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Sabila Ivan Ivanovich

( Chairman of the Board of St. Petersburg organization of writers, novelist.)

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Biography Sabila Ivan Ivanovich
photo Sabila Ivan Ivanovich
About myself:
I was born in Minsk on April 22, 1940. Father Sabilo Ivan Yakovlevich, Spetstekhnologia worked as a teacher, a master of industrial training in railway school, was unchanged bookworms. Books, mostly military-historical content, wore a coat and jackets, which embroidered pockets to incredible sizes. Mama (nee Bortnik) Claudia N. - serves as a factory archive.
I grew up near the railroad station. My father had often said: "We live among the labor aristocracy - the railway". I realized that the aristocratic residents of our district is manifested above all in holy attitude to work. Here, the most valued the truth and tried to live according to conscience.
Minsk My childhood was arranged so that I had the opportunity to do all that heart desires. With 12 years studied choreography at the Palace of Pioneers. From 15 - boxing in society, "Labor Reserves". A winner of championships in Minsk among youths. From the excess of emotion and diversity of life began to write poetry.
He graduated from the railway school and trained as a joiner. In my youth came to Leningrad. Was the winner of one of the championships of the northern capital of boxing. Composing prose began with 20 years of reading in the magazine "Youth" story Radhia Pogodina "Dubravka". In 1964 in the journal "Neman" was published my first story "same age".
He graduated from the Institute of Physical Culture named. Lesgafta. He worked as a teacher in the vocational training system, in VVMU them. Frunze, trainer of boxing, litsotrudnikom in the newspaper and magazines. In 1971, was a member of the Young Writers' Conference of the North-West, in a seminar Radhia Pogodin. Since that time began our friendship with him until his death in 1993. He gave me advice to the party, the Union of Writers.
The first book - novel "The Awakening" was published in Leningrad in 1977. In her Lentelevidenie set 2 serial photoplay of the same name. Second - "Illustrative battle" - was published in Moscow, published by "Young Guard", was awarded the Diploma of the All-Union Literary Competition. Ostrovsky's the best work of the youth.
In 1983 joined the Union of Soviet Writers. From May 1993 to present day head the St. Petersburg Writers Association Writers' Union of Russia.
In 1997 was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Letters, Russia, in 1998 a member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences. In the same year he became the winner of literary award. Valentin Pikul, established by the International Association of Writers and Naval Infantrymen marine painters.
In June 1998, created and headed the newspaper "Literary Russia".

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  • Hello, Is there any publishers that publish new authors, poets? Who could look at works of a beginner? Evaluate, advise? Who to contact? Sincerely, Vladimir
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    Sabila Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography
    Sabila Ivan Ivanovich, photo, biography Sabila Ivan Ivanovich  Chairman of the Board of St. Petersburg organization of writers, novelist., photo, biography
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