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Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich

( Schedule and painter.)

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Biography Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich
photo Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich
born May 4, 1938. Leningrad. Died Aug. 27, 1997, Mr.. St. Petersburg.
In 1968 he graduated from the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. I. E. Repin (Academy of Fine Arts), graphic arts department, workshop book graphics with Professor M. A. Taranova. Member of USSR Union of Artists since 1972. He worked in publishing in Leningrad, Moscow and other cities. He has designed and illustrated more than 50 books, mainly on historical themes.
A great place to work P. Yakhnin takes the image of St. Petersburg XVIII century: the construction of a new capital on the Baltic Sea, the creation of Russian sailing fleet, the first victorious battle. A particular advantage of the artist had a deep knowledge of the historical material in conjunction with the freedom of imagination, liveliness and persuasiveness. The realities of life disappeared transferred to the engravings of the master with an almost scientific certainty. However, each of his philosophical work was a study of the dramatic relationship between time and matter, mind, and the elements.
Among the numerous authoritative reviews on the career of the master of special importance score internationally recognized scientist and public figure, academician Dmitry Likhachev. In a recent interview with the Petersburg radio, he said: "I can name Rudolph Yakhnin among the first who worthily continues the tradition of classical school. He deserves not only European but also global recognition ".
The schedule favored technique linocuts, wrote in painting watercolors and oils (took up painting in the late 80-ies).
Participated in many group, urban, zonal, republican and All-Union Art Exhibition. In St. Petersburg there were 26 of his solo exhibitions, as well as solo exhibitions in other cities: Moscow, Vyborg, Rostov-on-Don, Azov, Taganrog, Tallinn, Sebastopol. Participated in group exhibitions abroad: in Berlin (1980), Stuttgart (1991), Aalborg (Denmark 1995), Hamburg (1995), Glasgow (1996). Foreign personal exhibition - in the Netherlands: Wassenaar (1990), Noordwijk (1993), in Israel: Jerusalem (1993), in France: Rochefort (1996); in Germany: Hamburg (1996).
The artist's works are kept in several museums in Russia, including the Naval Museum and the Museum of Suvorov in St. Petersburg, as well as in numerous private collections in Russia and other countries. These include the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Israel, USA, France

. Of the oral memoirs of Rudolf Yakhnin:
. - The protection of the diploma, my teacher, Professor Michael Afanasievich Taranov did not want me no success, no awards, no titles - all of this shell, which is worth nothing in comparison with the art ..
. A true pleasure, just happy to engage in creative work - this is what I have, thank God, is not lost and try to keep ...
- While playing, I started to paint ... On my children's drawings, interestingly, were either tanks or trams. Tanks - a tribute to time (at war), and trams - the most vivid impression from the streets of Leningrad.
- In the age of ten, I felt an urge to paint. The funny thing is that these drawings can now be seen in the Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Children's Art ...
- My parents are not particularly encouraged my studies. It was believed that artists lead a bohemian lifestyle. But I continued to draw and sketch. In the end, in 12 years came to the Palace of Pioneers ... There I began to write watercolor ...
- I am sick museums. In 11 years, first visited the Hermitage, then - in the Russian Museum. For me this every time it was and remains a miracle: to wander in these rooms, to meet again with the pictures that I fell in love while ...
- To the 50 years I was drawn to painting. I take it as a painting to music. This painting gives me the same charming impression ...
- But I have others in the painting, which I try to develop. This includes ideas, maybe "-designed" work ... Just this craft, which in many Western countries, once, unbelievably achievements in painting, is lost, because the freedom of the artist freed him from the work that achieved great mastery.
- Recently I had the plot, which has no or almost no one else has: desire to invent their own world. And this beautiful world I do not sophistry, called utopia ... But I want to portray him as if he existed somewhere. Sometimes people ask me: "Where etoN". Here, people feel safe and completely relaxed. However, the nature somehow sprouted through these fantastic statues and buildings.
- In these utopias no nothing to do with the life we live.
- I think that one of the tasks of art is a comfort to people, calming them.
- There is not a very famous artist of the late XVIII century, Hubert Robert, whose remarkable architectural fantasies ... This is one of my backers, even though I told him absolutely not imitate.
- If in this life, I feel very insecure, do not hold any position in society, then in his works, I feel I'm the creator: I can create anything that tells me a fantasy. And although there all by certain laws, but on the other hand, is like a ray of: the beginning it has, but in the other direction it is infinite. And I think this happens with fantasy artist.
- I want to leave at least some small mark on this world.

Photo Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseyevich

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  • Peter Fulton for Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich
  • I knew Rudolph. He was a kind person and a brilliant artist. I miss him very much.
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    Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich, photo, biography
    Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich, photo, biography Yakhnin Rudolph Moiseevich  Schedule and painter., photo, biography
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