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( Honored Artist of the RSFSR, the famous teacher.)

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Biography KUZNETSOV Alexey
photo KUZNETSOV Alexey
Alexey Kuznetsov was born in 1916 in Orenburg in the family printing house worker. After seven years of school he worked as a mechanic at the locomotive-repair plant. Even then, Alexei Petrovich began studying painting and drawing, and presented the work to the competition of young talents in Leningrad.
In 1932 he entered the Penza Art College. His teachers - known artist Peter N.F. and Goryushkin-Sorokopudov.
In 1936, after graduating from college, entered the All-Russia Academy of Arts, where he studied with his former teacher in the college professors Petrova N.F.
The war interrupted artistic education Alexei Petrovich. Until the end of 1942, he was in the ranks of the army, and in 1943 responded to continuing education at the Academy of Fine Arts, which at that time was evacuated to Samarkand. This period represented the artist's work, "Uzbek woman".
In 1946, Alexei Petrovich graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts studio professor Osmyorkin AA. and received a diploma for the artist painting a picture "The Road of Life", which is located in the Museum of city history.
Since 1947, Alexei Petrovich began his teaching career at Central Art School at the Leningrad Academy of Arts, and since 1948 he has been engaged in a creative workshop professor, Distinguished Artist BV. Johanson. The outstanding master of the domestic art, which his works had made a huge contribution to the development of the great traditions of Russian realism, BV. Johanson contribute to creative self-determination of many of his students - in the future well-known artists. A deep study of the problems of composition, color, issues of artistic heritage finally identified career Alexei Petrovich Kuznetsov.
Creative workshop Alexei Petrovich graduated in 1951 painting "Stalin in an underground printing press". This work has participated in the All-Union Exhibition in Moscow, and was purchased for a mobile exhibition fund of the USSR.
In the years 1952-1956 written paintings "Working revolutionary circles in Russia" and "Lenin at the II Congress of the RSDLP", which are in museums in Moscow.
The whole career of Alexei Petrovich is closely intertwined with the pedagogical activity. Since 1952, he became director of the Art School at the Academy of Arts.
Artist - heir to the traditions of Russian realistic school, Alexey Kuznetsov trained a whole galaxy of artists who left an imprint on the history of our art.
In 1960, given the great experience of a talented teacher and artist, the Ministry of Culture of the USSR sends A.P. Kuznetsova two years in the Democratic Republic of Vietnam to organize a national school of art and the art of becoming a realistic basis in the Hanoi Art Institute.
The years he spent in Vietnam - is the successful implementation of complex educational challenges and intense creative work. The exhibition shows a part of works of this period, characterizing Alexei Petrovich Kuznetsov as a remarkable master of portraiture and landscape painting. His works are simple, lyrical, and sought in its inner content. The works of this period are remarkable by the fact that they had an artist with his usual acuteness and subtle understanding of color, gave the unique charm of female images in the portraits of "The girl Thay", "Portrait of Thanh", "Portrait of Uan and other. For two years the artist had written more than seventy paintings and made a large number of drawings which were shown on personal exhibitions in Hanoi (1960-1962), and then in 1963 in Leningrad. Some of the work remained in the museums in Hanoi in Vietnam.
After returning from Vietnam, Alexei Petrovich continues its creative and pedagogical activities. In 1962-1964 years he worked on the painting "Great Beginning" for the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR.
In 1968, A.P. Kuznetsov was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
At the same time approved the project, and Alexei Petrovich began construction of a new Art School. The need to expand training facilities dates back to the fifties, tk. number of people wishing to study in SHSH increased with each year. The school moved to a new building in 1971, and in 1973 she was named outstanding artist and teacher, BV. Johanson.
The life A.P. Kuznetsova - a vivid example of the noble service to the people and the Fatherland. 45 years he gave a new generation of artists. His name entered the history of our art as a teacher and artist. Immensely generous, broad-hearted man, whole in its internal content, with a good understanding of the beauty around us, Alexei Petrovich bore in itself all that creates a special spirit in the present Russian culture.
In recent years, the artist's life is closely connected with the nature of Central Russia. The portraits and landscapes of this period, "Portrait of the daughter," "Portrait of the wife", "Cloudy Day", "Apple" and others. lyrical and profound in its inner content. Complex reflection of the artist about the man, nature, the essence of being present in varying degrees in each product.
The last paper "Self-Portrait", where the effect of lighting gives a special dramatic piece, depicts a man who, as if from the height of his years of living combines past, present and future.
Exhibition of works by Alexei Petrovich Kuznetsov allows the viewer to feel his presence among us. In each work, we feel an irresistible urge to master to convey to us his love for the people to the beauty of the surrounding world, to the national culture.

Cheskidova O.

Photo Kuznetsov Alexei Petrovich

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KUZNETSOV Alexey, photo, biography
KUZNETSOV Alexey, photo, biography KUZNETSOV Alexey  Honored Artist of the RSFSR, the famous teacher., photo, biography
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