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Ananchenko Alexey Yu

( Architect, photographer, painter. Specialists in the field of reconstruction and development of the historical center of St. Petersburg.)

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Biography Ananchenko Alexey Yu
photo Ananchenko Alexey Yu
Age: 46 years.
Education: Bachelor's degree (Architectural Department of the Academy of Fine Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences University photos).
Professional experience: 22 years.
Marital status: Married, two children.
Member of the Union of Architects of Russia since 1984.
Born April 30, 1955, Mr.. in Zhigulevsk domestic engineers who worked on the construction of the Kuibyshev hydroelectric stations on the Volga. Childhood and school years were spent in Zhigulevsk and Stavropol in the Volga River (now the city of Togliatti).
In the 17 years after leaving school joined the architectural faculty of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture. Ilya Repin (Academy of Fine Arts) in Leningrad, who graduated with honors in 1978. In 1979. Graduated from the Faculty of photographs of the People's University of Social Sciences.
From 1978 to the present time is a practicing architect. Major works are devoted to problems of reconstruction of the historic center of Leningrad - St. Petersburg. Extremely wide range of creative and professional interests:

. town-planning studies and proposals for the reconstruction of residential neighborhoods and larger areas of historic buildings;
. reconstruction and restoration of historical buildings and monuments, the construction of new residential and public buildings in downtown areas;
. design interiors and facades of individual buildings and facilities;
. advice on the use and modifications of the properties of the historical center of St. Petersburg

. The runtime for years of creative activity of numerous projects and implementations are the following, most important, works:

. proposals for the reconstruction of block N 130 on the Nevsky Prospect (1989), which were the basis for the ongoing reconstruction of the quarter of the means of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development,
. reconstruction and restoration of the administrative building-architectural monument on Nevsky Prospekt N 8 (1989-1991 years),
. restoration and design of the memorial museum of the dynasty of artists Samoilov of the complex of hotel "Nevsky Palace" (1990-1991),
. reconstruction, restoration and new building complex of office buildings on the street Dostoevsky N 19/21 (1990-1993 years),
. Hotel accommodation project of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS in a historic building on the street Shpalemaya N 53 (1994-1995 years, together with the Austrian-Yugoslav firm WMA + T),
. reconstruction and restoration of the building - a monument of architecture on Nevsky Prospekt N 30 in the deployment of the International Business Center (1993-1995),
. construction of new dwelling house with the deployment of economical apartments in the block of historic buildings on the street Vyborg N 10,
. Reconstruction of dwelling house N 16 on Stremyannaya street with the creation of luxury apartments (1998-1999),
. reconstruction and restoration of the building-architectural monument on Nevsky Prospect, N 98 with the deployment of business and commercial center (currently being implemented)

. In practical architectural activities AY Ananchenko actively participates in professional competitions (participation in more than 30 contests), . as well as developing the theoretical problems of reconstruction and development (more than 10 publications in various periodicals), . and is one of the main developers of the instrument design in the historic center of St. Petersburg - WPC 2-89 "Reconstruction and building of the historical districts of St. Petersburg,
Leisure time is dedicated studies to complement the core activities - photography and painting. All published works are accompanied with photos and drawings. Photographic and watercolor landscapes perpetuate favorite places beloved city, and sometimes significant cultural events. Thus, in 1983, the exhibition of Faberge in the Hermitage Fund was accompanied by a booklet, to be satisfied by drawings and watercolors AY Ananchenko
. Combination of different types of creative activity can continually find new and new forms of artistic expression, combining modern trends with historical reminiscences that characterized the old St. Petersburg.

. Photo Ananchenko Alexey Yurevich

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  • Uv.Aleksey Yuryevich to study geneologicheskogo tree appeal to you Perhaps you do not just odnofomilets a distant relative of the father a native of g.Pologi Zaporozhye region (Ananchenko Anatoly) He told me that our family and ancestors from the Kuban Kuban Cossacks were Donetsk and Rostov, too, the cradle of our If we do not sort of just odnofomiltsy п+я-пTп+п¦пTя-п¦я¦я- please,
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    Ananchenko Alexey Yu, photo, biography
    Ananchenko Alexey Yu, photo, biography Ananchenko Alexey Yu  Architect, photographer, painter. Specialists in the field of reconstruction and development of the historical center of St. Petersburg., photo, biography
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