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ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich

( Artist-illustrator and designer.)

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Biography ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
photo ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
Born November 26, 1951 in Leningrad, in a family of military.
He studied at art school and college. After finishing secondary school N 24 in g. Ryazan entered the Ryazan Higher Command School of Communications named. Marshal Zakharov, who graduated in 1972. This was followed by service in the Armed Forces of the USSR, studies in Leningrad in the Military Order of Lenin Red Banner Academy of Telecommunications. SM. Budennogo, where he obtained the rank of lieutenant in 1978. Then the fate of the life and service of a young officer with the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff. Again, service in various places, and again repeated studies on special. courses at Moscow. Since 1985, the deputy chief of the connection and since 1986, Lieutenant Colonel. Since 1988, the deputy commander of the. Charming with women, taciturn men, has an exceptional memory and instant response. A good companion - knows how to listen. Hard-working and always bring the matter to its logical conclusion.
Service completed the disposal of the Intelligence Department of the Leningrad Military District in 1992. He left the Armed Forces and the Communist Party for ideological reasons. Once again, studying for a director at the writers and animators in the Studio Troitsky Bridge "in I. Maslennikov, where he taught Aksenov, Yu Narshteyn, J. Bojarski, E. Nazarov, and other aces movie business. Actively collaborates with the magazines "Televik" and "operational cover.
In the entrepreneurial business since 1994. He is fond of chess and he carves them figure that can be classified as museum exhibits. Last chess set is dedicated to 300 anniversary of St. Petersburg.
The main finds printing business. He illustrated nearly one hundred books. His first author's book published in 1990, hundreds of thousands of copies and had unprecedented success. Its author of the book-game released in 1994 exceeding 400 thousand copies. copies (released 12 and scheduled another 12 books) are protected by patent RF Committee on Patents and Trademarks. Circulation of books with his illustrations already in 1998 far exceeded the size of one millionth.
He is fond of fast driving car, water sports, non-traditional hunting and fishing. Successfully mastering design programs on your computer. He likes classical and contemporary popular music. Prefers Wysocki and Beatles. Smokes and almost never drink alcohol, except for the French "Martell" and white "Martini"
. Why so popular it knigiN
. Each book:
. - Is 100 hours of guaranteed employment of your child
. - A new and exciting game with characters from favorite fairy tales;
. - An interesting world full of extraordinary events to which you become;
. - Is something new, something you do not know.
. Think about how little attention we give to children in the cycle of everyday life
. Give this book your child and you will be surprised the results.
The latest series of books, games, published by Publishing House "Neva", created the best works of children's classics of the world. In it everyone will find interesting for yourself. You will find yourself in the wonderful and fantastic world of fairy tales themselves will take an active part in the game. You carried away the intricate logical task, a fascinating plot, fantastic mazes, playing with words, crosswords, unexpectedly useful information and much more on that previously did not pay attention, and often did not know at all. Assimilation of the material will help the child in the future to become self-reliant, self-confident personality and be at a height in any situation.
. The material used is developing memory and observation, . intelligence and ability not to think of standard, . taught to focus on the master and not to lose details, . appreciate the time and space to understand, . helps to make the right choices and make an independent decision, . makes one want to read and love books.,
. Released a new game series of books designed for children from 4 to 13 years, . although at the time, . when he sleeps, . Parents hardly share the book together, . trying to understand their tired brains, . their offspring, . almost easy, . cope with tasks,
. These books will continue to communicate even denser your family, your children will look into the world of adults, and adults at least not for a long time to return to childhood.
. Of course, your child will ask you questions and even challenges you, but do not worry - all the answers you will find at the end of the book
. This book does not leave anyone indifferent

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  • Rizhanka for ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
  • Interestingly, in your creative plans only children's books? And what about an adult audience? I have the attitude to the compilation of books. More information via email. We are familiar. Elena.
  • Rizhanka for ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
  • Rizhanka for ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
  • Is there any possibility to contact the artist Zaparenko VS?
  • trifyn zaparenko for ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich
  • hello from macedonija
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    ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich, photo, biography
    ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich, photo, biography ZAPARENKO Viktor Stepanovich  Artist-illustrator and designer., photo, biography
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