theater S. Ya. Spivak H. Dmitrieva Fyokla Savishna played in the play "Its a family, or married bride" (dir. M. Cherniak), Celia Picha in Trehgroshevoy opera "B. Brecht, Madame de Monterey in the "Marquis de Sade" S. Mishima, queen of lo in "Larks" M. Anuya.
She was awarded for her role as bride, Charlie (Lenkom, musical "Charlie's Aunt") at the competition "Youth, skill and Modernity".
Honored Artist of Russia.
H. Dmitriev: "If you talk about achievements, then the number for a single. Performance, which sounded wartime songs "What kind of music was:". In the final, I read a few lines of documents, . on actors, . killed in World War II, . and once it seemed to us, . that poured rain on the roof of a strange old theater Buff, . opposite the Izmailovsky Garden, . where we once played this show,
. But it was another noise - slapping seat chairs - room stood up to honor the memory of the dead. I was surprised. But after that I was able to raise the room is almost always ".

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  • ksenka for Dmitrieva Natalia
  • I very much admire Natalia Vladimirovna! I'm 15 years old. Once 5 years ago I was in high school of arts and she was my teacher! I am very fond of her, but it turned out that having studied there 3 years I went. Now I am very sorry about this. Yesterday, I accidentally fell on her spetakl Marquis de Sade and the first time I saw her in 5 years. It has not changed. The same young, energetic and cheerful.
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    Dmitrieva Natalia, photo, biography
    Dmitrieva Natalia, photo, biography Dmitrieva Natalia  Actress Youth Theater on the Fontanka., photo, biography
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