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Chapkis David Toyvovich

( writer.)

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Biography Chapkis David Toyvovich
photo Chapkis David Toyvovich
David Toyvovich Chapkis born Dec. 9, 1930 in the city of Tiraspol, now known worldwide as the capital of "self-proclaimed" Dniester Republic. The school building, where he studied before the war, was later turned into a city jail. With this act, the authorities managed to solve an important social problem, incidentally covering center of education and freedom. Together with his parents fled from the advancing German troops, slightly ahead of their. Three years of war lived Stalingrad. Repeatedly coming under the bombs, saw the blood, the wounded and dead people. Since then, hates insolent power and racism.
Ten-year ended in his native city in 1948. Drawn by the romance of the sea, he entered the Faculty of Shipbuilding Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers, in 1954, graduated with honors and worked until 1959, the shop foreman dockyard in the city on the Danube Kiliya. There, he felt a craving for history, for Kiliya located on the ancient route from the Varangians to the Greeks.
Being by nature a fire-worshipers, became fascinated by flame technology, resulting in a first book "Operation and maintenance kerosinorezov" (M., "Marine transport", 1958). She was presented instead of the abstract for admission to graduate school CRI Navy in Leningrad. During graduate school he studied until 1962, and in 1964 he defended his thesis, which was dedicated to the strength of worn-out vessels and was in fact the beginning of a new scientific direction - the ship's Gerontology. In the future, led the division of the Institute, which developed the laws of the technical operation of the fleet of the USSR.
Written and published over 60 articles, several books and pamphlets relating to the scientific work. Greatest repercussions book Maintainability ships "(Leningrad:" Shipbuilding ", 1978) because of the novelty and daring critics of official doctrine.
Turning year career began in 1986, when the death of a passenger liner Admiral Nakhimov "- young love future shipbuilder. Essay "Clash of the Bay" ( "Science and Life", 1988, N12) gave an impetus to the establishment of a professional writer. From a scientific activity was virtually eliminated and formally. Years of work completed book "Death" Admiral Nakhimov "" (Rostov-on Don, "Prof-Press, 1995). 20 thousand copies sold quickly.
In 1995, Dr.. Chapkis prepared a series of radio broadcasts in St.Petersburg, which, together with Tamara Zakharova discussed real-life problems. Newspaper Petersburg Rush Hour "has published a series of articles under the rubric of" The ABC of everyday life ", and the newspaper" Evening Petersburg handed D. Chapkis first prize for the shortest and most ridiculous story about love.
Since 1990, together with his son Leonid zanimayuetsya smithery.
Continues to write and speak. Genre interpretation of the story - one of the favorite. Listening narrator in "Paradise" - the club of creative intelligentsia of St. Petersburg, whose director is David Chapkis since 1999.
In parallel with the civilian life was a major naval training school - in the sea and on shore. Also very proud insignia of Lieutenant-Captain, saves the memory of his comrades and ships, which sailed.
The happiness of his life believes parents, teachers, friends. "Without them there would be no life itself, nor its prkrasnogo like a sail in the wind, filling".

The photos in the photo:

David Chapkis and Sergei Slonimsky at the meeting in 2000 PX - January 7, 2000.
Are two classics - live!
Culture lions guard.
Higher - Slonim, lower - David.
Descendants of candy - amazing view.

I restored with his son Leonid fence gravestones Admiral De Ribas in the Smolensk Lutheran Cemetery in St. Petersburg.

D. Chapkis in February 1958. Odessa.

December 22, 2000, Mr.. Celebrating the 70 th anniversary of David Chapkis the Union of Artists.
From the artist Anatoly Getmansky on the background of paintings Rudolf Yakhnin.

Members of the "Paradise" and guests.
Top Row: H. Sidorova, D. Bykovitsky, L. Vikhoreva L. Levin, T. Levin, B. Pasov.
Second row: D. Chapkis, A. Gorodnizky, H. Blagoslovenskaya, A. Meshkovskaya.
Sit on the floor: M. Qana,. Vikhorev AND. Muraviev.

In the kitchen at work on another book.

Photo Chapkis David Toyvovicha

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Chapkis David Toyvovich, photo, biography
Chapkis David Toyvovich, photo, biography Chapkis David Toyvovich  writer., photo, biography
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