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Vadim Shefner

( poet, prose writer.)

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Biography Vadim Shefner
photo Vadim Shefner
About myself:
I was Born in Petrograd, January 12, 1915. My mother - Eugenia V. Shefner - the daughter of Vice-Admiral Vladimir Vladimirovich von Lindestrema, my Father - Sergey A. Shefner - an infantry lieutenant colonel, his father Alexei Karlovich SHefner - was the navy. He left Russia a good memory of me: there is a street in Vladivostok Captain Shefner, and near the Far Eastern port of Nakhodka - Cape Shefner.
My mother was Lutheran, his father-Orthodox. I was baptized in the Orthodox Church.
We lived on Sixth Line Vasilevsky Island. When in Petrograd was hungry, my mother took me to the Tver province, in the village to the babysitter. There we lived for five months. I remember the huge Russian stove, I remember how warm and cozy it was in the hut.
On the days of my youth I was told in detail in the story "The name for the birds". There, I told my readers and our departure in 1921 in Staraya Russa, where his father served in the Army then. About anxiety and concern a mother, . father's death from consumption, . about, . I lived there, . the orphanage, . where mother got a job as a teacher, . of my first lessons in the first class of old Russian school, . to return to his native Peter after nearly four years of absence.,
. Mother read a lot
. Not only fiction, but poetry. Memory she was excellent, she remembered many poems Feta and Tiutchev, and Pushkin almost any thing she knew. Presumably this is from her I inherited a love of poetry, but at first some thoughtless was this love. I composed poems, teasers, rowdy ditties, and in the sixth grade, even wrote a song obscene. A serious poem is not obtained.
In 1931, after graduating from high school, seven-year period, I decided not to take the examination to college, because I knew that I was stupid in math, and exam will not hold. I decided to become fabzaytsem - so jokingly called by students FZU (factory training).
For this, I went to the labor exchange, and there was trend in the technical college, which was on the street uprisings. I was enrolled in the ceramic group, and the worms two years I became a fireman on a porcelain factory (Proletariat).
Firing porcelain - not easy, and labored there are serious people. Then I finally began writing poetry seriously, and in 1933 the factory was the first newspaper published my poem.
In 1934, my poems were published in city newspapers, and in 1936, and in magazines. In 1940 in Leningrad publishing house "Soviet writer" was published my first book of poetry - "Shining Shore". In the Writers' Union took me in her manuscript in 1939.
My left eye had been irreparably damaged as a child, I see only the right. So I was before the war belobiletnikom, not military service, and a military school I did not call. But when in 1941 the Great Patriotic War - and here I am handy, was designed and became an ordinary 46 BAO / Battalion airfield services /. In the summer of 1942 from this battalion, I was relocated to the army newspaper "The Banner of Victory". I worked there as a poet and as an ordinary journalist. After the victory went home with two military orders - "Red Star" and "World War II degree, and with medals, which included and a medal" For Defense of Leningrad ". I have a post-war and awards. The main think Pushkin Prize in 1997.
My second book of poems published in the besieged Leningrad, in 1943. Slim homely little book - "Protection" - a paperback. In it all the poems - about the war, my hometown. Cherishing her.
The third book of poems, "Suburban" - released in 1946, the fourth - "Moscow Highway" - in 1951, the fifth - "Seaside" - in 1955 ... But I will not enumerate here howling their books - because there are also failures. Instead, enumerate the book, in which there are comparatively recent poems and selected poems of bygone days. Here they are: "Personal Eternity" in 1984, "Years and moments of" 1986, "In this century," 1987 "Architecture of Fire" in 1997.
And the first place in the number of poems is released in 1991 1 that my four-volume "Collected Works". It includes selected poems for half a century - from 1938 to 1988
My first prose-tale "Clouds over the road" was published in Leningrad in 1957. Looking at the present day, I confess that the story is not very successful. Yes, and my second book now, forever and ever "does not please me now. But the third of his book - "happy loser", released in 1965, I think good. Include a story-tale "The girl at the precipice, then not reprinted, and in 1991 in Moscow publishing house" knowledge "she was given circulation 500,000 copies.
. Strongest his prose, I think the novel "Sister of sorrow", she published in 1970,
. This - the sad tale of the Leningrad blockade, love. Good response to this story, I get so far. No offense to himself and I for his fantasy novel "The Shack debtor". This is a very boring novel Tale. This novel is stylistically abut my "Stories for smart, published in book. On his autobiographical novel "The name for the bird" I have already mentioned, but now I will say that in 1995 the magazine "Star" 'published my second autobiographical novel - "Velvet Path.

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Vadim Shefner, photo, biography
Vadim Shefner, photo, biography Vadim Shefner  poet, prose writer., photo, biography
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