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RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich

( People's Artist of Russia, head of the St. Petersburg State Theater 'Music Hall'.)

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Biography RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich
photo RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich
Born October 10, 1922 in g. Klincy Bryansk region in the family of employees. His father worked as deputy director of the textile college, his mother raised the children and very fond of them.
From an early age wanted to be an artist. He wanted to see the son of a lawyer or a doctor.
. When parents accompanied me in drama school in Leningrad, his father said: "Well, son, listen if you acted in a legal, medical, any other institution - I would have helped, but the actor does not give a penny ..
. However, the second month of my student's father began sending money.
In 1939 he graduated from the Leningrad Institute of Theater. And now - I'm an artist!
. In the same 1939 - Artist of the Leningrad Drama.
. 1941-1946 - served in the Army and the Pacific Fleet.
. 1946-1949 - a new artist of the Leningrad State Theater.
. 1949-1950 - Artist of the Russian Drama Theater in Estonia.
. 1950-1960 - artist, art director of the ensemble Comedy, chief director of mass submissions.
. 1960-1966 - chief director of the Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet cinema, the chief director of the All-Union State Concert Association, artistic director of theater and mass representations of booking agency.
. Since 1966 - Artistic Director, Manager (Artistic Director), St. Petersburg State Theater "Music Hall".
. The idea of Music Hall germinated a few years
. It took a lot of energy, perseverance and art to persuade, to make this idea come true, but even more effort and energy it took to get a suitable building and completely overhaul to restore it. Simultaneously it was necessary to select artists to invent and put on plays. Later created his own school and prepare personnel for the Music Hall. Worked for days ... Today, looking back, I think: were taken from these forces, energy, perseverance ... And I understand that the driving force was the purpose - the purpose to create "THEATER OF JOY", which always remains young, to create performances that absorbed all the riches of Russian folk art, and play every play as the premiere!
. Theater has traveled many countries and everywhere enjoy the same success as in Russia.
. My principle in the Theater Management - to love each employee Theater, as himself! In social policy - not to forget the poor!
. My secret of business success - SECRET!
. Titles, degrees, awards - on a separate sheet
. All awards and titles received during the war and work.
All my life I love sports - football, hockey, basketball. Greatest interest: hockey coaches - Tarasov and Chernyshev, Football - Maslov.
. Petersburg! - I love it all!
. My dream is to put a lot of performances in his beloved Music Hall!
. People's Artist of Russia Rachlin Ilya Yakovlevich nearly 60 years working in the arts.
. Graduating from the Institute of Performing Arts in 1939, joined the Drama Theater of Leningrad, where a talented performance of the leading roles, he was awarded the first actor category.
. From the first days of the war the young actor I.YA
. Rachlin in the ranks of volunteer defenders of the Motherland.
Neither the Great Patriotic War, no concussion and the hospital did not prevent him to continue his creative work. After a concussion and a hospital - the captain of the fleet I.YA. Rachlin directed the theater of the Pacific Fleet and serves as the lead actor. Been discharged from the Army in 1946, he entered the Leningrad Theater of drama and comedy, later in the New Theater and then in the National Russian Drama Theater of Estonia working artist of the highest category. Since 1950 - in the Leningrad stage, first artist, then artistic director of the ensemble Comedy, chief director of mass representation, I960 - I.YA. Rachlin was appointed chief director of the Bureau of Propaganda of Soviet cinema, . in 1962 - the principal director of massive representations of the All-Russia tour and concert association, . 1963 - Artistic Director of Theater mass representations in Moscow.,
. In 1965 I.YA
. Rachlin creates Lenkontserte Music Hall and from 1966 to present - the artistic director, and since 1995, and the administrative head of the St. Petersburg State Theater "Music Hall". Realizing the importance of training for the Music Hall, tk. no institution of such staff is not trained, I.YA. Rachlin makes the 1976 school-studio at the Music Hall and for 20 years is a permanent artistic director and teacher of the Studio School, . the walls of which came many famous artists of today, . many of them are popular and highly respected,
. Most artists Music Hall now - this is also the graduates of this school.
I.YA. Rachlin - the first organizer and director of massive theatrical performances. He made more than 150 programs at venues and stadiums, cities of our country. This is a holiday in Odessa, Moscow, Sevastopol, Minsk, Leningrad and others dedicated to anniversaries. They carried the famous extravaganza "150 years of the Battle of Borodino". I.YA. Rachlin headed baton Arts Leningrad - Pacific Ocean.
I.YA. Rachlin - organizer and director of the First International Film Festival in Moscow and the first Day of Cinema.
. They put all the commemorative programs in Leningrad, dedicated to 30-year anniversary, 35 anniversary, 40 anniversary of victory in WWII, the 50th anniversary - was created in the Music Hall performance on the original script "Spring Victory".
. I.YA
. Rachlin - chief director of Holiday-extravaganza "290 years of Saint Petersburg.
. As the founder and permanent artistic director of the St. Petersburg Music Hall for over 30 years, he put more than 20 completely original programs (performances, revues, shows, musicals)
. It I.YA. Rachlin - by the ideas and the creator of all performances Music Hall. Each new show at Music Hall - it is always completely original work, . which used choreography, . Vocals, . original rooms of the highest class and all that - a single or anything not like alloy Arts, . created with high professionalism, . original imaginative solution to the magnificent combination of colors, . costumes, . scenery and lighting solutions,
. Each production - is a bright colorful spectacle, claiming again and again the inexhaustible vitality and youthfulness. One can rightfully say that the variety theater - as a genre - created Ilya Yakovlevich Rachlin.
Under the leadership I.YA. Rakhlina St. Petersburg Music Hall shot to fame not only in Russia but throughout the world. Touring in France, Italy, USA, Japan, Greece, Mexico, Australia, Germany and many other countries, the Music Hall was on the right is universally recognized.
That performance Music Hall of St. Petersburg opens its season of 1969. in the famous hall "Olympia" in Paris.
St. Petersburg Music Hall opened the hall "Russia" in Moscow and Facilities "October" in Leningrad.
I.YA. Rachlin - a well-known producer of the play "Together", produced by two troupes music hall in Leningrad and Berlin (Fridrihshtadtpalas) to commemorate the 750 th anniversary of Berlin.
Merits I.YA. Rakhlina staged mass holidays to anniversaries cities marked the rank of honorary citizen he. Sevastopol and Bryansk, Honored Art Worker of Kazakhstan and North Ossetia.
Following the St. Petersburg theater season 1995-1996,. I.YA. Rachlin awarded the highest theatrical prize "Golden Soffit".

The honorary title "People's Artist of the RSFSR awarded 08/02/1984. The honorary title "Honored Artist of Kazakh SSR" awarded 15/07/1961.
The honorary title "Honored Artist of the North Ossetian ASSR awarded 15/08/1965.

1. Order of the Patriotic War 1st degree - 11.03.1985 year
2. Order of the Red Star - 01 October 1945 пЁп╬п╢п╟
3. Order of Honor - June 10, 1950
4. Order of Friendship of Peoples "- October 10, 1985
5. "Order of Honor" - February 7, 1995

1. "Service in Battle" - 01 October 1944 пЁ.
2. "For Victory over Germany" - 04 March 1946 пЁ.
3. "For the Victory over Japan" - June 16, 1947
4. "For Valiant Labor" - 01 October 1970 пЁ.
5. "30 th anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War" - January 20, 1975
6. "20 Years of Victory in WWII"
7. "25 Years of Victory"
8. "40 Years of Victory in Great Patriotic War" - March 27, 1985
9. "For Defense of Leningrad"
10. "Veteran of Labor" - March 31, 1980
11. "50 Years of the Armed Forces"
12. "60 Years of the Armed Forces"
13. "250 th anniversary of Leningrad"
14. "For cultural patronage" - badge.

Photo Rakhlina Ilya Yakovlevich

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RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich, photo, biography
RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich, photo, biography RAKHLIN Ilya Yakovlevich  People's Artist of Russia, head of the St. Petersburg State Theater 'Music Hall'., photo, biography
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