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IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich

( Artist, a member of the Artists Union of Russia, Full Member (Academician) of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member of the Board of Governors of the Baltic Fund.)

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Biography IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich
photo IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich
Many of the paintings are the property of the master of the Union of Artists of Russia, . Direction of exhibitions in Russia, . Art Fund Russia, . State of the Art Museum of Belarus, . Moscow, . Museum of the City of St. Petersburg, . in private collections in Russia and abroad.,
. The famous sculptor Svinyin BA
. (1938-1994), member of the Artists' Union, Honored Artist of Russia, corresponding member of USSR Academy of Arts in one of his articles written about the master: "... Paintings by Konstantin Ivanov's "Cathedral" - is a picturesque and interesting, and, embedded in her mind, a philosophical thing. The author seems to say: "Look, even destroyed the temple walls, arches, although barely survived the frescoes, the force of attraction and beauty, it has not disappeared ... Shrines not disappear, even if you break down the walls, the dome ... The most important thing - to build a temple. Cathedral in his heart ... (magazine "Artist", N1, 1980.).
Konstantin Ivanov is not just a great painter. He is deeply thoughtful, spiritually filled, philosophical thinking person.
. He developed his own artistic language, and possessing masterful craft, and solves the three-dimensional spatial task with remarkable compositional integrity, poetry and musicality conceived images.
. 1956 - graduated from high school and in the same year entered the Art School at Tauris street in St. Petersburg.
. 1958 - comes at the Leningrad Art School.
. 1963 - goes to the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture
. I.E. Repin Academy of Artists in the scenic department.
1969 - completes Institute. I.E. Repin - honored art studio, Ph.D., Professor Alexander D. Zaitsev.
. Immediately after graduation, the young artist started independent and creative life.
. 1970 - the beginning of exhibition activities.
. Konstantin Ivanov, one of the few artists of our time, which is difficult to speak and write, not knowing his background, his roots, the origins of his creativity.
. Born Konstantin Ivanov Kirillovich August 1, 1938 in Leningrad in a family of St. Petersburg.
. His father, Kiril Ivanov, K. (1900 1969g.g), nobleman
. In the 20-ies was ordained a deacon by Metropolitan Benjamin of Petrograd and Gdovskii (Kazan). More than forty years of life to the service of the Russian Orthodox Church. In the postwar years has held a responsible post at the meeting and accompanied foreign religious delegations arriving in Leningrad. For this imeel Church of gratitude and high rewards.
. Mother - Nina, . nee Popova (1907 1987g.g.), . daughter of a merchant gostinodvortsa, . hereditary honorary citizen of St. Petersburg, . Mamontov Popov, . who owned a famous shop in Gostiny Dvor Trade House News. ",
. NS
. Popov was the founder, first dispatchers and first Chairman of Izhora-Lisinsky society hunting (1891).
. Great-grandfather Mikhail Dickov was a famous historian, came from the ancient boyar Vorotinsky, cherished precepts of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
. He was a highly educated man of culture, a historian Yuri Gagarin and the common belief, which was approved in Russia in 1800 by decree of Emperor Paul I.
. Thus, the life of the artist are not flowed to the unusual environment for children and youth of his time.
. Many of the issues of spirituality and culture have been opened to Constantine in the family.
. It is not surprising that in 1999 published a monograph on the life path of the artist-painter and icon painter Konstantin Ivanov called the "build a temple in his heart" (author
. A. Ushakova, publishing "The Faces of Russia", St. Petersburg, 1999). His entire life and career - a search for spiritual and philosophical understanding of the world.
. Not by accident in 1990 he became a member society of religious and moral education in the spirit of the Orthodox Church, . a few years later - a member of theological and philosophical department of the Petrov Academy of Sciences and Arts, . based on the blessing of Metropolitan of St. Petersburg John.,
. More than 10 years, KK
. Ivanov gave the service free of charge, to revive the Orthodox churches, taking part in the writing of icons and manufacture of temporary iconostasis.
Konstantin Ivanov began career immediately after graduation, they. I. E. Repin and his first independent works were well-received exhibitions of the Union of Artists. He became a regular participant of exhibitions. Organized by the Union of artists in St. Petersburg (Leningrad).
In 1971 he began teaching at Central Art School. B. V. Johansson at the Institute of. I. E. Repin Academy of Arts of the USSR, and several years later became its director.
However, the creative energy and thirst for search forced to leave school and the young artist entirely devoted himself to writing.
Speaking about the artist to. K. Ivanov, not to mention the significant period in his life, which forever defined his love of landscape, a Russian theme, the epic and musical structure of his canvases.
. Since 1964, the artist a lot of time living in remote places in the country well-known landscape
. People's Artist of the USSR and the Byelorussian SSR, academician of painting VK. Belynitsky-Birulia. These years (1964-1974g.g.) Began to define the main topic for years in the works: nature, the gifts of her and the man in the divine world of beauty, the joy of being. Happiness and sorrow live separation. That he now came to his subject - to build a temple in his heart.

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IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich, photo, biography
IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich, photo, biography IVANOV Konstantin Kirillovich  Artist, a member of the Artists Union of Russia, Full Member (Academician) of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences. Member of the Board of Governors of the Baltic Fund., photo, biography
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