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Slovokhotov Vladimir D.

( Artistic Director, Director of the State Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky.)

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Biography Slovokhotov Vladimir D.
photo Slovokhotov Vladimir D.
Born May 4, 1955 in d. Sergeevka Maya area of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in a family of teachers. Slovohotova wife Olga, born in 1954, the head of the troupe of the State Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky. Yudin daughter Alla, born in 1976, a student at St. Petersburg State Academy of Theatrical Art. Daughter Slovohotova Xenia, born in 1981, a student at North-West Academy of Public Administration under the President of Russia. He graduated from the Tashkent Theatrical Institute. AN. Ostrovsky in 1980, specializing in actor drama theater and cinema.
VD. Slovokhotov people, nearly a quarter of a century connected with the theatrical arts. In the past - actor, . worked in theaters in Omsk, . Petropavlovsk (Kazakhstan), . Ryazyaii, . Saransk, . Tashkent, . Tula and played leading roles in the repertoire: Krotov ( "History of a Love"), . Glumov "Even a Wise Man Stumbles"), . Lenin ( "Blue. Horses on a red grass"), . Nechaev ( "Was, . not a, . did not participate ") and many others, . getting a, . notable events in the theatrical life of large cities of Russia,
. Gradually VD. Slovokhotov begins to combine acting career with the activities of theatrical organizer. In 1977 he became deputy director of the Novomoskovsk theater, and here showed tremendous ability to a man who could organize a brilliantly theatrical process, to find innovative and creative solutions. In the future, doing theater and administrative work, VD. Slovokhotov just reaffirms its reputation as a man with his own original and unique vision of theater that can think outside the box sometimes make virtually impossible.
. The Vasilyevsky Theater, founded VD
. Slovohotovym in 1989 and originally had no even their own premises, for 10 years of existence Svoge efforts VD. Slovohotova become one of the most prominent theater companies in Russia, has become an integral part of both the cultural landscape of St. Petersburg, and the theatrical life of the country as a whole. Today in the repertory of Russian and foreign classics, contemporary plays of different artistic directions. Performances of the Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky and honored the theater awards in Russia and Russia were the scene within the meaning of significant international theater festivals. Just bit by bit, by careful selection has created a unique company, which includes both well-known masters of the stage, and the brilliant young performers. The troupe formed on the principle of universal flexible creative team of associates, which can cope with the decision of the artistic problems of any complexity.
Art Policy theater carried VD. Slovohotovym allowing people to work on the performances as the leading directors of the city and country, and directors-debutants whose creative ascent starts in their walls. Touring the theater allows the audience to see his performances of the Leningrad Region, Russia, CIS and Baltic countries, Europe. These performances have earned success with the public and high critical acclaim, which certainly deserves great credit for the artistic director of the theater. In a short time in Russia rose theater with its own unique creative entity, focused on the eternal human values, the next highest traditions of Russia's theatrical culture.
. For the active job of protecting the interests of children, youth, veterans, educators, health, cultural, police department, the armed forces of the North-3apadnogo region of Russia in 1998 Slovohohotov awarded the honorary title of "Man of the Year.
. In his spare time with pleasure involved in cooking and takes many guests, saying that: "I do not take it anymore!"
. Best friend thinks her grandson Andryusha. Patriot Vasilevsky Island. Witty and charming - "the soul of society."
State Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky founded Sept. 1, 1989. Over the past ten years the theater has become an integral part of the cultural space of St. Petersburg, gaining fame and prestige in Russia and abroad.
. The repertoire is dominated by comedy and farce (in accordance with the name of the theater), but nevertheless present and serious genres
. This shows, created by renowned theater director of the city: Vladimir Tumanov, Akhmat Bayramkulovym, Igor Larin. This had been invited to stage such masters as Roman Viktazh (whose play "Butterflay ... butterflay "was withdrawn from the repertoire in connection with the death of Valentina Kovel) as Rezo Gabriadze (put rocked the entire country" Song of the Volga River ") and one of the most fashionable in Polish film director Andrzej tambourine. It is becoming a talented young director - at the Theater of Satire directorial debuts Alexei Jankowski, Adrian Rostov. Satire Theater - Theater Producer. Director for here are invited for specific projects. That's why the creators of the administration is qualitatively different relationship than in theaters, led by chief director. Creative strategy - try to create a "collection" notable performances, . able to answer a variety of tastes and predilections, . that any audience, . from the most experienced to the most simple -, . could be sure: Theater of Satire and thought about it!,
. Young Troupe, its average age - 30 years
. This is a completely different energy than the "old" theater, a style of internal relations, a different quality of contact with the public. Actors, for the most part, universal: Singing, dancing, able to combine several Role. In the theater, working artists such amazing creative people like Vladimir and Alexander Osobik Hochinsky with us was Valentina Kovel (she said: "BDT me as a husband, whom I live, and you run around the theater, as a lover!" ). Junior theater had already experienced the bitterness of irreplaceable loss, but in this there are actors who by the very fact of its existence in the art given the youth not only the creative impulse, but also a lesson in the high ethics of the artist. This is a master of older and middle generations - such drama stars as the popular artist of Russia Antonina Shuranova and Peacock Konopchuk, honored artists of Russia Elena Rakhlenko, Natalia Kutasova Sergei Lysov, Alexander Levit and Victor Shubin. The young artists are brilliant and creative guidance, and powerful start.
. In the short time Satire Theater on Vasilevsky was awarded the most prestigious theater awards of the country - "Triumph" and "Golden Mask" won "Song of the Volga", "Golden Soffit" appropriated "Tanya-Tanya"
. The play "Vassa Zheleznova" nominated for the State Prize of Russia. Theater participated in the international theater festivals in Avignon and the Val d'Oise (France), Palermo (Italy), Berlin and Helsinki: at the festival "Contact" (Poland) Antonina Shuranova received the award for Best Actress (play "Vassa Zheleznova). Our performances are included in the international program "Helsinki - 2000" - a sort of pan-European Theater Forum Millennium.
. In the theater today are such famous productions as "Tanya-Tanya" and "Vassa Zheleznova; among spectators hits" Love the three of us, "" Dangerous Liaisons, "" Don Giovanni "," Be Healthy! "
. In young viewers enjoy the love of our children's plays: "Pippi Longstocking - Long stockings," "Adventure Cat Leopold," "Uncle Fyodor, Cat and Dog".
Performances of the Theater of Satire is often invited foreign producers. They are attracted by the plasticity, the musicality of our company, high-quality equipment of the stage and the atmosphere reigning in the wings. They, finally, it is convenient to work with the theater, where decisions are taken quickly and implemented without delay. Italy, France, Germany, Israel, Poland, Belarus. Finland - this card overseas tours theater.
Theater and on tour in Russia. Cities of Siberia and Altai, north-western Russia, the Urals and the Volga region, Krasnodar region, as well as Belarus and the Baltic countries and know the love of St. Petersburg Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky. In the season 1995-1996,. troupe of actors visited Chechnya during the fighting. And, of course, the continuous maintenance of spectators Leningrad region - an indispensable condition of life "regional" theater.
. In the theater, traditionally prepared and carried out activities for various organizations and agencies: in addition to concerts (the Day of Police, . anniversary of the Regional Military Commissariat, . Teacher's Day, etc.), . by actors theater performances were earmarked for writers' organizations, . Hermitage and other major institutions of the city, . area and the entire Northwest region.,
. 10 years for the theater - the age, of course, a small, but for the theater, which started from scratch, this is a serious date, direct proof of its viability
. And perhaps it is viable - today home victory of the Theater of Satire, mortgage giant execution plans for the future.

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Slovokhotov Vladimir D., photo, biography
Slovokhotov Vladimir D., photo, biography Slovokhotov Vladimir D.  Artistic Director, Director of the State Theater of Satire on Vasilevsky., photo, biography
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